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1/11/13 12:30 A

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Water-- Fridge-cold, no ice.
Crystal Light when I want a sweet treat.
Sun tea in the summer time.

I personally LOVE Emergen-C packets (multivitamin w/mega-dose Vitamin C) Tangerine or Raspberry when I start thinking that the Mountain Dew in the machine looks good-- better a fizzy Vitamin Pick-Me-Up than a huge sugar-bomb!

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8/26/12 6:07 P

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I drink a lot of water all the time. At first it was hard to do as at work I am outdoors a lot so have spent many years trying ~not~ to drink too much so I wouldn't have to use the bathroom so much! But it's gotten better now that my body is used to it. I do drink diet Pepsi, caffeine free, so I do count that. Some people don't. I also drink a lot of tea in the summer-I brew strong tea in the sun, then add Crystal Light to it so it's my own version of lemon tea. Really tasty so I drink a lot of that. And at work, I drink a lot of tea. I also drink ice water when it's really warm outside. There are a lot of ways to "sneak" hydration into your diet, you just have to find the things that taste good to you so you'll drink it!

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8/22/12 1:41 P

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I drink water all the time and keep flavor packets on hand for when I want some other flavor. I too judge my hydration by the color of my urine. I also find that when I upped my water consumption the latic acid issue post runs (especially the half marathons) seems to be less.

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8/2/12 12:18 P

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About 6 years ago I started making sure I had enough water daily and it's the best thing ever. I feel ill when I'm not property hydrated. I judge by my urine color and how I feel as to my level of hydration and I doubt I've ever drank too much water. With the hot temps and exerting energy running it's hard to drink enough!!

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8/2/12 10:47 A

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I drink lots of water. I love it icy cold and half fill a water bottle and freeze it then add water to it. I keep like 3 of these in my freezer all the time so I always have a frozen one. I haven't had in bad experiences with it. I've been doing this for about 3 years, after I got really sick from dehydration 3 years ago. I said I never wanted that again! Back then (before I found spark or started to work on getting healthy) I just drank sodas most of the time. I had to have my Coke all day long. Now I don't need that. I have a Coke Zero once in a while, and I love Sonic Drive In's Diet Cherry limeade, but water is my main drink and I have it with me all the time.
Hope you have good results!


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8/2/12 10:38 A

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SO today my focus is WATER!! I plan to drink my weight in ounces, and see how it makes me feel, I plan to at least try this for the next week, we will see if I can tell a difference in how I feel and or in my weight.

What do you think have you had any good or bad experiences with drinking lots of water?

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