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12/27/11 2:08 A

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We did nothing today but relax! I pray everyone on this Team gets a Good Night's Sleep!

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12/26/11 8:09 P

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I want some of that bread. I can almost smell it, and see it cut while just out of the oven, slathered with real butter. oh

It was good to eat regular food today. Not so much junk food, though still a bit of that, as hubby keeps buying it..

we had some leftover mashed potatoes from yesterday, only a cereal bowl full, and a bit of hamburger in the frig that needed to be used up. You guessed it, shepherds pie, or sheperds pie as I make it.
hamburger and onions cooked
add 1 can of tomato soup
add 1 can of drained peas
put in sprayed oven dish
put mashed potatoes on top
bake for 30 min, at 350 degrees

then we each had half a huge tomato and 1/4 a huge cucumber topped with ranch dressing.

so good.

we were watching the Waltons tonight, about the attack on Pearl Harbor. A real tearjerker.

But I saw 5 knitted or crocheted hats to make, so I wrote them down and drew them out...see, new hats. I wrote about them, whether knit or crochet, and how the patterns were on them, whether cuff or no...soon, new hats.

ok, enough about yarn. I know you girls are bored to tear with it...but you love me anyway, so that's ok


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12/26/11 6:56 P

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It is pretty relaxed here, too. Our youngest son is still here so a bit more cooking but I have some good leftovers to work with.

DS#2 gave DS#1 a very much needed gift certificate at a local shoe store. The soles on his shoes have been worn thin and smooth with some holes. So he was happy to find a pair that fit him today that were also on sale. We walked around town a bit. No frantic activity here - a few of the locally owned shops were closed. I went into what will soon become the "old" JoAnns and many shelves were bare. They are getting ready to open in a new location. I heard they were putting up sales and hoping to just sell all at the old location and start brand new.

Girls, I have just gone wild with Christmas goodies. I gave DH a big jar of macadamia nut clusters. He askes me if I want one and I take 3 or 4 or 6!! So today I made a pact with myself to get back on track. So far, going well.

Patty, sounds like you're enjoying the new hat pattern.

Glenna, the warm booties sound interesting. Is there anything on the soles to keep them from slipping? I often wear socks around the house but once I was at my sisters and she had wooden stairs and I almost took a flying slide down the stairs.

Ann, That's interesting about exDIL giving your son a gift from her kids and he looks like the Brawny guy. Lol. I've noticed some of my friends with hip/knee problems like the higher vehicles where they can sort of slide out. I know one of the ladies rode with me once and it was so hard for her to get out of my car.

Sarah, Glad you are having a relaxed day. We watched some old movies on TCM this morning- The Scarlet Pimpernel and then Four Feathers. This evening we'll watch something my son brought down. We're all in the livingroom and oldest son is waving a "cat whip" around and the cats are trying to catch the cloth part. When they catch it they don't really know what they want to do with it.

Loaf of white bread in the oven and it sure smells good. Anyone want a slice?


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12/26/11 3:00 P

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Hi Everyone

Today it is a tad cooler, probably just less humidity. We are supposed to get rain tomorrow, we sure do need it. A rainy day would sure make a good reading day too.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I spoke with my Mom so that was good. Then I had time with my thoughts.

So what is on your agenda today? Cooking? Straightening up? Relaxing? All of those for me. I'm cooking butter beans. Straightened up the kitchen and will relax with a book later.

I hope it is a day filled with contentment for everyone.

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12/26/11 2:55 P

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I have more trouble losing posts. The grinch is still here.

It is nice to just relax today. DH is at DS's shop and I have left overs to reheat for supper, so no cooking. My knee is better as I've not slept on my left side for two nights. Why that seems to trigger the pain is beyond me.

One funny yesterday, at least to me it was funny. When the EXDIL arrived to pick up GS at noon yesterday she handed DS a present saying it was from the StepD. and StepS. Now the StepD is 16 and the StepS is 21. He lives north of L.A. and works for Home Depot 16 hours a week. So you know neither one of them have money. The gift was a plaid jacket that is lined with warm fuzzy material. I couldn't tell if DS like it or not, but when he came to dinner last night he had it on and remarked how nice and warm it was. I told him he looked like the Brawny Paper Towel Lumberjack.

I've been on line car shopping. DH told me to look for a new/newer car. It has to be towable behind the motor home so that does limit the choices. I've ridden in a friends Honda Odyssey that I really liked, but is a little more car than I want. We don't need a 8 seater. I've looked at Chevy Equinox which looks good. I'm not happy that most seem to come with a black interior. The search goes on. Our Chevy Malibu is low to the ground and so hard for me to get in and out of with bum knees. As tall as DH is, he has trouble getting situated too. I probably could spend all day looking on line but I've given up for today.


Ann in San Diego

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12/26/11 12:32 P

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Hi Patty, I feel that way too Patty. Now that the holidays are over, I can relax a bit. Now it feels like life as usual.

It is pretty here today. the sun is shining, but the air is still cool.

I have some laundry washing. Don't know what all else I'll get into.

I made some house slippers or booties, whatever you want to call them, as Christmas gifts. I got requests for a couple more pairs. So I'll probably work on those this evening. They are made from fabric. They come up your legs a ways. They are probably a foot or so tall. And have a lining so they are nice and warm.

I hope everyone has a nice day after Christmas.

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12/26/11 9:38 A

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Do you girls feel that way, the day after Christmas, and we can relax and unwind from the holidays?

taking Mom to store today for visiting

Working on new hat pattern, and little stockings, still. 5 1/2 more to go

Have a good day girls.

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