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1/1/13 4:34 P

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Good Afternoon All. Happy New Year. It was quiet here last night. Actually we watched the Times Square midnight ball drop at 9 p.m. DH didn't stay up until our mid night and neither did I. I went to bed just after the 11 p.m. news.

We took our decorations down and what fun DH had putting the tree back in the box. I still have a few snowmen decor on the tables that will stay there for a while. DH is making his black eye peas, corn bread and ham lunch. Maybe I won't have to fix him any supper.

No plans here for the rest of the week. I'll continue with my decluttering. In years past I have actually washed all the dishes in the built in buffet shelves but I think I remember last year I got lazy and didn't do it. I keep putting off taking the comforter from the motor home bed to the laundry to wash it. Actually I'm hoping DH would volunteer.

Ann in San Diego

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1/1/13 1:07 P
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Good morning and Happy New Years Day emoticon
It's cold and frosty here this morning but no rain.

I could hear the ship horns last night but just acknowledged it and drifted back to sleep.

Glenna, I read that the statue was sparked through the Daughters of the American Revolution and inspired by a statue of Sacajawea in Portland, OR. That's amazing! I've seen that statue in Washington Park and it's beautiful in that hillside wooded setting. Haven't been there for years.

Judy, I hope you are able to get out to do your shopping.

Louise, Hope you catch up on your sleep. We weren't bothered last night but there are many in our town who put off illegal fireworks that are an abrupt wakeup and terrorize cats and dogs.


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1/1/13 11:32 A

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HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! I hope everyone's wishes and dreams become a reality for them in 2013.

I need to make a correction in yesterday's post. I said the pioneer lady's statue was in Fairmont, WV, but it should have been Wheeling WV. I have no idea why I did that. I certainly know the difference. True, the towns are relatively close to each other. But still, I have lived in WV 53 years so I should certainly know the difference!!! Oh well, I stand corrected! lol

We got about 3 or 4 inches of heavy wet snow last night. It is about 33 or 34 now and kinda a drizzly rain. I hope it doesn't freeze. I have heard people call this a rolly polly snow. Meaning when you kick it when walking it rolls up in balls. A good snow for snow balls or snow men!!! lol Don't think I will be doing either today.

Hope everyone has a good day!

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1/1/13 7:03 A

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emoticon Good morning Louise,

Yes, your temperatures do sound like a heat wave. Why don't you send some of that warm my way and melt the snow off my driveway. I need to get out. emoticon

Love, Judy emoticon

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1/1/13 5:43 A

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Good Morning Judy and all who will follow! Happy New Year!

I still have not gone to bed yet. Well, I take that back--I tried to but our townhomes are behind a strip mall which has a bar in it and there was another place not sure what it is, it used to be a preschool but something else went in where the preschool used to be. Anyway, both places had loud music going on and it lasted until well after 2:30a.m. So now I figured I better stay up and take my thyroid medication at 4a.m. and my high blood pressure medication at 6a.m. Then I will go to bed and sleep most of the day or at least the morning.

It has been very cold for this part of Arizona. It has been 55 degrees during the day and 34 degrees during the night. Now to some that might sound like a heat wave in the winter but coming out of the hundreds not too too long ago, this is cold! I am going to have to turn on the heat.

Well, everyone, please have a Wonderful New Year Day!


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1/1/13 4:42 A

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I went to bed at 7:30 last evening and woke up at 11:58, just in time to great the new year all refreshed and energetic. I hope your New Year's Eve was as comfortable and rewarding as mine.

Jan, The first contest is for our district I believe, but it might be for the state. We are attempting to be the biggest loser for the period from Nov 1, through February.? The second contest is for our club only and it is to see who can go for the most weeks with a loss each week. So, I will be working on losing a lot. I have gained the past two weigh-ins so I am starting out a bit behind. I will persevere.

We still have a lot of snow. I need to get out to go get some groceries. I wish I still had my walker that has no wheels. That would help a great deal. Just getting to the car is quite a challenge. I guess if it becomes necessary I will figure something out.

The temperature here is currently 27 degrees. I turned the oven on again last night, (that was part of the reason for going to bed so early) I knew that Carol would be awake until after midnight when I could take over monitoring the oven. Right now, everything is okay.
There is a slight breeze outside and the sky is clear. I think the temperature may go considerably lower.

I hope you are all warm and well. I am praying the same for Sarah, hopefully she will get better quickly and be ready to go home again. I am so glad you are keeping in touch with her Glenna. I have been in the hospital many times and the most comforting thing is a call from a friend. Hopefully, she will remember that you called. (I didn't)

See you all later.

Love, Judy emoticon

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