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4/22/08 11:10 A

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I too write it all down the night before in a notebook... menu she has and the workout.

I don't always follow it all to a tee but atleast its there in my head from the night before and keeps me focused on what I have to do or whats expected and with everyone on here doing it all too that gives me motivation!

Just take your time the first few days... it will naturally come to you. Sometimes depending on whats going on in the gym... I also may jump circuits around if I can't get on the things I need to right then.

Good Luck and welcome and have fun with it!!!

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4/20/08 9:38 P

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Hi N. Taking a small notebook with you will help, also I wonder if we copy the picture of the exercise to put in our notebook if that would help. I haven't thought of that before, but it would have helped when I was stuck on just how to do a move. There is a lot of studying and homework with this program, but if you do more than one thirty day round it will pay off big.

Also, a word about your self-confidence. I understand that there may be others in the gym wondering what the heck you're doing. Don't let them slow you down. You're doing this for you and to improve your health. Let this also be a lesson in boosting your self-confidence. If everyone knew what you know, then they would be jumping around like "rats on acid" too. Go for it girl!!!


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4/20/08 4:36 P

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I have a set of oversized notecards that I write down the day's workout on.
Since this is round 2 of MTC for me, I already have the cards ready! Also, on the back of the card I write down the weights I used etc, just so that I remember the next time!

I agree with you on running around the gym..i seem to have gotten pretty used to it! :D and sometimes I look at the set and decide if it doesnt use an machines then I stay downstairs next to the treadmill for that set and so on so forth.

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4/19/08 10:53 P

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Luckily my gym is really small so everything is right there together, and it's pretty easy for me to just jump on the treadmill. People notice me, but my gym is also incredibly UN-pretentious so no one has looked at me like I was totally crazy. The only thing I DON'T like is, I'm not gonna waste the time cleaning off the equipment after my first set (I do the circuits twice), so wait until I've done it twice to clean it.

And I am NOT even gonna lie, I do rest a little between each exercise. Usually it's just while I am getting ready for the next exercise. I try not to rest much, but honestly I listen more to my body. I know if I don't stop to sip water or just INHALE OXYGEN I won't be able to continue.

Also, I have one of those little tiny notebooks (about the width of your palm). Each night before I have a workout (usually at 6am for me) I go through the book and write down each exercise. I draw stick figure diagrams or make a note to remind me of something. I can usually fit each circuit on a page (it's rewarding to turn the page I must say!).

Let me just say, I hope you don't let it discourage you from starting the program. I am 16 days through it, and I have lost almost 7 lbs (4.5lbs in the first week). While doing the program I haven't been following her recipes, but I have been following her guidelines of 40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fat, and counting calories (which I've never done before). I know that if I was JUST counting calories, I would not of lost that much weight. My jeans already fit better, and I feel better about myself. It's a great program, and it has really opened my eyes to how I've been slacking at the gym.

Good luck!

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4/19/08 10:04 P

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what most of us do is the day before we go to the gym we right out the exercises and familiarize ourselves with the ones we don't know and just bring the paper to the gym and leave the book at home.

for exercises jillian doesn't describe well you can always ask here or you can go on youtube as many of them are there. there are many links in the "exercise tips" thread on common ones people don't get.

before i start a circuit i usually try to get all the equipment i will need for the entire circuit ready. so if i have to do one move on a machine i will set up close to the machine or as close as i can to it. if someone interupts my circuit by going on the equipment i need i will just do another move in the circuit and come back to it.

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4/19/08 8:05 P

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Just finished the book and I'm having trouble trying to figure out the logistics of how to do this. There's no way I'll memorize the 20+ moves per workout so... Do you take the book with you to the gym and reference it to do each move, then flip to the index to look at the photo? Then where it says 1 minute sprint, do you head over to the treadmill and get on for 1 minute then head back to the weights area? And how do you do all of this without resting until the end of the circuit because I would consider stopping to refer to the book as resting.

I'm not sure how to go about this. I've been doing 5FF and the workouts only have 3 moves to remember so this is going to be a big switch for me. I'm will be doing this program at the gym and it seems like I'm going to be running circles around the gym going from weight rack to machine, back to weight rack then to treadmills. I'm a little self conscious to draw so much attention to myself doing all this especially while I'm staring at a book and looking like I don't know what I'm doing. I wish there was a book or website you could download just the workouts with pictures in the order your supposed to do them. That would be so handy. Any advice?

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