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9/17/12 4:37 P

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Mom had a TIA this morning, she is doing fine.

Ann, I never saw your message about the pants.
Yes, you take in the inside seam, up one side, across the crotch area, (I hate that word) and then down the other side.

Then you also would need to sew the outside leg seams, and the seam that goes from your waist down, crosses the crotch area the other way, and back up the back seam. You will need to do this in dibs and dabs, unless someone can help you pin the pants inside out, on you.

About the zipper, I know the kind that you mean, but I do not know what it is called. You would not need to replace it with the same kind of zipper, just a plain jacket zipper would work.

Also, you would not even need to use a zipper, but use velcro or button and buttonholes...just a thought. Though in either of these scenarios, you would need to take the old zipper out.

Hope this helps...

going to son's for supper and playing dice tonight...yay, no cooking

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9/17/12 3:35 P

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Patty, I asked you some questions on Saturday and you didn't respond. Nothing that you should object to, just sewing questions, so I'm copying and asking again.

When you take in your pants that are too big do you also decrease the size of the legs? I have some pants that the legs are pretty big because the pants are W size. I have 5 pair of chambray type of material that are Alfred Dunner slacks. They are probably 20W and way to big. Of course they all have matching blouses. I'm not going to redo any alterations now but will have that task next spring. By then maybe my size with stabilize. The chambray material ones aren't easy to find. I have others that will also need to be taken in. Not a job I like. I may break down and take a few pair to the alteration shop and have them done there. My tank tops all need to be taken in under the arms. I have summer cotton blouses that will need tucks.

To the sewers. Have you ever had a jacket that you could zip from the bottom to the neck and then while fully zipped you could unzip from the bottom up. This would be an outdoor jacket and you unzip from the bottom up like when you are sitting so the jacket doesn't all bunch up while driving. I have a very old cream color wind breaker type of jacket that is old old old. The zipper won't work any more. Looks o k but just can't connect it. I would call this a reversable zipper and looked that up on line but they seem to call a reversable zipper one that you can zip up from the out side as well as the inside. I can't think of any other name for it. Any body know what I'm talking about. I have sewn some squares of velcro to hold it together. The cotton lining of this jacket it prettier than the out side. A London Fog jacket when they were made in the U.S.A.

Sarah, yesterday and today we have gotten a little break from triple digits so you know I got out early to get the grocery shopping done. The commissary opens at 9 for disabled and 10 for the rest of us and I was there just about that time. They don't check you at the door as far as I know but I do try to obey the rules.

Jan, I'm not a brave one to try different kinds of fish so I can say I've never had sea bass. A neighbor said he was going deep sea fishing a couple of weeks back and would bring home lots of tuna. I really only like tuna in a can so wasn't upset not to be given any fish. Maybe he didn't catch any.

Any Revenge TV fans? Last night was a 3 hour recap of the last season with the new show starting on the 30th. I thought they did a good job of blending so many shows together. I can't wait for the new season to start.

We had soup and salad last night out and after I set my tray down to get our drinks I see DH hugging this lady. Of course she came over like a long lost friend to talk to me, admire my 1" long hair etc. When she left I asked DH who was that? He said DD friend Diane. I still didn't remember her. Later while I'm eating I look at the booth where she is sitting and DD is there with three others. I finally realized who the woman was, but when I last saw her she didn't have white hair and was very very thin. She wasn't heavy but not pencil thin like I remembered her.

Ann in San Diego

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9/17/12 3:18 P

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Hi Everyone

Still hot here, so enough said about that! Where is Florida's fall???

Jan you are in for a treat with the sea bass. It is great grilled. I hope y'all like it too. Enjoy.

Patty yes to all. I am trying to move more. Water is so easy for me, I love ice cold water.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.

Ann are you still getting all the heat? Sure hope you get relief soon.

Well it is almost the officially fall. Can you belive it? Once August is over the rest of the year just rips by it seems.

Enjoy your day everyone!


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9/17/12 12:05 P
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Good morning!

The sun is out here this morning. After the Monday morning chores I'll be out weeding flower beds.

I have some leftover grilled chicken so I'm going to measure it and see what kind of Healthy Exchanges dinner I can come up with.

Someone gave us some sea bass. I don't think I've ever eaten it before. I hope we like it. I'm going to thaw it for Tuesday or Wednesday. Have any of you eaten sea bass?

Time to get busy!

water - yes
food plan - yes
exercise - no


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9/17/12 9:55 A

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Good morning Team,
How was your yesterday?

Did you mov emoticon e?
yes, stacking wood

Did you stick to your diet? emoticon

Did you drink your water? emoticon

Let's see what we can do today, to get 3 yes'es


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