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9/23/11 12:23 A

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In the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America the bishop assigns candidates but congregations ultimately extend the call. The bishop sends candidates who are interviewed by a call committee who has been elected by a congregation. If the call committee discerns that the candidate is called by God to serve their congregation they recommend them. The congregation then votes on whether to extend the call to the recommended candidate.

Some bishops send only one pastoral candidate at a time. Some send multiple candidates to a call committee at one time (but usually no more than three at a time.) In either case, the call committee is only permitted to recommend one candidate at a time for a congregational vote, so the congregational vote is not a competition between two candidates, but a discernment about whether a particular candidate is called.

Not as "top down" as a pure "appointment" process, but much more directed than "here's a pile of resume's - have at 'em."

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7/11/10 3:38 P

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I am Foursquare. I was asked to come on staff at our church five years ago by a then new senior pastor. I was credentialed for several years as a local assisting minister before being appointed as a staff minister, and now I am hold a district license. My education includes a bachelor's in English and a master's in guidance and counseling. The rest of my training was pretty much hand's on, reading and studying on my own with no "official" degree from a Bible school of any sort. When I held credentials as an assisting minister, my job was over when the assignment was termined by the senior pastor leaving. The current pastor chooses who he or she wishes to work with. I'm not sure how that works with a district license.
Bottom line for me, however, I have been in ministry for ministry for many years because it is God's call on my life. Now, I just have the title.

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5/2/08 1:13 P

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In the United Methodist Church the ordained elders are appointed by the Bishop. In theory the congregation and pastor have some say in the acceptance, but the final decision is that of the Bishop. S/he makes the appointments in consultation with the District Superintendents ("The Cabinet"). Deacons, who are ordained to specialized service ministries must seek their own placements, but having secured an offer, they are then appointed by the Bishop to that site (might be a church or another kind of institution, depending on their speciality). Licensed Local Pastors (LLPs)are not ordained but they are trained to serve congregations --- usually smaller ones. They, too are appointed by the Bishop. However, there is a category called "DS" Hire, where the District Superintendent can literally hire a person to serve a church in some capacity. The Bishop must approve the hire, but that person is not under appointment, and has none of the rights/privileges that go with appointment. That's a long answer, but Methodism is complicated -- way too complicated, but I love my church, anyhow.

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5/2/08 12:51 P

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My husband and I are both pastors and are curious to know how other demominations go about filling pulpits etc.

In our denom we send resumes to superintendents that then decide if we should be put in a "pile" of resumes for a church. Then the board goes through them and ranks choices 1-3 and then decides who they want to interview.

I know other denom's do it differently and would be curoius to know. Are you given and assigment, told when to move etc?

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