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1/16/13 5:15 A

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Assalamo alaykom Danielle,

first of all, congratulations for taking the decision of reverting to Islam & I wish Allah help you through all your steps to be a wonderful muslim & a good messenger about Islam among all your friends & family.

I have an advice for you regarding how to get more knowledge about Islam & learning how to deal with all your queries; I think you should visit any Islamic center as people their are more into the culture and they know exactly how to handle Hijab issue & any other thing you think of from a perspective of people living at the same society and thinking the same way.

I know the Hijab step is not easy and it is not that hard too especially at winter; you can start now by covering your head with an ice cap and also put a scarf around your neck. next thing you will find it easy on you and your family to accept this new look of you.
I am sure you will look more prettier with Hijab than ever.

I wish you the best & I pray for you that Allah guides you in this for the right decision.
I wish to hear from you soon telling us about it.

with love,

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1/14/13 9:33 A

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first danielle congratulations on deciding to become muslim,mashallah my allah reward you .there are two schools of thought on this as far as i can see(remember i may be wrong there)one that it is mandatetry to wear the headscarf and another that those it is strongly recomended to wear and is sunnah it is not mandatory as it is not one of the five pillars of islam,though is mandatory to prayer.i wore the headscarf from the moment i was muslim as it is what allah wants and i wanted to please allah but i have several friends who are muslim who doesnīt wear the headsarf ,i also have a few friends who like you didnīt wear it at first but wear it now.i personal felt better wearing it and it made it easier for other people to seemy believe.most of my family disowned me when i was muslim except one sister and even though she knew i wore the headscarf ,knowing and seeing for ones self are two differant reasons.i remeber how schocked my sister was when she actually saw me in the i donīt think by not wearing it it will make it easier for your family and friends to take in.they will be schocked wheather you start wearing now or will find that alot of people will treat you diffently when you wear the headscarf,there might be looks,comments etc,you might be ignored,find it harder to find a job especially in a none muslim land(i know i did and still do occassionally)but having said that i get a lot more out of it than if i didnīt wear it.i get the warm feeling of knowing i am pleasing allah.other people know at a glance i am muslim so accept when i eat no pork ,donīt drink etc.other sisters greet me when they see me which when you havenīt got a headscarf they would greet you wishing you godīs are part of a unity with other sisters.also you are not pestered as much by other men when you wear the headscarf so it is a form of potection,another added plus.if you are in a rush in the morning or have a bad hair day noone will know as your headscarf hides it.but what was and still is a nice thought to me is that only myhusband and children willsee my hair not other men so i am giving my husband this pleasure/privlage alone.basically only you can decide.and it does seem strange at first,maybe try wearing it around the house a few times to get use to the feel so when you do eventually start wearing it out you wont be as selfconsious.i now couldnīt even imagine going out without my headscarf.hope this helps.


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1/14/13 8:28 A

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Hi everyone, Im looking for some advice?

Iv made up my mind.. Its no longer a question of when im going to revert to islam but when. My family and friends are very much against this decision and therefore i want to let the idee sink in before i take shahadah. My question is:

Is it okay to wait with wearing Hijab? I know that i should wear Hijab as soon as iv taken shahadah but i wanted to wait until i am married? Is this a big no no?

My reasons for wanting to wait are because i want my friends and family to accept my decision and give them some time to get used to the idea and also to let myself get used to the idea of wearing Hijab. My environment isnt very 'revert friendly' and id like to take some time to become brave enough to wear Hijab.

Inshaallah someone can help me.


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