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6/10/19 10:31 A

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Nina, what a wonderful view out those DS and family will just love the light.
Good for being able to stay home for a few days.

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6/9/19 11:50 P

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Evening Girls

Been gone the entire day again. Working on helping at DS's. They got 6 windows put in (above). The living room was really dark and now it has lots of light in it. Of course the trim etc. has to be done.

Got home before dark. So glad we should not have to go anywhere till Thursday. The smoke was settling in our valley for the night. We now have 3 fires that are feeding the smoke. Pray they get them put out soon.

No bears at DS's-thank goodness.

I did put my diabetic pie crust on my blog if you are interested.

Glenna – Love the picture. I did wonder last week what you were doing. Knew you were most likely busy. We are just glad you stopped by today to say hi. Sorry you got woke up so many times. But like you say it can't be helped.

Patty – you are really moving along on those squares. I am so glad we do not have ticks here or chiggers. We were in Missouri for awhile helping some family and I had to walk out to our motor home with an umbrella because the ticks were so bad then. I would be at the ER in a second if I had a tick.

Jan – glad you got a day at rest from church duties. The only allergy pill that does not make me drowsy is Claritin or the generic version.
Yes it is getting warmer. Suppose to have 20% chance of rain tomorrow. They are telling us our monsoons may be later this year because we have not got warm enough yet up here. The tea cups are so cute.

Iris – those triple digits temps sure can be bothersome. It is a good thing most people that live in these temps have air conditioning. I think the Phoenix area that gets so hot would not have so many people living there now if there was no air conditioning. I sure would not want to live there in the summer.

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6/9/19 6:38 P

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Girls, Son had a bear at his place this morning. He put pics on facebook…..we had seen one here earlier this spring.

We did go to town.
Went to GW...nothing
Walmart...a few groceries, no ff cream cheese Nina
Sam's...a few groceries and herbal meds

then home to a nap.

Working on square 6 of the crochet along

3 loads of darks, misc., pants and tops

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6/9/19 1:39 P

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Jan saying prayers for your son. It’s hard to see our grown children have troubles. I have been there.
Those teacups are beautiful! Sunny loves teacups. Her mom has already gotten her quite a few.

Patty, love your color combo of raspberry and pink and lavender. Got a kick of your rip it rip it! I envy all of you that live with woods surrounding. It must be so green and beautiful. If a bear appeared in our yard I probably would not live to tell about it.

Glenna loved the picture of the chickens sweeping the floor. Send that chicken to my house.
I’m having a problem with the crows eating all the cat food that I put out for the outside cats.
You surely do have so much to do and such hard work!

It was warm yesterday and it’s going to be 86 here today. We had so much rain this year and I loved it. I miss it and dread our triple digit days that will come before too long.



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6/9/19 10:47 A

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Good morning Glenna, Patty & girls,

Aren't these cute cups? I once went to a women's group- about 6 of us. One week one of the women brought all these tiny cups she said when she was a child they would give them to you for birthday presents- each cup different. She served us tea in them.

When I woke up I could see sunshine and thought "Oh goodie, I don't have to do anything particular this morning!" Last week it was set up communion and the potluck set up - which I like to help but it gets tiring anymore. Then I feel old for awhile. emoticon

I am making a Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, peas and some kind of salad. Maybe just lingonberries instead of salad - for Troy's birthday dinner.

I took an allergy pill yesterday morning and again I was so drowsy I fell asleep in my chair watching Inspector Lewis and Endeavor. Then went to bed and slept all night. The pills are supposed to be non-drowsy but I suspect they make me drowsy.

Glenna, I just love that little red hen picture. I wish she'd come over in her little apron and sweep my kitchen! You sure do have a lot of work and I often wonder how you do it all. I agree with Patty- must get overwhelming at times.

Patty, I love the colors in the ghan you are working on. We are still in the 60s and sometimes barely that but Tuesday & Wednesday at mid-70s. Yikes about the tick! It's good went to ER to have it removed- I've heard it can be tricky. Yes, Lyme disease is nothing to sneeze at!

Iris, Give your kitties a pet and snuggle for me. Looks like it's really warming up over your way.

Nina, I'm still thinking about those black bears over at your sons!! Looks like it's warming up over your way, too.

Karen, How are you doing today? emoticon

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6/9/19 9:22 A

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Good morning Glenna and Girls,
Glenna, that looks like the Little Red Hen, busily working away.

It must feel overwhelming at times to take care of all you need to do.
You always get so much done, and work so hard.

How is your Mom doing?

I did finish the green scarf yesterday.
I have a couple rounds to go on the 5th square, then will start on #6.
These are both a raspberry color.

Did I tell you the colors for this ghan?
light and raspberry pinks
light and darker lavender's

I think when I run out of the pinks and lavender's, I will make the rest in white, though I may not run out at all, cause I have a lot of these yarns.

Have no idea what is going on here today. I am ready for anything.
I slept not so well last night, it was stuffy in here.

It has been higher 70's and humid outside the last coup[le days, and I didn't want to turn the air on to get the stuffy out. Not sure what today will be.

Oh, I forgot to tell you girls, that hubby got a tick imbedded in his arm. He works outside so much, that we decided I will do a body check each night.
He went to ER to have it taken out. They didn't give him any meds for it, so it must not have been the Lyme tick...scary.

Maybe we are babies, but it is nice to know they will remove them. Lyme disease is not something to fool around with.

Have a good day Girls.

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6/9/19 7:22 A

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Good morning girls,
I didn't mean to go missing last week. Just a busy week. I get caught up and always think "now I have to do that tomorrow for sure". Same thing next day.

My garden looks good. Except this rain has sure given the weeds a boost. As soon as it dries out I'll have to work in it again.

And I got weedeating done and the lawn mowed. Plus other things!!!

I was awake several times during the night. Other fire depts in the county were out for trees in the road, etc. And when they are on there talking it wakes me up. That is my alert system for when we have a run, so I have no other option but to leave it on. I was awake a couple other times, too. So I guess just one of those nights.

Patty, I have made hard-boiled eggs like you described yesterday. It does work. Every time. And I have done pasta that way, too. Easy.

Karen, Are they getting things repaired from the tornadoes that were in your area? That would be so awful to lose your home and belongings.

Nina, I like lots of windows and light, too. Sounds like my kind of house! We have bears around here, too. But not that close--usually.

Jan, Praying for your son. How is the weather on your side of the US? I think we are supposed to have thunderstorms later on today.

Iris, How are you and those sweet kitties doing? I love cats. You can tell. They rule me!

Hope everyone has a good Sunday.

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