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6/29/12 2:17 A

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For some reason it is hit and miss if it shows me any replies here. UHG.

I'm looking for a camper on Craig's list and hoping to find a affordable one.

Went to La Leche League last night and thats been about it. I did mak Jo's sloppy joe's from Across America the other day still my favorite sloppy joe recipe!

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6/28/12 11:36 P

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Hi everyone,

Ann, I don't eat rabbit because when my husband first slaughtered our rabbits he brought the meat directly into the house. When I touched it, it was still warm and twitchy. It was still our bunnies to me. Later he chilled the meat and to me it was meat, but I still couldn't eat it. Interesting what our sense of touch does to our other senses.

I went into Seattle for a friend's retirement party today. She has given me my monthly shots for fourteen years and I will miss her greatly. I got Gidget groomed early this morning because my friend likes her so much. She looks so cute with her red, white and blue ribbons and her red toenails. Gidget is a white toy poodle, (with just a little silkie).

Anyway, I put in a very long day and am now back home. I did in excess of 200 miles today and I am tired, so I am going to relax for a while and then hit the sack. See you all tomorrow.

Love, Judy emoticon

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6/28/12 4:57 P

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Sarah, the MRI machine was noisey off and on. Once very loud and I didn't have my hearing aids on. I can imagine how loud it would be to a normal hearing person.

Ann in San Diego

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6/28/12 3:52 P

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Hello. Another busy morning. The fence man was here at 6:30 to install the new gates and we left for DH Dr. app't that was at 8. The bandages are off and DH eye tested 40/20 so far. Then to the lab where DH had to have pro time test for his coumidin levels. Not a soul in the lab waiting room. I've never seen that before.

Back to the car and DH says he has another eye drop pres. to get filled. So off to CVS pharmacy. They were out of the pres. and the near by ones didn't have it either. Home again and on the phone and Wal Mart had it. That store is about 2 miles down the road. We had to wait 30 min. for the pres. to be filled. (what do they fill it already is in the bottle and in a box) We walked the store by aisles so did get some more exercise in.

Now we're home again and DH is not happy with the neighbors gate on his side of the fence. It is 5" shorter than ours because he wanted his to swing out. They have two little dogs so won't be happy with that when he gets home tonight. With the language problem I don't think he under stood it would be that way. Out latch has a key lock and you can't go in or out without using the key. We don't like that at all. I'm glad I"m not involved with that project.

I have never eaten chicken wings and don't believe I ever will. They don't appeal to me at all. Just give me boneless, skinless chicken breast and I can handle that. It was many years before I would even fix chicken. Just didn't like handling it.

Ann in San Diego

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6/28/12 12:32 P

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Hi Everyone

Sunny and summer temperatures today. Back to normal weather. I hear a lot of chainsaws si people are trying to get those limbs cut away.

Patty the hats are too cute. What is it about the colors that bother you? I thought they were really pretty colors.

Louise it is hard to pass up on the chicken wings. They are doable on WW's though. Ju count and move on. That is what is so great about WW program, all foods are doable. How is your DH and DD?

I'm cooking a pot of beans today. Beans and cornbread sound yummy to me. My landlady brought me some corn on the cob so I need to fix that too. I might cut it off the cob.

food plan----yes
moving---not enough

Patty you are a great motivator!!! Thank you for keeping us on our toes.

Hope you have a good day today.


It's almost July!!

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6/28/12 10:40 A

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Good Morning Patty and all who will follow! Patty, again I have to say I love your work and you are very talented! Today will be spent grocery shopping and deep housecleaning in our livingroom/dinning area and in the downstairs bathroom. Yesterday, I did drink my water.
Moved No I did eat pretty good except for supper had chicken wings and they were not baked
chicken wings. I did not go overboard on them which is good. Everyone, please have a wonderful Thursday!

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6/28/12 9:52 A

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Morning Team,
lunch at senior center
new pic on my blog

It's going to be hot here today, low 90's, so will have to move inside today.

How was your yesterday?

Did you move? emoticon
yes, stacked 1 cord of wood at 9 pm seriously, it had been hanging over my head all day

Did you drink your water? emoticon
no, I was gone for 5 hours, and just didn't get it in

Did you stick to your diet? emoticon

Let's make today a healthy day.

I added a late message yesterday. Check it out if you want...

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