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11/19/09 9:42 P

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Wendy I'm sorry that you are feeling like we don't care. I think that we all want the best for each other on this team.
However, perhaps at time we don't realize that somethings are really important to others and we just let it slip by without notice.

I wish you the best and hope that you decide to stay with this team.


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11/19/09 2:36 A

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Well I'm shocked. Since this was not directed toward Gina or Harmony, it must be directed toward everyone else, including myself.

Guess the fact that other than checking in on the "Roll Call" thread and the "Walmart A-Z" thread occasionally doesn't give anyone on the team a clue that there might be issues going on in life, I have chosen not to make public.

Wendy, I have stepped away from SP and the W@L team for a number of reasons. One being that I had been spending 12-14 hours at a time online for days on end. Not a good move for someone who is dealing with depression, anxiety and serious menopausal issues. Not a good thing to lay in bed all day long zoned out in internet "bliss." Maybe someone out there can relate.

Like so many people, the economy has hit & hit hard. My income has been reduced by 75%....that translates to making 1/4 of what I was making a year ago. When there's an opportunity to work, even if it's a sucky, pain in the ass job, I take it. I've taken on jobs in the last 8 weeks that no other person could imagine, swimming in urine, feces and other human schmegma. I come home exhausted, filthy and physically ill from what I've had to deal with, but it's money, a day's work, no matter how horrible. It's just not in me to log on and be cheery and chipper. I'd rather be silent than a fake.

Like many of our local 808/Hawaii team members, electricity, internet connectivity and horrid weather has played a part in not being able to get online since last week. I'm not going to fire up the laptop, just to get it fried when there's power surges & outages both island and state wide. Thankfully, we had a good day today. High winds took out power here & there, at least no floods.

I will not say much, if anything at all about the deteriorating relationship with my SO. It's bad. It sucks, but right now, it and he is what I have to live with. Ever feel stuck? Well, that's the life I have now. I am, however, making progress to get out, it's just going to take a while. Of all people, I'd bet you would understand how a bad relationship can tear a person emotionally and mentally to shreads.

So, many of my private issues are now out there....only to make a point. I don't believe there is anyone on this team who would purposely ignore or dismiss you. We all have issues and problems. Some days, some weeks some minutes are better than others. Some of us share, some of us do not. None of us lead a perfect & beautiful life, no matter how up and cheery we seem online.

I also understand you are hurt. I'm sorry you have suffered. I'm sorry you feel ignored. I'm sorry you think as a team, we have abandoned you.

I can not apologize for taking care of and making myself a number one priority. And I can not be made feel guilty for doing so.

I hope tomorrow is a better day for you and all of us who struggle.

I will, however, apologize if this came out as bitchy or rude, as it was not intended to be that way.

Carol - Houston, TX (it's weird to see this and not Kaua'i, Hawaii)

Ketones make everything better.
Better sleep. Better mornings. Better energy.
Better fat loss. Better strength. Better mood.

~Be careful what you water your dreams with.
Water them with worry & fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism & solutions, you will cultivate success ~Lao Tzu

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11/18/09 12:49 P

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sorrySorry if this post is short with typos but I have no internet again on my laptop and I am typing on my I-phone.....

Wendy, although your post was not directed at me, I cannot feel anything but hurt right now...for you and for our team mates. I know that you are hurting Wendy, but that gives you no right to verbally attack your team mates. You cannot just assume that no one cares or that no one wants you on our team. I am very, very, very positive that, that is not what is going on.

There are many reasons on why people are not posting, logging onto SP....which lead to them no responding to your posts. Maybe they have no Internet connection ( which would have been me for the past 6 days, thank goodness for my phone!), maybe they are very busy with their lives and SP is not at the top of there priority list, maybe they decided to pursue another team or weight loss community for personal reasons ( this had led me to SP in the first place!), or maybe they
just need to take a break from our team, SP, whatever ( I am so guilty of this....remember I was MIA for a couple of weeks
a while back???), Maybe we just missed the post like Greg ( that has happened to le a lot). or maybe it's another reason....

But whatever reason we have for not logging in/posting....we should not be attacked and be judged. Remember Wendy, we are human and we are capable of feeling hurt ( especially when attacked at the very place where we come for support and encouragement....just like how you are feeling right now).

So Wendy, please don't leave.... We do care about you! I am sorry that our support wasn't to your expectations. You are what keeps
our group going!!! You are our top poster!! You
are an inspiration to us all!!! Despite your own trials and tribulations, you have
rose above them and shown the world that you will not be
a victim anymore!!!

I just wanted to end this with a heads up....I am sure that this level of team activity will continue through the holidays.... Sucks but that is the norm of forums. Everyone is so busy and what's both a wonderful AND stressful time! :)

Hugs Wendy! And try to not let this bother you too much.

Mom to 5

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11/18/09 11:09 A

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I am so sorry that no one replied or sent you congrats on your SP anniversary. I am sorry it was so bad for you. You know, sometimes posts are missed or people do not log in to SP to see the posts. There are days when I miss some team post and I find out about things days later. I am sure that no one missed your anniversary on purpose and I hope you will stay with the team.
As co-leader , I apologize for missing your special day and I am sorry you are going through so much grief. As always,my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Romans 8:1
There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.

May God richly bless you!

In Jesus Name
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11/18/09 8:43 A

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First of all, Gina and Harmony, THIS post does NOT pertain to you at all. So PLEASE don't take it personally.

I cannot believe this...I blogged about it, I put it in my staus, I posted it on my huddle and I mentioned it in my roll call post. and NOTHING. THANKS A LOT!!! This team ASSISTED in RUINING my 1 year sparkaversary.

Yeah this team is really there for each other...SO NOT true anymore. Yeah you were there about my Dad. But did you ever wonde if Gary issues were DONE yet?

I am going through HELL there and NOT saying a word. POOR Mike sees me go downhill and cry A LOT! Everytime Joey doesn't call when he is supposed to, I get deeper depressed. But I don't tell anyone anymore.

I have NOT been sleeping lately due to all the stress. BUT does anyone see it or care...NO!!!

So here is MY plan...fade off into hte sunset/shadows for a while. Meaning NO posts OR if you want ONE hardest workers on the team GONE say the word and I'll leave!

Right now I am VERY HURT! So thanks for assisting in ruining what I THOUGHT was supposed to be a good day.

Edited by: CAMERABABE at: 11/18/2009 (08:43)
Blessed are those who bring out the BEAUTY in others!!

You are blessed if you understand that VERY LITTLE is needed to make life happy.

LOVE is a blessing that comes from the HEART.

ENCOURAGEMENT is a blessing of HOPE.

Being wth those you LOVE is a BLESSING!!

Blessings come from sharing HAPPINESS.

Live well, laugh often, and bless each day.

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