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12/29/12 5:35 P

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Hi Janelle,
I like your enthusiasm and unwillingness to let challenges make things too difficult. While I would love to go to Jamaica, I can understand how going overseas can wreak havoc on a lifestyle/diet program when there is such a lack of healthy/affordable natural foods.
My dilemma is similar in that I don't have the money to just go out and buy/consume only non-packaged, natural, whole foods. But I'm willing to give it a try. I remember trying out vegetarianism many years ago and the sage advice I found in some of the cookbooks I read: (paraphrased) finish what you have and don't buy any more of it--particularly meat, of course--but even overprocessed, commercial foods.
So that's what I'm doing, in this new start to a new life. Many changes have taken place in my life in the past few weeks: ended an on-again, off-again 6 year relationship; moved out of a very unhealthy roommate situation; and separated myself from some dysfunctional family.
I also plan to begin a new career path this year. I just have to do it!
I wish you the best on your diet/lifestyle journey. I want to join Weight Watchers myself for an added tool in becoming healthier in 2013 and beyond. I'm going to check out to see what that's all about. Whatever it takes!

Happy New Year!
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It's a new year (halfway through lol) and a new me emerging! Watch me work!!

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11/8/12 5:21 P

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So, I am on day 4 of eating clean and vegan after being off the wagon...for almost two years. It's been hard getting back on track and for so long I fought the NEED to eat clean because it's just convenient to be able to eat any kind of food. And so many people can eat that crap food and be fine and I wanted to be able to eat convenience foods sometimes. For me, sometimes turned into more times, then often times, then most times... I'm the type that is all or nothing and when it comes to process foods I have to say no.
I'm confident that my binge eating and inability to lose more weight has been directly affected by poor food choices. Not to mention my depression has increased and my skin is HORRIBLE! I've been on a steady decline and I'm DONE! After struggling for so long I decided I needed to just accept that I need proper fuel ALL the time if I want to be successful in my journey to proper health. I have so many health problems that I have to take special care with diet to make sure that I am functioning properly.
Next week I start Beachbody's Ultimate Reset. It's a 21day, no starvation, vegan, cellular cleanse. I'm really excited about it. I think combining the reset, with clean eating, and my daily shakeology that I will be back on track and feeling like a star in no time.
Even though I'm having tough moment with the sugar and carb withdrawal, in general I'm feeling really good and in control. My energy and focus is up and productivity has increased a bit as well. I know I've made a good and necessary choice here.
I'm spending 6 weeks in Jamaica (3wks Dec & 3wks Feb) and that part will be tricky for me. Even though I'm vegetarian (primarily vegan again) at home, I eat chicken and fish in Jamaica and I eat a LOT of refined carbs - they are hard to avoid in Jamaican cooking. I already talked to my bf about it and I've decided to eat our yard chickens' organic eggs and organic fruit from our trees for breakfast, shakeology for lunch, and whatever Michael makes for dinner. That's the best compromise I can come up with. Vegetables are more expensive in Jamaican and there is no brown rice or whole wheat flour anywhere near our town - rice and peas and dumplings are staples in Jamaican diets, so it's tricky! I figure eating clean 50-75% of the day is the best I can do while I'm there When I come home I will immediately revert to my clean-eating-mostly-vegan diet.
I think I'm done. I needed to get that out there and make my change/plans/decision real.
Anyone have suggestions, ideas, or just want to weigh in on my thoughts/plan/rant?


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