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12/26/12 6:07 P

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Good afternoon everyone emoticon

DS went home awhile ago and now things are quiet and back to usual. I sent lots of goodies with him because he can enjoy them and we have less to tempt us.

Glenna, Thank you for updating us on Sarah.

I've been looking at the Christmas tree and thinking when it's down and put away there will be a lot more room in that space. Maybe tomorrow.


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12/26/12 5:05 P

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No, Ann, Patty is not snowed in.
Sis was here, and I didn;'t feel comfortable spending time on the computer with her here. She was a great houseguest though. We had a super visit.

Patty was just lazy too. walked 1/2 mile Monday, nothing Tuesday.

did not get my water in and I ate way too much sugar yesterday, and still a bit today. It is all gone.
DS and DDIL brought home made cookies, fudge with marischino cherries in it, oh my, mty favorite cookies, butters cookies with frosting. I ate way too much, and ended in the bathroom a couple of times, cause my body has not been used to it.

I so love JoAnna's recipes.
I can still get the sweetie taste, without sugar.
I love her pies, and can't imagine ever getting tired of them.

From the Table cookbook, I made corn and kidney bean salad, pumpkin muffins (soo good)
and a banana PB. pie...yum

The pumpkin muffins makes a very stiff batter. I have made them twice, and both times, it was quite stiff batter. A bit difficult to mix all the flour in. But they are so good.

Sis made a pork loin, marinated in all kinds of good stuff.

I made a jello salad. This is an old family recipe, and my christmas present to you...
Patty's jello

1 pkg sfff jello
1 can pineapple, drained and save the juice
1 8 oz. pkg cream cheese, ff of course
1 cup pet milk, ff of course
1/2 cup slice celery
1/4 cup chopped pecans

drain the pineapple
juice, and heat to boiling.
add to the jello
then add the cream cheese, so it sort of melts
stir the milk into this, then the celery and pecans and pineapple. It is just so yummy.

we had a super meal.
My son was ill, so could not come.

But all the other kids were there,
brother and 2 of his kids were there.
His daughter was having contractions, and we were hoping that she would have her baby yesterday.
But then the contractions stopped. Her tummy is so hard. that baby is ready...

have a good evening.

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12/26/12 5:04 P

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Hi Glenna, we must have been posting at the same time. I will go over to the other post and read about Sarah.


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12/26/12 5:02 P

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Hi Ann and Everyone who might follow!

Ann, if I buy bread the only gluten-free bread I like is UDI or UNDI but I think it is UDI. To be honest, I prefer eating Brown Rice, Millet, Quinoa, Brown Rice Pasta or Polenta (cooked corn meal) or any gluten-free grain. In was never a sandwich person. Sometimes I will buy corn tortillas but I am not sure of the brand name.

OK, even though meat is gluten-free it can be the seasoning or herbs or sauce that is not. Same way with the vegetables. Funny that you have mentioned that your daughter did not feel well after eating scrambled eggs. I noticed the last few times I have eaten scrambled eggs I was sick for the whole day or night depending on what time I ate them. Hard boiled eggs seem to be better.

Except on Christmas I do not eat meat. My stomach gets upset with any kind of meat most of the time. I have to admit I was not good on Christmas--I ate meat and also at our friends home I had food with gluten in it. I felt it for the rest of the night. It was not worth it. I was really good at the resturant. I did eat sausage which does not have gluten and stuck to their gluten-free menu. It was later that I blew it. I have to realize which I do that I CANNOT have anything with gluten!!! I knew better but did it anyway! I will NOT do that again.

Now the resturant we went to did not charge more to get food that was gluten-free so I am not sure why the Outback did.

All in all, we had a Wonderful Christmas! Today I am very, very lazy. Infact, I have actually stayed in my PJ's all day.


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12/26/12 4:50 P

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Hi Ann, I posted on Patty's topic for today "the day after". I didn't see this one until later.

We have had rain today. Were under a sleet and ice advisory, but they cancelled it. And fortunately all we had was rain.

I posted about Sarah on the other one so wont' repeat here.

The air is getting cooler so I imagine we will be getting some snow later. That was what they were originally saying anyway.

I think gluten free is difficult. There is wheat in so many products. Even ones you would not consider.

Have a good evening,

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12/26/12 4:45 P

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I wonder if Patty is snowed in and with out power. One e-mail friend that lives just south of Holland Mi. was to leave early this morning in their motor home for Az. for the rest of the winter. I hope they are able to travel safely. The weather doesn't look good to me.

I missed dinner Ch. Eve but did eat last night and I seem to be back in the grouve. I even lost a couple off pounds so those Mrs. Fields clone cookies won't do much damage.

Louise, what kind of gluten free bread do you like and where do you buy it? DD got a loaf from Trader Joe's I think it was. It's bread but she's not to crazy about it. The loaf was small and cost about $5.00. She really is into this gluten free. She had a very uncomforable evening last night and said the same thing happened to her the last time she ate scrambled eggs. I guess she's going to have to buy organic eggs. DD had her dinner at Outback from their Gluten Free menu. Now tell me what is gluten free about steak and vegetables except to charge more?

Glenna, are you snowed in?

My tri tip roast came out very good. Next time I will have a better idea how long to cook it. I checked it at 30 min and the temp didn't go anywhere near 160 degrees. Another 10 min. in the oven it did. Next time I would cook it a little less. I've never been one to cook beef very good if it isn't in the crock pot.

Jan, this is from Sundays post Early this afternoon DH asked me if I wanted to go look at the car I had found on the computer that was at a Chevy dealer about 2 miles from the house. We just about spent the rest of the day there. We bought the car. But I'm told it is classified as a truck. It is a 4 door Chevy Equinox SUV. but smaller than the Explorer, white with beige and black interior and leather seats that I wanted. It has more computer tech stuff than I can imagine. It will take some learning. It is towable if we decide later we want to tow it with the motor home. We'll keep the Malibu for towing for now as it is lighter weight. The one we bought is a used 2012 that was a lease car in Nev. with just under 12,000 miles on it.

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Ann in San Diego

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