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2/2/08 10:20 P

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Bronagh - I was just looking at your food and excercise trackers, and you really are working hard!

Be sure to eat at least your minimum calories every day, though. It looks like you've been under 1200 calories a few days, yet excercising pretty heavily.

If you don't eat enough, your body goes into starvation mode and your metabolism quits (sounds crazy, doesn't it?! - but true!). There is a great article about this subject here:

Good luck!


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2/2/08 1:12 P

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Hi Bronagh I know what you mean though, I haven't lost a pound in over a week myself... i've been kinda up and down between .5 lbs..... but what i have noticed that that my stomach doesn't stick out as much as it used to..... emoticon and i noticed that i have stronger legs from doing all my squats and lunges emoticon These days i'm trying not to weigh myself obsessively because yes the scale can be a motivator because if you don't see numbers you want to work out even more, but then it puts you in a place where you start asking yourself (what am i doing wrong? what's wrong with me?) which can be a downer.........

but don't stress over it. At least you're eating healthier and exercising so eventually you'll get there. Maybe you can change your diet slightly and jump start that metabolism again! :D that's what someone told me if you plateau because sometimes your body has had enough of losing your fat or something?

well good luck on your journey! and the pounds will come off! just be patient haha I know i'm trying to be

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2/1/08 3:29 P

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emoticon i lost my first 5 pounds

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2/1/08 2:42 P

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Everyone's metabolism is different. Some lose quickly at first others it takes a while. First make sure you are tracking absolutely everything you put in your mouth and that you are drinking enough water every day; water is a necessity. Just hang in there; as long as you are following the plan, using the tools and tracking everything, you will do well.

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2/1/08 2:26 P

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Sometimes I really hate the scale! Don't worry too much about the numbers. As long as you know that you are doing what you need to, you're on the right path. If you're doing any kind of strength training, you could have gained muscle, which will show as no loss, or even a gain. Muscle ways more than fat. You might have lost fat, but gained muscle. Try checking your inches every couple weeks. I hope this makes you feel better about the numbers. Oh yeah, if you have a cold, you could also be retaining some water also. We all know what that can do to us. Best of luck, and just keep going. You'll see the differences soon.

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2/1/08 2:17 P

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Well I shouldn't say NO difference, because I defintely feel better with all the healthy food, but the scale is the same... I have a cold, so maybe it is just being stuffed up (I once read an article that says people can gain five pounds from having a head cold because of the stuff in the sinuses -- blech)!

I know four days is not very long. I really don't weigh myself very often just for this reason (because it ALWAYS gets me down).

I guess I am posting for a little cheer up if anyone is around to help me out with that!

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