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6/10/12 11:02 A

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Ann, We watched a show about Costco and how their buyers keep the prices down. They also mentioned the Costco hotdogs which haven't changed in price since day one. People I have known having chemo treatments seemed to follow your pattern of being more tired a couple of days later after treatment.

Louise, So sorry to hear about your husbands job ending. That must have been a surprise for both of you. I'm glad he'll check it out with unemployment and SS. If I remember right my brother-in-law made a really good wage all of his life, but had been consulting with the group he worked with towards the end of his career- the consulting dwindled and then they had to fold for lack of work. His SS was based on his last quarter of work so unfortunately he got a reduced benefit. Thankfully he had another pension.

Yesterday was a lulu! I went to Portland for a TOPS workshop (2 hours away) along with another lady. Halfway there the bridge traffic was backed up a long ways and stalled. They have been doing construction so we waited awhile. Some traffic was coming over the bridge in the opposite direction so we thought they were letting traffic through. Finally we asked some people pulled over to the side and found out a person was threatening to jump so we had to detour the longer route. It was a good meeting and we got back to my friends house at about 4:30. My car was dead as a doornail. Her husband, a very crabby man, tried to jump start it and gave a running narrative about how the battery needed to be replaced and where to go to buy it and blah, blah, blah sparked with cursing. I finally called Bruce and he called AAA and we got started up in no time. Phew!

Our youngest son is here this weekend for our oldest son's birthday (Friday).

Oldest son did some planting in the larger garden which he weeded and tilled.

Yesterday I drank water, stayed on food plan but did not exercise.


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6/9/12 8:19 P

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Good Afternoon Ann and all who will follow. Ann, I did not have Chemo but I did have radiation and I was tired all the time on weekends. I had radiation five days a week for a lot of
weeks. I cannot remember the exact amount of weeks. I was tired during radiation treatments also. I tried working in the mornings and then driving an hour and half to my radiation treatments. That did not last very long--maybe for about two weeks. Then I had to stop work for a while and have a friend drive me up and back. I had a choice of staying up there and now that I look back on it, I should have. Anyway, I imagine that Chemo makes one
more tired than radiation. Get all the rest you need.

Well, yesterday DH went to work to be there at 2p.m. Then around 4:30p.m. the door opened to our townhome. I was expecting to see DD but instead DH walked in. I asked if he was sick
because he was home so early. I was not expecting the answer that was given. He told me that since the work has been slow and he was a permanent temp. and he had gone beyond the 18 months of permanent temps. (I am not sure why they call them permanent temps.) that his job was terminated. He thinks they got rid of the other permanent temps as when he went into work, he did not see them. The place would not tell him if they did or not. Anyway, now he is out of a job. He was going to retire in November and get a part-time job. So now on Monday he is going to go to unemployment and then to social security to see how much he loses if he retires now instead of November. If it is not a lot, he will retire and find a part-time job. After he goes to those two places on Monday, he will be going an applying around for jobs. It is just too bad that they did not keep him until November or at least until the end of October. He is not worried though as he knows GOD IS IN CONTROL. Please pray that DH gets the job that the LORD wants him to have. DH will be applying all over.

DD and I went to a friend's going away party this morning. Our friend will be leaving for college at Norhern Arizona in August. However, next week she will be going to Florida to see her cousin and then to Massachusetts to see her dad. It was held in a Park not too far from where we live. It was really nice. We had a Great Time and it really was not too hot.

Not much else is going on. Everyone, please have a Great Rest of Saturday.


PS: I forgot to mention that we are still very Thankful to GOD for the three years he had that job. He was first a Temp and then a Permanent Temp. He actually got that job three weeks after he was laid off of the job he had for 17 and an half years. So believe me, we are not complaining. We are very Thankful!

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6/9/12 3:04 P

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Good Morning. Still a little June Gloom but the sun is trying to get through the clouds.

Patty, I answered your questions late yesterday, be sure and read.

Not much going on here today. DH is taking DS truck back to him to get our car that he fixed. DH is stopping at Costco to put gas in the truck and bring DS a Costco hot dog. I told him not to fill the truck up which would be way over $150.00.

My only plans for the day are to take it easy and maybe start a new book. Tomorrow will be more of an easy day. I don't know why two and three days after chemo I get more tired rahter than day on. Thank goodness for some freezer meals. Tonight I have a spaghetti casserole to heat up.

Ann in San Diego

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