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10/16/07 8:31 A

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My husband and I were watching an episode of "Law and Order" tonight, and the plot was about a man who had killed a Jewish man, and had been killing Jewish men for years.
As I was watching, I kept trying to figure out the motivation - we love to bounce ideas off each other about the solutions - but I couldn't this time. It turned out, the motivation was HATE, simply hatred.
I was really surprised - can an ordinary person really hate that much??? And that's the saddest of all, yes, some people can and do. I suddenly felt so sad for them.
I like your analogy - so true! emoticon

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10/15/07 2:05 P

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Rhonda...that is so very true..nothing was ever solved by living the second printing this off to post beside my computer..perhaps on my fridge, too...thanks, my friend Hugs

Learn to listen like a Teddy Bear..with eyes wide open and mouth closed tight,
Learn to forgive like a Teddy Bear..with heart wide open, not caring who is right,
Learn to love like a Teddy Bear, with eyes wide open and imperfect eye sight!!

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10/15/07 12:26 A

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That's interesting, thanks

Be the best you can be at this very moment and you'll have no regrets.

Don't tell yourself that it will be easier to like yourself when you lose weight. It will be easier to lose weight when you like yourself. Gary Foster

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10/15/07 12:22 A

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I found this today and I though you all might enjoy the read....

Eating Well

It is hard at times to eat the right foods for our bodies when the wrong foods can taste so delicious. I am just glad then that when it comes to food for the soul the choices are a little easier to make. Imagine, for instance, that you had two types of food before you. The first one is great for you. It makes your heart healthier, your mind clearer, and your body more energetic. It makes you feel fantastic both inside and out. It also tastes delicious. You could eat it for a million years and never get tired of it. It just takes a bit of effort and a few minutes to cook each day. The second food is terrible for you. It is hard on your heart and destroys your health. It depresses your mind and steals your body’s vitality. It makes you feel miserable both inside and out. It also tastes terrible. You can eat it right away, though. It is instant and takes no effort to make. Which one would you choose?

Sadly, more people than you would think make the second choice. The second choice is acting from fear. It is choosing to feed the soul hatred, violence, negativeness, misery, pain, meanness, and loneliness. It is easy to do even though it hurts you every time you do it. It slowly poisons your life and the lives of those around you if they let it. The first choice, however, is choosing love. It is feeding the soul joy, peace, positiveness, happiness, delight, goodness, and oneness with God. It takes a bit of effort, but it brings a lot of Heaven to Earth. It enriches your life and the lives of everyone you share it with.

What you eat is up to you. Choose your foods wisely then. God wants you to eat well not just with your stomach but also with your heart, soul, mind, and life. Lay out a table full of all the love, joy, light, goodness, and oneness with God that you possibly can. Then pull up a chair and invite everyone to the feast.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

Without God, life makes no sense.

Practice radom acts of kindness, and watch the world around you smile!

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