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4/21/08 11:39 P

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Your RMR is the amount of calories you burn each day just by being alive. (breathing, heartbeat, organ function...) I've also heard it referred to as basal metabolic rate. Your other daily activities add to your calories burned.
In order to lose weight, you have to have a slight defecit, but too much and you'll go into starvation mode.
Without knowing how you calculated the 1376 calories, it's hard to say, but theoretically your calculation would be correct to maintain your weight, based on your RMR of 1500 and extra burn of 1376. (total burn of 2876). Just for comparison, I used the SP fitness tracker and found that in order to burn an extra 1376 calories, I would have to run at a 10 min/mile pace (6mph) for almost 90 minutes. Today I raked leaves for an hour and only clocked 380.
If you're regularly that active, then 2800 cals might be right for you for maintanance. But as you lose weight, you actually burn fewer calories for doing the same thing, so your RMR will decrease too. My SP calculated calorie range is 1500-1800 per day for weight loss. I haven't done a BMR/RMR calculator, but I'm sure it's figured in there somewhere. They also recommend that you recalculate it every 10-15 lbs or so to account for the reduced burn rate.

Hope that helps.
Good Luck!

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4/20/08 10:44 P

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Can anyone help me with RMR (resting metabolic rate)? According to the internet, my RMR is about 1500, and I'm not supposed to drop below that or my metabolism slows down and will keep me from losing weight. However, I managed to burn at LEAST 1376 calories today. So theoretically, to not drop below 1500 for my RMR, I would need to eat 2876 Calories!!! Is this right? Or do I totally not understand this RMR thing? And will eating that many calories REALLY allow me to lose weight? This sounds too good to be true! :-)

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