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2/20/13 3:25 A

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I remember driving in a white out in Alaska. There was a car about a car length ahead of me and I could only see his lights occasionally. We were driving at about ten miles per hour and I knew I couldn't stop because if I did they would send people out to look for me. I made it home around three in the morning just as my family was getting ready to call for help.

I don't envy you your whiteout, but I do happily remember the times in Oregon when we were snowed in and we cooked and baked on our wood stove and waded a mile through the hip deep snow to get milk for the kids. Those were really good days. My kids were young and we made those days like a campout We had fun playing board games and other kinds of games and there was lots of snow Ice cream. I had been saving most of the cream from our milk for some time before the snow so we had lots of cream and I always stocked up on flour, sugar and the other staples. Our cupboards were full, our bellies were full and especially our hearts were full. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I really miss the days in Oregon and in Alaska. We were much more independent than I am now. I can't figure out whether it is age or lack of initiative that makes me dependent now. I am certain that I am not really happy about it.

I am going to be busy tomorrow and Thursday. Hopefully, I'll have Friday off. I will be ready to slow down.

I'll see you all later, and I promise to take a shorter trip down memory lane. emoticon

Love, Judy emoticon

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2/19/13 7:43 P

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The wind is howling out there tonight, and still coming down fast. Over a foot of snow so far again today.
Yes, hubby did cancel his appt. I was so thankful.

Hubby plowed late afternoon. Will need to plow again tomorrow, and to plow out DD's place too tomorrow.

So much snow, we have had this winter. This is what the winters used to be like, with snow snow snow all the time.
The last few years, not so much. We are sure getting it this year though.

We have plenty of food, plenty of wood for heat, we can either cook on the wood stove, or the gas kitchen range. We do have water stored in milk jugs, but that soon goes, if we lose power, to flush toilets. We have an artesian well 2 miles down the road from us. We can always get water there. It is just a pain is all. We do very well without electric. Many do not.
Many do not have heat, or any way to cook. Poor things. I do not know how they do it.

ok, enough of snow and winter. I am ready for spring. I want spring wildflowers in the woods, I want clear blue skies and sunshine. I want green grass, and leaves on trees...end of April for most of that.

We do not have earthquakes here. We do not have hurricanes, typhoons, and normally no tornadoes in this area. We do have snow, and plenty of it...

have a good evening girls.
I will be on here tomorrow, if we have power.


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2/19/13 4:35 P

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Good Afternoon. DH and I got the grocery shopping done and home with everything put away and the car didn't get wet. The drive way looks like we had a sprinkle or two since but it is pretty dry looking on the side walk. I hope we can avoid the rain tomorrow for our tax app't and then a stop at Costco. Both in the same area.

Patty, I saw those white out conditions too and that would scare me to death. I guess not many people have white cars back there. Stay home an play with your yarn and be safe.

Glenna, so glad your mom is doing well. A big relief for you. Now you can concentrate on DH.

Jan, I've never looked on line to see if the grocery stores have their sales there. They probably do but we do get the sale ads for 4 major supermarkets in our area and then there is WalMart. DH said WalMart is cheaper than the commissary on a couple of things we bought today. I had to laugh, a man was buying eggs as I was and he informed me the X Large were 4 cents cheaper than the Large.

it did do me good to get out today. I need to do that more often.

Ann in San Diego

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2/19/13 4:12 P
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Good afternoon,

Patty, I saw on the noon news about the white outs in your area and hoped your hubby cancelled his appointment. I guess you are used to that weather and manage very well. Pretty things you are making.

Glenna, So glad things turned out well. I'm imagining how that looked to be so happy you took a wrong turn. I hope all goes well with your husband's appointment on Thursday. Yes, God hears!

I've been working on a grocery list. It's so great most supermarkets have online places where you can see what their sales are. Today I found a small market in the next town even has their sale ads online. I don't get their ads in the paper and they do have good meat.

It was cloudy all morning and now DH and I are going to get out to walk while there is blue sky. It's supposed to rain for the next week after today.


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2/19/13 11:24 A

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Hi Ladies. Thank you for your prayers. Mom seems to be doing very well. And as far as we know right now everything is ok. I certainly believe in the power of prayer. I was one very stressed lady yesterday! Afterwards, I was walking down the hall praying "thank you, thank you, thank you". And not watching where I was going took a wrong turn! I thought it was kinda cute.

Rainy here today and supposed to change to snow later. I will be so happy to see spring!

Have to take dh to dr on Thursday for his check up on his shoulder. He is using it more all the time. Of course with the sling he limited to how much he can move it. But he tries.

Hope everyone has a good day.

Thanks again!!! And thank you, Jan, for updating them!

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2/19/13 8:56 A

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Good morning Girl,

Mercy, we are in for some more bad weather. White outs, lots of snow and blowing wind. All the schools in the top half of northern lower Michigan are closed. Our local schools were on a 2 hour delay, but then they too closed. So, If I am not on here for a few days, it's cause we lost our power...

Hubby has a chiro appt. this afternoon about 30 miles away, in town. I hope he cancels. We shall see on that.

I called my DDIL yesterday, to see what she would like me to make for the new baby. As she is again having a girl, all the items I made for the first DGD will work for this one too. She said they are re-doing her room, in lavender, mint green and, she wants a baby afghan in those colors. I have the yarn, so started last night. It will be really pretty.

New pics on my blog.
Another loom knit poncho, 10 dishcloths, and 2 loom knitted hats.

How was yesterday?

did you move?

did you drink your water?

did you stick to your food plan?

Let/s make today a healthy day.

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