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5/27/13 11:43 P

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I agree with all of you. Please set the "holidays" back where they belong. They don't need to be a reason for a three day weekend. My mother was born on Lincoln's birthday, and my first mil was born on Washington's birthday. My father and my first fil were both born on July 3 so we always had a fun picnic to celebrate. But..

Memorial day is meant for the contemplation of what it means to serve one's country. I do not think greeting someone saying "Happy Memorial Day" is appropriate. I will try saying, "Remember". Below is a piece I sent out to my friends on Google this morning. I hope you understand.

This is for Michael, who served in the States for 19 years, For Stephen who served in Europe and the middle east, for Lew and Roy and for Cyndi who waited at home praying for his safe return.And for many others whose names I do not know. It is for the mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers who lost someone to some war. It is for my father and all my uncles who served in WWII. I remember all to well the pain in my mother's and grandparent's eyes. I remember the day when I wasn't allowed to make noise because the adults were listening to the radio, and that evening when I first saw a fireworks display. I feel the inexpressible joy when the announcement that the war was over. I am a "sentimental fool" and I still can't look at the picture of the sailor bending a girl over with a very "I'm home!" kiss, or the Viet Nam Wall or an MIA flag without my heart clutching and my eyes watering. I truly appreciate what it means to "serve"

"I thought of you so many nights as I laid down my head"

I thought of you in the cold desert night while I am warm in bed
I thought of you in the day's desert heat in a place where shots ring out
A truly brave American, that's what you're all about.
I thought of you in a country far, doesn't matter about which one
I thought of those who did not return and the pain it caused someone
I thought of those affected still by the hum of helicopters
Or ones who lost their limbs and now depend upon the doctors
I thought of you in jungles, bearing heat, fatigue and more
I thought of you as you trudged along as you never had before
I thought of you with gratitude on this Memorial Day

May God bless you all for what you gave each and every day."

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5/27/13 10:43 P

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Good evening everyone,

Our youngest son left late this afternoon. I think he had a good time. I made him and DH crispy banana waffles this morning and panini sandwiches and a salad for lunch. Lots of cooking and two loads in the dishwasher today.

Patty, I agree with you and Louise - disappointed when they messed with the true original holiday. I read a bit about it (Decoration day/Memorial day) and there has been a bill sitting around for a few years with nothing happening to change it back to May 30. I felt really cheated when they pushed Washington & Lincoln's birthdays into Presidents day. We used to have two holidays and I loved doing things like profile cutouts on construction paper of those two presidents. I think what happened was this lessened the meaning of Memorial day and also presidents day. So now you know how I really feel.

Hurray we all get to celebrate a birthday on Thursday!

Louise, have a wonderful time tomorrow. Sounds like fun.

water - yes
exercise - yes
food plan - yes

We're watching Murder She Wrote marathon.


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5/27/13 5:15 P

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One post lost.

Good Afternoon. I got my grocery shopping done this morning. Nice as the commissary was pretty empty. Most people probably thought they were closed for the holiday but I knew they weren't .

I got one pair of GS baseball pants shortened. I'll make sure he tries them on before I do the other two pair.

Yesterday DH was walking near where we rented a duplex when we first came to San Diego. A man had a yard sale in front of the one we lived in. They got to talking and DH asked the man how much the rent was. When we lived there in1958 it was $90.00 a month plus utilities. Now it is $1,300 a month. They were 2 bedroom duplex with a single car garage. All on one floor. We had the rear one so had more back yard.

DH is out digging in the back yard around the lemon tree he planted. I have no idea why.

Ann in San Diego

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5/27/13 1:38 P

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Patty, I forgot---Yesterday-- Did I move? No!

Did I drink the water? Yes!

Did I stick to my eating plan? Yes!

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5/27/13 1:36 P

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Good Morning Patty and all who will follow!

Patty, Happy Birthday Early! I do know what you mean though. I was born on Washington's Birthday February 22 and I always got school off. Then they changed the date all together to celebrate President's Day!

Today we are going over to Dick's dad's and his dad's girlfriend's home. I guess we are going out to eat. I think we are going to the Olive Garden because she loves Italian Food. So I actually can get gluten-free and vegan. I will get the gluten-free penne pastas with tomato sauce and a salad with no cheese and extra virgin olive oil.

Then at 4p.m. we have been invited to a bring your own food at a park by friends. So I will probably bring a salad from the Greek Restaurant that has no lettuce but cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers and olives. They usually put feta cheese in the salad but I will ask for no feta cheese and get a side of hummus instead. I will also get their unsweetened Ice Green Tea. So that should cover the foods for the day!

Tomorrow DD and a friend of ours and I are going to one of those places that you paint your own pottery and then out to lunch. It should be a fun day. DD is off work for this week so we thought we would do something different. I am sure we will be going to Barnes and Noble also--our home away from home!!!

Well, everyone, please have a Very Wonderful Monday! emoticon


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5/27/13 9:10 A

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Good morning Girls,
Ihave to say that I made a mistake in my moving yesterday. It was supposed to be 1/2 mile, not 1.2 mile. Boy changing that / to a . makes a big

Happy Memorial Day. I was born on the original Memorial May, May 30, I was so mad when they changed it to a Mon, instead of keeping it on the 30th. Though I always enjoyed the 3 day weekend...Guess you just can't satisfy me, no matter

We are going to town today. Maybe stop at a few yard sales, Goodwill if they are open, but they maybe won't be.

Yesterday, I wanted to eat all day. I did not stray from my food plan, but I did eat too much of it...Praying today will be better.

How was yesterday?

did you move?

did you drink your water?
I think so, but I didn't keep track.

did you stick to your food plan?
no, too much food

Let's make today a healthy day.


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