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11/24/12 2:11 A

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I had two c-sections 16 months and a day apart. Just recently I had found out I was 9 weeks pregnant and 2 weeks later I was told I was having a miscarriage. Devistated, I asked why and the Doctor had told me I had so much scar tissue in my uterus which could have harbored the growth of the embryo, GAH! So, I left feeling aweful. I seeked a second opinion and found out the scar tissue could be removed and i could try again. My suggestion to you would be if the Dr says something to you that you dont feel comfortable with, get a second opinion.

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11/9/12 12:08 A

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I see this is an older post, but I thought I would share with you. I have had 4 c-sections and each of my children were born healthy with no complications. They were June 2007, December 2008, November 2010, and September 2012. When I had asked my doctor, he had just advised me to wait 12-18 months between pregnancies after my 2nd. He never said we could not have anymore after #4 (although we are done) and I felt that I healed faster after each surgery. My first was an emergency c-section and when they discovered that my pelvis was not shaped to accomodate childbirth, the 3 following c-sections were scheduled. I would talk it over with your doctor. I have gotten a lot of negative feedback on having multiple c-sections in forums when I was considering getting pregnant with our fourth, but my doctor delivered all of my children and I trusted his medical opinion over women who knew nothing of my medical history. Good luck!

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8/17/12 9:32 A

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Hi(just joined this team)
I actually had 3 Csections, as did my sister and I will tell you the last one was the best and easiest, for both of us. Neither one of us had any complications and we recovered so much faster.
My last baby was born 17 months ago at my age of 40, and my sister's 3rd was 3 years ago at her age of 43!
It's always best to be cautious and know the risks, but any pregnancy has risks. I know my OB said that I no longer had a Vbac option, but she was very positive with my age and with the CSection. If you are feeling uneasy, maybe check with another OB, who feels confident about the care they can give you.
I am so happy having our three kids! We weren't done after the 2nd, and just feel like now our family is complete.

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3/15/12 5:14 P

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I think it depends somewhat on your doctor, and then of course on your personal health. I had a doctor warn me that going down the C-section road removes later options (like I had an option, it was emergency C-section!), but it was the same doctor who gave me "the rules" & I'm sorry, but with my various health issues, "the rules" just don't apply. Some doctors (like her) are black & white, no shades in between. They're limited by what the book says, & they don't work away from it (probably b/c they're afraid of making a tough call & then having the liability should something go wrong).

My real doctor, an infertility specialist, he changed clinics & we're following him, b/c he's had over 30 years of experience with high risk pregnancies and infertility, & he doesn't go by the book, he goes by what is best for his patient.

When I asked him after my 2nd C-section, he said it looked good, & he doesn't see any reason at this time why another (or any after that) would be a concern. The difference is, he follows your pregnancy closely, & goes above & beyond for his patients. He's not the kind that has to read the chart to remember your name before your appointment.

(And that's considering that I'm a difficult patient, premature labor repeatedly, cerclages for each pregnancy, heavy bleeding during my 2nd C-section, etc,). Listen to the warnings, by all means, b/c it CAN happen, but also check into the odds, discuss how things went during the last C-section, ask how many 3rd or 4th C-sections they have performed, etc.

If you're young, healthy, & didn't have any issues during your last pregnancy/C-section, & of course if you're not bungee-jumping or riding 6 Flags rollercoasters during your pregnancy, I'd go for it. But you also want a doctor who is aware of issues to look for, but isn't all doomsday "it will happen b/c you hit the magic number 3!!"

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12/19/11 9:58 A

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The research does show that your risk of certain complications (such as placenta previa, placenta accreta, and placental abruption) goes up with each subsequent cesarean. These complications can be life threatening to the mother and baby and I have heard of some doctors recommending limiting family size due to this.

The International Cesarean Awareness Network ( has a brochure about it but I am unable to find it online right now.

Another good resource is the childbirth connection website:

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology updated their guidelines for VBAC in 2010 and the most recent guidelines say that a VBAC after 2 cesareans is a reasonable choice for many women. I don't know what the reasons were for your cesareans but it might be something to consider if you want a large family (assuming you can find a provider, I know we don't have any locally now that will do a VBA2C, with these new guidelines that might change).

I just had my second c-section in March (after trying for a VBAC) too but we don't plan any more children so I don't have to make that hard choice. Good luck.

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6/12/11 4:18 P

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I had three - my doctor never said anything about an inability to have more children. All three surgeries went very well and had no complications. My sister also had three sections - after her second, the uterus crumbled but they were able to repair it. We had different doctors in different hospital systems and she was never given that information either.

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6/12/11 3:19 P

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Hi everyone! I just had my second C-section in March and my doctor told me that after I have another C-Section, she wants to sit down and talk to me about the risks of having anymore children. She said after CS #3 the risks increase greatly. I would hate to think we would have to limit our family because of this.

Has anyone else heard this from there doctors? Anyone have trouble / complications after repeated C-Sections?

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