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3/18/11 3:52 P

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Cindi, this is unacceptable on the schools part. I can't believe your GD was suspended after she had reported the gang earlier and the school knows about the gang. That principal should be embarrassed and ashamed of him/her self. Can your GD change schools? Even if she lived with you for the rest of the school year? I would be writing letters to the school superintendent, the PTA, the local newspaper, and your local radio and TV station trying to get them to write stories on this situation of school bullying. I hope your DD is in touch with the police dept. and conversing with the lead person working on the case. Your DD and her DH should be calling them every day on the phone to make them know they aren't going to let this be dropped off the radar.

I hope the police dept. took the phones of the kids who filmed the fight. These bullies should be taken to Juvenial (sp) court and the parents held responsible. They should also be kicked out of school and sent to boot camp.

This makes me so mad. I'm sorry but praying for this situation isn't going to get action. Your GD must be terrified to go back to school. She probably will need counseling.

Heather, I'm feel so bad that you had to go through what you did.


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3/18/11 1:48 A

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it's also a lack of discipline any more in school. When I was in middle school a girl pushed me down the stairs, I was in a full body cast, yet it broke the rods I had in my back. I had to have a second back surgery due to the push. The school also said they could do nothing, not even call the girl to the office, cause they said I could be WRONG on who pushed me! Yeah what ever. believe it or not one of those girls friends just emailed me like a month ago and apologized!

That being said, I begged and begged my mom to let me change schools and she wouldn't for another 3 years. Then I finally convinced her. I started going to a alternative high school and got away from the crazy children. And was in a great school and had a great time the rest of my school career.

Another option may be K-12. If your state offers it. It's a free public home school program. You only pay what you would for regular public school. Here in Kansas that means 95 dollars a year. They provide a teacher, a pc on loan (you get it for the school year, return it at the end of the school year), a printer on loan, and many school supplies to complete the assignments in the program (things like a globe, and maps, etc). You may want to look into it. Some states it is completely free. And yet other states will even pay for you to buy what ever home school cirr you want. If money was no object I would use calvert for my children! One of my friends in another state, says her state is paying for her to use calvert! I wish mine did!

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3/17/11 7:22 P
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Cindy, I am also praying for your family for God's wisdom and discernment to get through this situation. Why in heaven's name should we be required to pay taxes on a school that would allow a child to be in harms way?! It's like they consider Jacinda to be a number and not a real person who deserves an education in a safe environment.


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3/17/11 10:46 A

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Cindy, what a horrible thing for your grandaughter to go through. You are all in my prayers. I just do not know what is wrong with these young people today. My heart goes out to all of you. I can tell by what you wrote that the school should be held responsible. Maybe that is why they are saying they are neutral about the situation. They have the proof! What more do they need? Sorry but this just makes me so darn mad, that this even happened in the first place after your grandaughter went to the principle.
Please keep us all posted.


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3/17/11 10:15 A

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Cindy I am so sorry for the things your precious granddaughter is going through. I will keep Jacenta and all of your family in my prayers.

It does sound like home schooling would be an answer, I hope it is an option for your family.

Catch Ya Later
3/17/11 9:02 A

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What a horrible thing to happen to a young girl.
We will certainly be praying.

As for what Louise said about homeschooling, we also homeschooled one son. It went fine.


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3/17/11 8:41 A

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Cindy, I certainly will be praying for Jacenta and her parents and all of you. I am so sorry that this happened. When we first moved to Arizona our daughter went through being bullied.
It never got to the point of her being beat up but she got salad thrown at her and food and was surrounded several times. This happened in the fifth grade. We started Home Schooling
her and did so all the way through High School. We were very blessed to have two Home Schooling Support groups in our area. Sabrina is 32 years of age now and has remained friends with most of the Home Schoolers. Her closest friend was Home Schooled also. Sabrina is a teacher in preschool and she makes sure that the children she teaches do not pick on each other. She is very aware of that. I am so sorry that Jacenta is going through this. I do not understand why she got suspended. The schools NEED to do something about this and all the bullying that is going on. I will be keeping this in prayer!

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am lifting up Jacenta and her parents and her grandparents and her whole family to YOU right now. Please put YOUR LOVING and COMFORTING ARMS around all of them. Please let Jacenta know that YOU love her very much. Please have Your Holy Spirit work in
the heart of the school and have them do something about this. Theses situations are happening more and more. Please guide the Jacenta's parents in what they should do. IN JESUS MOST PRECIOUS NAME I PRAY.

Cindy, Please keep us informed. My heart goes out to you and all your family and especially to Jacenta.

May The LORD put HIS LOVING ARMS around all of you.


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3/17/11 8:01 A

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I am so sorry that this has happened to your grandaughter and I will pray for her, your family and the bullies that did this to her. I have 3 grandsons and I couldn't imagine something like this happening to them. My heart hurts so bad for what is going on in our world today and mostly the suffering of our children. I feel like I can never pray enough.

God Bless You and your family...


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3/17/11 7:43 A

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we have a situation which i would like you all to be in prayer about.

one of our 15 year old grand-daughters got beat up by a gang of girls in school. they picked her out and harrassed her on and off for a while. she went to the vice principle about it and he did nothing. the next day {tuesday} they cornered her in the hallway and just whaled on her. she has a black eye, a bump on the back of her head, a big bump on the side of her head, and her lip is cut open. the school knows about this gang but are remaining neutral on the situation. the police are doing an investagation. lots of kids filmed the fight on their phones. jacenta got suspended for 3 days the other girls got suspended for 5.

jacenta is afraid to go back to school because she doesnt want this to happen again. we talked to the school and all they can tell her is to stay with an adult. that sounds all well and good but what is she supposed to do when she is changing classes, going to her locker, or going to the bathroom. suppose these girls have knives or guns? my daughter posed these concerns to the school but they are going to remain neutral. they keep saying the police are still investagating.

this a prime example of what happens when they take prayer out of school, when the parents take away the authority of the school, and kids are left to bring themselves up. i dont know what my daughter is going to do yet and neither does she. it is so expensive to put her in a private school. i suggested having a tutor come to the house but we would have to look into that further.

we as christian women, mothers, grandmothers, and aunts should be covering these young people in prayer many times during the day. this is only one sign of the last days. this will have a lasting effect on jacenta. she is a beautiful and very talented girl it hurts to see her like this.

i am so thankful i can reach out to you and know that you will be praying. love to all of you. cindy

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