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10/21/10 12:50 A

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Thanks Gals.

Well, dad was home yesterday and I was wrong that he would be gone so he made speg. But, today he was gone, I made meatloaf, roasted potatoes and green beans. Then I did a little strawberry jello parfaits with marshmallows, cool whip, and pineapple. Every one was really happy! lol

Tomorrow I'm making sloppy joe's baked potatoes (they like potatoes), they will put the sloppy joe meat on potatoes instead of bread. Salad-splenda book. And a pistachio pudding recipe from friends and family.

I got to look up those pumpkin pie bars!

As far as how many do I have to cook for.......well I have 16 siblings. But, only about 10 of my siblings still live at home. So it's them, my two girls, my husband and my step mother. Dad and one of my sisters are on a trip.

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10/21/10 12:34 A

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I lost half a pound this week.

DH & sons went on a long hike and brought back great pictures and some chanterelles.

On my way home from TOPS after lunch I stopped downtown to go to a wonderful little tea shop and was so disappointed to see a sign that said it was closing. I was able to buy some tea on sale but I'm so sorry to see this lady's shop close down. She had a tea room across the river and it all became too much so she just started this little shop with one or two tables for people to have tea and/or one of her wonderful freshly made treats.

Shar, those pumpkin pie bars sound good. Not sure if I have that cookbook. I'll have to look.

Paulissa, it's good your pain is managed but I imagine it is fatiguing.

Ann, That ceiling work is quite a process! I'm so glad you found your mother's jewelry. What a relief.


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10/20/10 6:27 P

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We have had a nice dry day. I don't think it rained during the night here but DD said it poured at her brothers house where she is staying while we are out of the house. Now that it is late afternoon it sure has cooled down.

Not much going on here. I made a trip to the bank. I was taking things out of our bedroom earlier this week and putting them in the family room. I could not find some of my jewelry. I knew I had put a couple of things of my mothers in the safe deposit bank but wasn't sure about the missing items. Yes, they were in the box at the bank. I sure don't remember putting them there.

The workers have finished the second step on the ceilings. The plastic covering everything is down. Now the mud has to dry. Friday the painting crew will come.

I think we are eating out tonight. This morning I did make use of my spare time and cleaned out the kitchen cabinets in the motor home. I seem to collect plastic storage containers and then wonder where they all are when I need one in the house.


Ann in San Diego

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10/20/10 5:49 P

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hello girls,

i had a great day with our middle daughter. we went christmas shopping again today. i have over half the shopping done. i am so grateful for that. our grandson was a good boy today also.

now, we are getting ready to go to our youngest daughters for supper. i am taking it over there. spagetti-pie. my grandmother used to make this.

i have to run. have a blessed evening. cindy

10/20/10 1:20 P

Hi Shar, the pain is being handled by the meds but ohhhhhhhh how they make me tired which makes working quite challenging.


Working out teaches me about challenging, yet being patient with myself.

"The only way you can hurt the body is not use it. Inactivity is the killer and, remember, it's never too late." ~ Jack Lalanne

There are 1440 minutes in a day, set aside 30 for exercise.

This is who I am, this is what I do.

My blogs:


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10/20/10 10:43 A

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Hi Sarah, Patty and all,

It's about time you got on here Sarah!! LOL You are missed when you are not here. Glad you are doing ok there.
Patty, sounds like a nice day for you. I do miss being able to leave the house, that is why I like to go so much on the weekends.
Today I am going to make pumpkin pie bars I think they are called from Open Road. I made a note that they were very very good.
Heather glad to see you back. We missed you!
Paulissa, how is the pain? Are you working also?
Ann, Jan, Judy, Louise, and Cindy hi to you girls!
Glenna your mother certainly is on a strict diet. How is she doing?
Well I hope I didn't miss anyone. I am going to have to check out Judy's posting of the green bean recipe that Sarah had mentioned. I too love gr beans. Always looking for something new to make. You girls have a great day!


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10/20/10 10:36 A

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Good morning ladies,

I'm waiting for my first half cup of coffee. Today is TOPS and weigh in. Then I'll have more coffee.

There was such a beautiful sky yesterday. Our son caught a picture of it so if I can get that on here I'll post it. It was beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds all over. Today is supposed to be another warm (60s) one.

Sarah, it's good to see you here today! It is frustrating to drop things. Sometimes I drop the same thing more than once. Fresh mushrooms are hard to keep. The wild ones don't last many days. Buttons last a bit longer.

Patty, Have fun at your senior lunch. I just heard rains will be coming back in a few days and maybe even snow in the mountain ranges.

I'll check back in when I get home from TOPS.


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10/20/10 8:08 A

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Morning Sarah and all,
I second Sarah's prayers girls. It amazes me how she remembers them, I have lots of senior moments... emoticon

Today, we go to lunch at senior center. Then I think, I will see if my friend, that lost her hubby a couple of weeks ago, wants to visit with another friend with me. We had mentioned it on MOnday, but didn't set a day to do it.

Overcast here lately, with a bit of sunshine. We are gearing up for the overcast days of November. Mercy, last winter, it was like that all winter, with nary a bit of sunshine...dreary, that's for sure. In the 50's later today.

I turned the furnace on already. I try to remember to turn it off at night in the fall, because we sleep with windows slightly open. Then I turn it back on again in the morning, and leave it during the day. wish I could stand it cooler in here, but alas, I can't, so that is that.

Nothing much else happening here today. sort of a boring day. I still haven't gotten out there and walked. Need to do that today.

Have a blessed day girls.

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10/20/10 5:00 A

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Hi Everyone!

We are having nice weather here in Florida for the last few days. We are really dry and still kind of warm but lower humidity for a change.

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted. Sometimes life just grabs you by the shirt tail and you are off for the ride! It isn't that I have had anything exciting, just little odd jobs I've been promising myself I'd get done.

I have been in a spilling mode lately. NOT fun!! It seems everything I touch I drop or spill.

Patty congrats on the weight loss! That is great. Glad to hear that your DH is doing well.

Jan that salad bar sounds so good. It is more fun to have salad out at a salad bar, you get all the little things that I never seem to have at home come salad mushrooms for one!

Paulissa I'm so sorry for all the pain you are having. You are in my prayers. I'm sure the days are dragging by for you.

Louise it is wonderful that DH is getting into the better hospital and that he will finally get the care he needs. We will all be with you in spirit.

Judy thank you for posting the green bean recipe, I'm going to try it this week. I'm like JoAnna use to say about Cliff, I've never met a green bean I didn't like!!

Ann it is so nice you have the motor home. It is really coming in handy while the ceiling renovations are happening. Your meatball stew sounds really good.

Shar hope all is going well for you and DH. A change in lifestyle is never easy but we do the things we need to do.

Heather it is good to see you! You were missed. I hope things are settling down for you and I'm sending out prayers for DH to get the job.

Cindy how are you feeling? Hope you are getting some rest and feeling better. How is your weather? Cool nights? I use to love the crisp air in the fall.

Glenna your Mom's diet is really restrictive. I hope it continues to help her. All your freezing and canning done for the season? Have you turned your garden under yet? This winter you will have some good eats!

I hope everyone's day is blessed

Catch Ya Later
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