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10/22/12 1:45 P

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DD is disabled due to mental issues. I don;t know how long it took to get on disability, but I think her counselor or pshyc helped her with it.

I just came in from blowing leaves stepping in piles of doggie poop, and my right hand isn't working right...won't work right now...mercy.

I will continue to pray Jan.
Jan, you are so close to wonderland...good for you.

We can do this.


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10/22/12 12:54 P

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I don't know how I missed this yesterday. Busy day with DS#2 visiting. I made Marlen Koch's Pumpkin Pie Pancakes for breakfast, then off to church with a brief quarterly meeting afterwards, then home. I sure didn't feel like cooking and was hungry NOW so we went out to eat. Son left for home late in the afternoon.

It's my birthday this Wednesday so we were celebrating that and DS#2 brought me a Co-star with Google TV stream player. This is a new technology (DS uses an Playbox for similar things) a small box that installed easily and allows us to get Netflix and some other things. So you can imagine we've been enjoying some movies.

Patty, I have been using food exchanges using the diabetic exchanges which JoAnna lists on all her recipes. I have not been doing a good job. I've had a lot of stress lately and it's not quite over but looks like there is some resolution coming. I, too, have returned to my old comfort friend, food. When I'm in that mode I never crave carrots, celery, kale or what have you that is healthy. Another thing I'm dealing with is my fridge is always stuffed between my groceries and DS's. Sometimes I want to make an HE pie and there's no place to put it if I made it. Talking to DS with his mental health issues is very complicated and sometimes we just avoid it. Sometimes the irritation is more bearable than what is likely to come. We've been biding our time but it looks like Disability is a ways out. Just being honest, girls. It's no picnic. We love our son but he is very difficult to live with.

Patty, don't be hard on yourself. You've been through quite a lot. Just do your best and we are here to cheer you on.

Ann, Sounds like the RVing was fun and a great success in fundraising.

Sarah, Wouldn't it be fun to visit the King Arthur place in Vermont? One of my TOPS friends who enters things in the county fair uses King Arthur for that. I am amazed I haven't used my new popcorn popper yet. emoticon

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10/21/12 7:14 P

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Well, I am starting back on HE lifestyle plan.

Sort of making it my own, and we shall see how I feel.

Just wanted you to know.

Is anyone else on HE right now?
I know that some of you use her recipes.

I sure miss JoAnna. She was one swell gal.


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10/21/12 4:12 P

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It's all over.
Viewing was Fri. night.
Funeral yesterday.
I am so tired out.
I completely went off my diet and gained 3 mad at myself...had lots of sugar so am quite sore today.

It will all get better.

no walking
no to water
no to diet yesterday...bah

off to a much better start today.

Thank you ladies for your prayers.
Patty emoticon emoticon

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10/21/12 3:38 P

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Hi Ann and Everyone


Ann we seem to post around the same times, how funny. I'm not an early person. I might get up early but I'm not functioning for a bit. Your group does so much to help out different organizations. That is so great. I hope you get the RV fixed and home soon. You got your Brita at a great price, the filters cost more than that.

I buy cheap flour because I'm not a baker. Occasionally I'll make an H.E coffeecake or bread but that's about it. When I did bake cakes etc I only used King Arthur.

I made a greek salad to eat on the next few days. Now I need to figure out what else to fix today.

Judy I could just go crazy in a craft store. I love all the cute things to make. Yarns are my weakness. Have fun crafting.

Jan I know you are enjoying your son's visit. Hope his job is still going well. I would do your floors, believe it or not I enjoy doing floors. Maybe because we don't have to get on our knees and wax them anymore! Remember those days??! You got a great deal on you popcorn popper.

My thoughts and prayers are with Patty and her family today.

Enjoy your day everyone!

emoticon emoticon

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10/21/12 3:11 P

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I'll see if I can get this done before Sarah beats me to it. We came home late yesterday afternoon after the motor home was towed away and our rally had the closing ceremonies.

We had just about 55 rigs so about 110 people. We did some great fund raising with the events that were planned. Each chapter donated a basket of something that we sold tickets for and then a winner was drawn. The basket I got from our caravan chapter was a plant of mums with $75,00 in Wal Mart gift cards.

Make A Wish Foundation got $1,540.00 (Chpt. 411 donated $500.00 of this total. That is our caravan chapter.)

Habitat for Humanity got $501.00 from the silent auction. Surprisingly there wasn't as much stuff going to Good Will as I thought there would be. So much seems to be 'junk'.

Wounded Warriors got $900.00 (Chpt. 411 donated $500.00 of this total)

71 fleece blankets were donated to some charity there in Hemet.

And we donated canned and package goods were taken to a food bank.

DH called our road service on Sat. morning. There was a major accident some where and all the tow trucks in the area were tied up with that. We got a call back that a tow truck would be coming from Oceanside. That is closer to San Diego and where we were. No flat car available. I wish you could have seen the size of that truck. It was longer and taller than our motor home. It took the fellow 2 hours to get the coach hooked up. I tried to collect donations from all the people standing around watching the fellow hook up the coach to the truck. LOL
Thank goodness for Emergency Road Tow service we have.

By then it was mid afternoon. We had the car loaded to the brim with our stuff. We stayed for the closing ceremony at 3 p.m. and the basket drawings. By then it was about 3:30 and supper wasn't until 5:30 so we hit the road after a stop at Dairy Queen. We made good time getting home in very heavy dark cloud cover. By 6:15 p.m. the car was unloaded and all put away.

Tomorrow DH will call the shop where the RV was towed. A fellow from the shop had given a seminar at our rally so he had looked at the brake problem and knew it was coming. Now we'll wait for the work to be done and then have to drive up there to pick it up. Just over 100 miles north.

I was making a bid at the silent auction on a new Brita Pitcher with 6 new filters. I finally won it for $17.00 and think I really got a bargain.

One RV friend that has given me odds and ends of yarn was there but didn't bring her latest collection. I told her in March we'd be camping in her area and she said to be sure and call her. Another member heard this conversation and said she had a big box of odds and ends of yard. She'll save it for me too.

I generally buy Gold Metal or Pillsbury flour which ever is the cheapest. A 4# bag of flour will last me 6 mo. to a year. I can't keep the weight off if I bake.

Ann in San Diego

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