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5/6/13 11:12 P

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Hi everyone,

It is finally beginning to cool off here. We reached 87 degrees up here today. Hopefully, tomorrow will be cooler. I find this heat to completely sap my energy. I become lethargic and am useless to anyone. Then at night when it cools I have all sorts of energy and can tackle some fairly good sized projects. That means that I get my sleep schedule all mixed up for days. So..

Last night I made a batch of yogurt using whole, organic milk. It tastes perfect, no bitter taste at all. I also made a batch of jello, whipped some cream, did the dishes twice, cleaned the stove, fed my sourdough and made a batch of sourdough pancakes. Of course it was two in the morning before I slowed down enough to so any relaxing or get on the computer.

I woke this morning at about eight and got up immediately. I wasn't about to waste the cool part of the day. By the time Gloria arrived at nine thirty I was deep into my daily project. This morning it was trying to figure out how to juggle the finances after I overpaid one creditor. I will finish getting that all worked out this evening.

One of the things I did last evening was check Amazon for a portable air conditioner. The price is much too high for me to consider at the moment, but before the next hot spell I hope to have an air conditioner in my room. Since I am upstairs the heat comes up here and it is unbearable even for those who like heat. My room can reach temperature up to one hundred ten degrees or more. That just isn't good for me.

Jan, I can appreciate your frustration with those unruly children, thank you Dr Spock. Now the government has stepped in and a parent cannot use corporal punishment. From all my education and experience I would say those children are begging for attention. They are telling people they need some limits by which they can feel safe. They are acting like a baby when the swaddling clothes are removed. The baby becomes frightened and acts out instantly. I have considerable sympathy for you and for those children. Hopefully someone will intervene before too long.

I have one pea plant coming up. I am pleased to tell you it is one of the heirloom seeds that I planted. If that plant is allowed to reach maturity I will be thrilled. I am considering going into Eatonville to pick up some more seeds. I only know of one place where I can purchase heirloom seed.

Dinner is ready now so I'll talk with you later.

Love, Judy emoticon

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5/6/13 4:52 P

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What would you like, some spitting drizzle, sprinkles, down pour or sun. We've got it all today. I had a 9:15 app't for blood work and it was so empty in there they took me when I arrived at 9 a.m. Last time I waited over an hour as a walk in. Then I had planned to go to Penny's since I was 1/2 way there. I had to wait for the store to open at 10 a.m. A couple of weeks ago I bought one pair of cotton crinkly fabric capries. Well they sure didn't have much left today. I did find one pair in with some other slacks and another pair that were petite which makes them about 3 inches shorter. I had two $10.00 off coupons I wanted to use. What a lot of hot colors every thing is this summer. I don't care for them at all.

Then I went off to find the SAS shoe store. I bought a pair of slide on shoes for summer. I have another pair of SAS sandels that are about 10 years old that aren't slide ons but I wear them that way. I had a $15.00 off coupon there. The sun was out in the valley but as I headed home the rain was coming down pretty good also on the foggy side. Only about an 8 mile drive. I did stop at WalMart and got some more yarn and home.

We don't see much rhubarb here. Once in a while I will notice it in the grocery stores. My grandparents use to have a bunch that came up every year.

Yesterday when I washed sheets I took the 2nd blanket off the bed. Bad move on my part. It was darn chilly last night.

Nina, are the Gkids going to school in Oregon? Newpart is a nice area. We've stayed there a few days and parked at the Elks Lodge.

Jan, 20 degrees again. That is too cold for me. I'm glad we don't have a bunch of noisey kids in our neighborhood any more. It's one thing when every one has kids the same age but now they've all grown and left the old folks behind.

Last night we ate at Red Lobster. I had fried shrimp and mixed vegetables. I was not impressed. I've had much better shrimp at the Sizzler and less expensive. DD had a bit of trouble finding a gluten free dinner she could eat. Finally settled on shrimp scampi which she said was good. She doesn't like fish. Only likes sea food. Of course sea food isn't fish. At the Sizzler she could have had steak. We went back to DS house and had banana cream pie DD had made for dad's birthday. Yum.

Ann in San Diego

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5/6/13 10:56 A

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Good morning ladies,

It was very uncomfortable sleeping because of the heat last night but today the temperature is dropping a comfortable 20 degrees.

Monday is my house blessing plus hoping to finish pulling weed roots out of the flower bed I'm working on. Thankfully the last time I worked in it I didn't get that horrible sore muscles thing that happened the first time.

We had quite a drama in the back yard yesterday as the new neighbors behind us haven't figured out voices carry all over this neighborhood. They are very quiet themselves and have a well-behaved small child and baby but their visitors!!! emoticon had one of the brattiest kids I've heard of in a long time. He must have been about 5 and was into all kinds of things with he parents doing that "please don't do that" which made NO effect on his behavior. What turned the tide was somehow someone gave this kid a squirt gun which he apparently was squirting the adults in the face and all over the picnic food and then into the neighbor's computer room onto the computer through an open window. The people who live there moved everyone to the front yard but then the brat's younger brother decided to go potty on the grass in the back yard. I guess the father had to clean that up and they quickly went home. Holy smokes I hope that kid doesn't visit often. Children like that do so well with boundaries and if they don't get them they just escalate. Then I thought I was very happy it wasn't the bratty kids family who live there!

I'm getting more used to this diet but constantly reminded this, that or the other isn't on the list of okay foods. I'm reminded that Louise goes through this all the time with gluten problems and Nina has diet restrictions- probably more of you, too.

Patty, Hope you have a wonderful day at senior lunch and knitting away on those tiny needles. Yesterday in church a TOPS friend had asked me to say "hi" to a lady who usually sits behind me. When I did, the lady was so pleased and she pulled a crocheted cross bookmark that my TOPS friend had made for her 30 years ago!

Paulissa, Have a great day with all you have planned.


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5/6/13 9:33 A

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Good morning, Patty. It is another foggy and gray day here but will be in the 60s, so maybe I'll get out into the gardens and get some weeding done. If it dries out enough this week, I'll give the lawn its 1st haircut of the season.

On the agenda today: strength training, tort law homework, zentangling some art and making handmade journals for my show in 2 weeks.

Your sock sounds like fun.

This life is a hero's journey. Anyone who sticks it out and gives it their best shot is heroic, in my estimation. What we call normal is so often extraordinary. Just overcoming the weight of the world, and making a genuine effort to identify and honor our true-path is profound. Kudos to anyone who is making a genuine effort to get through this life with originality,awareness and authenticity. ~Jeff Brown

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5/6/13 9:14 A

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emoticon Good morning Girls,
Sunshine today, with only aaround 40 now, and 70 later. We did put a fire in the stove this morning, just to get the chill off. But that will be the last fire for today.

lunch at senior center today.

I started knitting on my sock this morning. such fine yarn, and such small needles, size 2, I think...but I like the yarn, and the mind numbing knit knit knit around and around...

have a good day girls.

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