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5/29/10 8:19 P

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You asked for plans for the weekend.
Tomorrow is my birthday. 63. A kind of wasted birthday if you ask me. At 62, I could draw social security. At 65, I can get medicare. But 63 is just plain old

So, probably going out to eat sometime this weekend.
Reading, knitting, crocheting, cleaning more house. Staying cool inside. It is so humid out,and I can't understand it. It is just so dry. We need rain so badly, but no rain, just high humidity.

Remembering that the freedom that we have in this country did not come free. Men and women paid their lives so that we could have freedom here. I greatly remember them, the fighting freedom fighters, their families and loved ones. Both the fallen and the ones that continue to fight, for us, for our freedom.
They will be on my mind on Monday very much.

I am continuing to feel better and better. I believe it is the exercising. It isn't a lot, or a long time, 20 min. tops, but it is helping lift my depression and give me more energy. Praise God

Have a blessed weekend girls.

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5/29/10 7:38 P

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We have had a cloudy day today. Finally this afternoon there was a light shower and about 6 p.m. the sun came out. Nice and comfortable.

Louise, yes we are in Western Mass. not far from the N.H. state line. When our RV friends had they 60th anniv. at a camp out we did a version of the Newly Wed Game. We had the celebrating couple on stage with 2 other couples and then the men left the room and you ask the ladies questions and the men come back and you ask them the same questions to compare the answers. It was fun.

We left another load of recycle paper at the dump and Hazel's Thrift store got more books and odds and ends. I have bagged up about another five 30 gallon bags for her on Tues. when she is open again. Today we got rid of two beds, two freezers and one lift chair. All to the family of the lady that helped mother so much. Tomorrow the girl that cleaned and fixed her meals is coming for two bureaus. They were ones that had been painted so I don't think they have any antique value.

The grocery store here had a sign up that indicated they had yellow wax beans. I asked if they had any and they did. I bought a big bag full and they were delicious for our supper. I have more for tomorrow. We don't get them in S.Cal. except for a rare occasion and the price last year was $8.99 a lb.

Hello to everyone else.


Ann in San Diego

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5/29/10 6:05 P

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hi everyone, everyone is having such a great day. doesn t it feel good? i had a good day also. i went to my best friends house for breakfast after work. then her and i went to the quilt shop and i bought some of the cutiest fabric to make little dresses for our little great-grand-daughter. i can hardly wait to get started.
when i got home my hubby was finishing mowing the lawn. he came in and we ate lunch. after that he worked in the veggie garden and i mowed the pasturelot. it took me 3 hours. we like to keep it mowed because it looks so nice. i came in and took a bubble bath. then dave and i had bible time together. now, i am off to bed. 21 hours is long enough to be awake.

i hope god continues to bless each one of you.cindy

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5/29/10 3:54 P

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Hi Everyone! Patty, I actually welcome 100 degrees with no humidity! OK, I guess I am used to living in Arizona after almost 22 years! 100 degrees does not bother
me any more. Well, actually not a lot going on today. I guess it would be a good
day to clean house! Everyone, please have a Great Saturday!

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5/29/10 3:36 P

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Hi Everyone!

It is a hot, humid Florida day here today. I guess that won't change until October.

Ya'll are all so busy! It is that time of year to get things done isn't it?

I've missed everyone. I am going to have to read backwards to get caught up.

What are ya'lls plans for Memorial Day? Whatever you have planned I hope it is a safe, happy holiday for you. My plans are reading, movie watching (maybe) and George Foreman grilled chicken with JoAnna's potato salad or a pasta salad with Athena melon. Wahoo on the Athena melon, so sweet.

Have a great day everyone!


Catch Ya Later
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5/29/10 2:23 P

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Jan, I haven't heard any noise from the campground and since it is so cold and wet I don't imagine it is full. However, there is steady traffic passing our house heading for Packwood where something must be going on.

I use the WW points system too. I have it figured out and therefore it is easier. I am not in the space to figure out something new when I can go to the grocery store and figure the points in my head. I go for simplicity. I suppose I could count calories but that seems more difficult.

Love, Judy

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5/29/10 11:40 A

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Good Morning Ladies!

I enjoyed reading everyone's updates. My goodness Patty you are one energetic lady!! I admire your spunk!!

Thnaks for the inspiration, Jan. I am going to have to start using the nutrition tracker. I usually just use a notebook. Covenient, but doesn't give me the feedback the tracker does. I use a points system similar to WW. In 2005 I went to a weight management class that used this points system. Bascially 100 calories is 1 point. Fruits and veggies are free. I was on a 12 point daily allowance plus my free fruits and veggies. The system allowed for healthy foods. In other words if it was oatmeal, etc and was 150 calories, it counted as 1 point. On the other hand if it was a candy bar at 240 calories, it counted as 3 points. It encouraged healthy choices. And if you went over on your points, you could always have fruits and veggies for supper!! With my lifestyle that is the only system that will work. I have too many interuptions and unexpected events to maintain any type of schedule. I tried the plate division thing for awhile---1/4 each starch and protein and rest veggies and/or fruit. Plus dairy. It was easy, but not doable if I was grabbing something on the run. DH hates schedules and plans. So I might as well give up and forget that! At least with the points system I use, I can control my calories. So I decided to aim for the portioned plate, but use the points system.

Ann, sounds like you are really making headway. I'm sure that's alot of hard work.

Louise, I hope all of your tests are ok. Perhaps it is nothing too serious.

Love and prayers to all,

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5/29/10 10:52 A
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Good morning,

We're having a little rain this morning but it's supposed to reach 60 degrees this afternoon.

Patty, I love the old radio programs and remember Fibber McGee & Molly. Good memories. You have been busy. What cute baby hats! It sounds like you are an early morning person.

We're going to a flea market in the country - one they hold every now and then and we look forward to it.

The guys are figuring out when they can go clam digging. DS#2 needs to get a license today.

I am missing Sarah.

Paulissa, how are you doing?

Judy, is the park overflowing with campers?

Does anyone know what happened to Vicki or Iris?


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5/29/10 10:18 A

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Morning Girls,
Louise, 100 degrees, that's hot. It's supposed to be 84 today, and humid. It's always humid up here in the summer because we are surrounded by lakes.

I did my exercise tape, day 10 I think, and then cleaned the main floor, family room, dining room and kitchen. Put things away, vacuumed and mopped, cleaned up the kitchen, etc. Mercy, I was "glowing". An old Fibber McGee and MOlly radio show talked about that. He said horses sweat, men perspire, and women I was really glowing thats for sure. I am cooled off now, so will take my shower and put rugs back in the kitchen.

I updated my blog this morning.


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