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8/16/12 7:47 P

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Hi Ann, I didn't think to look there. I will as soon as I finish this note.

No, I am not from the east coast. I was born and reared in Michigan and moved to Seattle when I was just eighteen. I went back to Michigan for a year and returned to Oregon and then Washington because I love it here on the west coast. I went to live in Alaska during the 80's and came back outside to earn the credentials to do the job I loved and was doing successfully. I was never able to return to Alaska or that wonderful field of employment.

I may have an opportunity on the employment. If I get to move into the apartment I've found I may be able to work on an activities program for the tenants there. That makes me even more excited about the move. It will be wonderful to have something interesting to do. There isn't a whole lot of interest in my skills in our wilderness community.

Shortly after we moved up here I had occasion to observe the only recreational activity for most of the older members of our community. I had to get change for our local laundromat at the tavern on the same property. I saw a dark, smelly room filled with smoke and people who looked anything but happy. That place is still the major recreational facility for this community and it harbors the most depressed and depressing people I've ever seen. I have attempted unsuccessfully to get something else started, but most of the people up here can't imagine what such a program would do for morale.

I find it so interesting to be a member of the Classy 70's here on Spark People. These are the kind of energetic, forward thinking people I encountered in the AnchorAge Senior Center. I want so much to be a part of that energy and I can see in this move an opportunity for full filling activity for myself.

I am so hoping to make this move.

Love, Judy emoticon

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8/16/12 4:30 P

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Judy, I don't know if my summer and winter menus are different but we haven't had any soup lately. Lots of salad. Tonight is going to be taco salad. Anything to keep me not using the stove much. You must be from the east coast originally. Only north easterners know what a frappe is.

Judy, is it my chicken salad you can't find? Go down to the last Forum which is where all our recipes are. The top one should be Salads since I just posted and it should be the very first recipe. I think the name of it is Luncheon Chicken Salad.

Patty, you could sure send some rain here. There are so many fires burning on the whole west coast. The Marine and Navy helicopters have even been called into service to dump water on them too. The eastern clouds are so thick but I know they won't give any rain in the mountains.

#1DS said DIL is pleased with the apartment her dad has gotten in Mi. They had made arrangements with someone on Craigs List to help her more his furniture and she was very pleased with them. I told DD here she should advertise her trailer on Craigs List for sale and she said to me: "Yeah and they would show up at the storage yard and stick a gun on me and tow it away." I think I have to agree with her. City vs small towns.

Patty, have a dry trip to town.

Ann in San Diego

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8/16/12 3:25 P

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I don't have any problem with water normally, but when it is so hot I have a tendency to feel Hollow when I drink water, especially cold water. It just sloshes around in my stomach causing me to feel slightly ill. I haven't figured this phenomena out yet. It has been a problem all my life.

I have a distinctly different menu during the summer months. Everything must be light. No heavy sauces. I use a lot of gelatin based dishes and salads during the summer. I cook up large batches of chicken in advance and then serve it cold in those salads. I don't use many potatoes when it is hot. They are some of my winter foods. I like sherbets and frappes during the summer and real ice cream during the winter.

I do make an exception for spicy foods in the summer. I will eat very spicy food because it makes me sweat which cools my body. Texans drink lots of hot coffee when it is hot outdoors. I drink my chai lattes' blended year around. I like that slushy taste. No coffee for me though.

Are your summer and winter menus different? What are your favorite summer foods? When do you cook during the summer?

Love, Judy emoticon emoticon emoticon

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8/16/12 9:36 A

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Good morning Girls,
Rainy day here. Hubby was going to go to an old engine show in a neighboring town, but with the rain today, maybe not.

Going to visit with Mom today.Pick up cousin to go with me, then back to the store for free coffee, water and a good visit.

How was your yesterday? You just knew that I was going to ask, didn't

Did you drink your water? emoticon

Did you stick to your diet?
too many carbs

Did youi move? emoticon

Let's make today a healthy day.

new pics on my blog


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