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7/28/11 9:29 A

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This is a very nice team to be on. i like reading the comments about writing. I'm not an aspiring writer but like to jot down stories that my elderly clients talk about. I take care of two in their 90's. Also, I would like to see some food related things on this site, since it's not an online writing class. I need some feedback on loosing weight, too. Thanks.

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7/27/11 7:38 P

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This is just my very biased opinion, obviously. I've taken writing classes "in class", private pro-to-student distance ed. and group online. Have to say I felt the "in person" option was the best experience for me.

You get a more honest and yet tactful feedback when you can see people's faces than you do from group online courses. Also, there was a person in the group online class who seemed to be systematically stealing story-lines from the rest of the class and I couldn't help thinking that was because online felt anonymous so she felt she could get away with it.

For the pro-to-student private courses, you really need a good match with your instructor. If his/her teaching style is way out of sync with your learning style - e.g. all serious criticism and not much encouragement when you feel you need it, or else too positive and not critical enough, you might give up. On the other hand, if you DO get a very good instructor match that's probably the ideal learning situation.

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7/27/11 6:57 P

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I wondered about that question myself for a long time, and, short of writing a novel and getting it published (ha!), I couldn't find any other way. But recently, I had a brainwave: I work well with words, both in French and English, so, I'm going back to school in September to become a certified translator. This way, I'll be able to write my heart's content, and make money in the process!!


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7/25/11 3:39 P

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go to a bookstore and grab a copy of the magazines Writers World and Writers Digest. you will find a lot of information in them that should help you.

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7/25/11 12:22 P

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I have never taken a long distance creative writing class, so I can't say which of those is the best. I have taken on campus college creative writing classes, learning more from hearing my fellow classmates read than from the professor. These classes were very expensive and I would never have been able to afford them if I was just taking them one at a time.But I have also taken adult education classes for nominal fees at my local vocational school--these were just as benficial!!!

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7/25/11 11:36 A

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Hi fellow writers, writing has been a hobby of mine since I was a kid; I am now thinking of doing a creative writing class through a long distance class I am doing my research because this is something that I have been wanting to do; as I don't intend to be a bagger at Publix forever. What do you think? What long distance schools do you recommend? Workshops are a little steep but would do that as a last resort. emoticon

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