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10/9/12 8:32 P

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Yes, the pease pudding is otherwise known as pease porridge. Hot or cold I think it will be pretty good since it is yellow split peas. I love split pea soup and this can't be a whole lot different.

Kristine my new caregiver just left and since I didn't bet any where near enough sleep last night I am going to retire now. Tomorrow is TOPS and I want to be sharp for that.

Kristine has been helping me to go through my storage area and I have tossed a lot in the trash, set aside a lot for good will, sorted out things that belong to my children or that I am giving them. Still there is a whole lot of "stuff" I am just not ready to part with. We found the stained glass afghan I started crocheting some time ago. We also found a lot of my Christmas ornaments that didn't get taken out last Christmas. We found enough memorabilia to sink an aircraft carrier. I disposed of some, but I just can't get rid of the rest right now. I found my first two grandsons baby books. I don't know what to do with them.

Too much thinking hurts the brain. Good night all.

Love, Judy

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10/9/12 6:21 P

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yes, I am cooking.
taco salad for supper. yum

they are thinking now that Mom may linger for a few days yet...we shall see on that.

thank you for your prayers.

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10/9/12 5:22 P

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Hello everyone,

Yesterday and today have been "Plan B" days for us. DH was trying to repair a leak in the outside faucet and thought all was good when he heard water running under the house and realized something broke under there. So call to the plumber. We turned the water off at the street to hopefully stop the water flow - so buckets of water to flush the toilets and no dishes.

The plumber came this morning and is able to fix the faucet but in climbing under the house he discovered the tub drain pipe had been rusted out and running out into the crawl space probably for years. It's in a tight spot - crawling on your back to get over to that area. Yuck. DH has done work under there but not for a few years and not in that tight area. So right now they are repairing that drain pipe. Water is back on, phew!

Yesterday I went to the bank only to find out it was closed for Columbus Day so made another trip today (for our TOPS account). Also working on TOPS for tomorrow. Colds are going around so I have had calls from two who need to be excused. We encourage people not to come if they are sick because we have some with vulnerable health issues.

Tonight I plan to make a healthy version of spagetti and meatballs.

I'll have to go back and see what the pease pudding is about.

We've still got sunshine but rain supposed to come in later this week. Judy, you'll probably get some, too.


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10/9/12 3:46 P

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Good Afternoon., It is what I'd call a perfect day today. Low 70's. Yes, the fellow arrived on time and is working away washing the motor home right now. He will wax it also. I'm so glad DH doesn't try to do this any more. I think the fellow works on boats a lot. Our neighbor across the street has a big fishing boat and he was the one that told us about him. Now DH has passed his name on to several others that also use him. Hard work when you do the job all in one day.

Judy, you sure have yourself a scary day yesterday. I'm glad you were able to get away from the gas station. I suppose you never will know the results of all the police. I really don't think your can of pease sounds that good to me. But then I'm the not adventureous soul. Now I want to know what faggots are? That doesn't sound good at all. I won't say what I'm thinking.

Glenna, you sure do work hard. How many acres do you have?

Sarah, they still say maybe rain Thur. Fri. We'll see if it really comes. Our mountains may get the thunder and lightening but probably none here. Just water from the sky would be nice.

I checked the weather on the town we are going camping to next week. About 75 miles north of here and inland from the coast. Today's high is 83 and the low is 53. That is a lot cooler at night than we have. It's early for the snow birds to be in town but come Jan. the camp grounds will be full of them. The town has grown over the years as it use to be mostly retired people.


Ann in San Diego

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10/9/12 3:00 P

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Hi Sarah and the rest,

Is the pease pudding the same as the rhyme, pease porriage in the pot? Are you all familiar with that one? I remember reciting it as a kid.

It is partly cloudy here today, but a little warmer.

I did exercise with farm work today. About 85 minutes of forking (organic fertilizer) for the garden. My food has been in line yesterday and today. Water is always a difficult one for me. Especially if we are in the car going somewhere.

Hope everyone is ok. Patty, my prayers are with you and your family.


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10/9/12 2:49 P

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Hi Everyone

What do you having going on today? Not much here. I'm cooking black eyed peas and doing my kitchen floor. Then my reward will be crochet time.

Are you cooking today?

Ann I never think of you having humidity. I can tell you I don't mind sharing it! How is the RV washing/waxing going?

Judy I sure hope you get rain soon. You are welcome for the info on the Pease Pudding, enjoy it.

I hope everyone else is doing great.

Moving--not enough

Is your day a healthful one? emoticon



Catch Ya Later
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