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They say you can't judge a book by its cover, and the same goes for foods you can't always judge them by their pretty packaging. You might assume that a food is healthy because of the picturesque wheat fields pictured on the front of the box, only to find a different story when you check out the ingredients on the back some of which you might not even be able to pronounce! It's time to outsmart the labels by choosing whole foods.
Ditching processed foods in favor of whole ones can make a complete difference in the way your body feels overall. If you feel GROSS, it could be due to the garbage you're consuming every day. By "garbage," I mean junk food, processed convenience meals, and food containing refined flour and sugar including commercial baked goods, candy, chips, soda, fast foods, juice, high-sodium canned or frozen foods, and anything white (white bread, pasta, tortillas, or rice).

When foods are processed, they're removed from their natural state. To prolong shelf life, add color, mask odor, and boost flavor (along with anything else food companies choose to do to them), these foods are packed full of chemical substitutes. They are also LOADED with sodium, trans fats, refined grains, or refined sugars. All that processed and refined food you eat is just delaying you from achieving your smokin' hot body because all it does is make you want to eat more!

Whole foods, on the other hand, make you feel full. They contain fiber and other nutrients to help you feel satisfied longer, stabilize blood sugar, and keep your energy up. On top of that, there's research out there that shows whole foods may help prevent cancer and improve colon function.

Want the best fuel? Go organic. More and more supermarkets are stocking organic fruits and veggies. If there's a farmers' market near you, check it out and start shopping for the freshest, cleanest ingredients for your meals. It's one of the easiest and greatest ways to become a healthy eater.

Just remember me the next time you're tempted by that box of cookies. Ask yourself: Is it worth it? When you realize it isn't, you'll put it down and walk away.


Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality.
By Ralph Marston

You don't drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there.
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