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3/18/13 2:11 A

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Patty, I am like Jan---I was Irish for today!!!! emoticon

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3/17/13 11:05 P

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Hello again,

We have snow too Patty. I am certainly not happy about that. I am feeling very sorry for the birds that have come back already. They must be freezing. The hair I put out last week is all gone now, but I can't find where the bag of hair was put so I can put out more. I want the birds to think this is a nice place to make a home.

I won't put food out for them unless there are no other resources available, I don't want them to become dependent on people for food. They will do fine foraging for themselves. I don't like to see people feeding wild animals. The National Park Rangers and the National Forest personnel advise against it for many good reasons.

I am interested in the discussion of heritage. I am English, Irish, emoticon Scot, (no tartan available) German, Dutch (no sabots either) and I married Swiss, German/English, and Norwegian. How's that for a combination. No Welch though, we can't sing very well. emoticon

I am tired and I have a good book waiting for when I get in bed and Gidget is begging me to get over there and make a place where she can cuddle. She is very sleepy. I don't know why, she slept all the way home. I'll see you all tomorrow.

Love, Judy emoticon

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3/17/13 5:42 P

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Patty, I am Irish for the day emoticon .
After church this morning we had coffee in the foyer. I saw someone with a bright green lephricaun hat waiting in line and they had bright, bright red hair. I wondered who had hair like that- turned out to be a fellow in our church. What a character. I didn't see him in church but I'll bet the pastor did and he didn't crack a smile about it.
DS cooked corned beef for last nights dinner. Today after church I made reuben sandwiches- wonderful! That may be dinner, too.
I'm going to take a walk outside while it isn't raining.
Ann, has your Sunday paper gotten smaller? The Oregonian sure is - I haven't read it for a couple of years. I used to love looking at the Sunday paper and the funny papers. On Sunday afternoons my uncle came to visit and he'd bring the other Portland paper with a whole differen set of comics. That was nice of your friend to gift you with a bracelet.


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3/17/13 3:18 P

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I knew I posted yesterday but see I was on, at the end of the Friday thread. We did have a nice afternoon.

Yesterday at the lunch one of the women gave me a card and said to open it when I got home. The card is so cute but inside was a small cloth bag with a bracelet in it. It is very small around. Now this lady is the youngest in our group. I don't wear jewelry at all, none natta. I know this isn't expensive but it is pretty. A sliver chain with three rings threaded thru the chair. I will thank her for it but know I will never wear it. I don't even wear a watch.

I've read the Sunday paper and gotten the sheets on the bed washed. Dh has gone for a walk and all is quiet.

Ann in San Diego

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3/17/13 10:21 A

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Good morning Girls,
Are you Irish?
I am Irish, English, Welch and Scot.
Hubby is Irish and English.

Today is my sis birthday. Am going to town, and give her a hug, as she is working today. She is 64...only 2 more years for her to work...yay

The wedding last night was nice. Well, we did not go to the wedding, just the reception.
It was nice. DD's dress looked great how I took it in and shortened it for her.

Got to know a bit more about her boyfriend. I guess there is a more 2013 work for boyfriend, but I don't know it. He seems really nice. My 14 year old DGD says he is awesome...Even my 18 year old DGS says he is nice, and they really don't like much of anything at that

Going to town today, as I mentioned before...The other day our driveway was dirt and mud. Now it is all covered again. Of course, the ground is covered up and away with snow...lots of snow,. the only thing with the snow on the driveway, now we can't see the ice...scary
It's 24 and sunny

Have a good day girls.

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