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11/11/13 6:11 P

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I know what my chickens eat and I eat their eggs. All of it. Egg producers (non-organic) use caffeine, antibiotics and, I've heard, hormones to get the most out of their hens. What the hens eat shows up in their eggs. I can't cite a particular website. It sounds likely enough for me to stick with my own chickens eggs. I imagine it is the cholesterol in the yolks that nutritionist shy away from. Moderation if you are concerned about cholesterol.

Peanut the label. As has been said here "natural" on food labels mean nothing. Even when peanut butter lists peanuts and salt as the only ingredients, unless it is organic, it is probably genetically modified. Since I have no idea the effects of eating genetically modified anything, I don't eat it. Organic peanut butter is not the tastiest thing I've had. I find almond butter more appealing. My husband does not. We get Costco organic peanut butter. I still don't trust them, but there you are.

Bottom line; I try to eat as close to home as possible. This means food from my garden, chickens, bees, then food from my neighbors, then food from my county (farmer's markets, independent grocery stores, and foods in season) then organic foods from big box stores.
Pre-sliced apples in a plastic bag and the grocery store that has been sprayed to keep it from browning and increase shelf life is not the same as an apple from my neighbor's tree.

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7/5/13 9:39 P

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Glad I joined this group learning a lot already ty


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11/7/10 1:00 P

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Pandalurue, google peanut butter dangers and see what you find. I have been told by many healthcare people that peanuts, even organic, should be avoided. They way they grow, they contain mold and the process to remove that mold is toxic. I'm not positive if it's the same for organically grown peanuts or not. I love peanuts but try to avoid as often as possible.
Also, peanuts are toxic to cancer so anyone who has had or does have cancer, should avoid at all costs.
I use almond butter now and LOVE IT. It is more expensive but I'm dealing with that because it's so much better for you.
I don't use alot of egg yolks either which my dogs are very thankful for. Everytime they hear an egg crack, they come running lol

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8/8/10 7:49 P

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Hi! Welcome to the team! I am by no means an expert, but I have learned quite a bit a little at a time =) Even when the peanut butter claims to be 'natural' it may have added things like sugar. A true natural peanut butter will not have anything but peanuts and maybe a little salt. I have found that Smuckers makes a natural peanut butter that is natural and Teddie makes a couple of different ones that have no added preservatives or sugar.
And with eggs, I believe the reason they want mostly egg whites is because that is where all the protein is and the fat is in the yolk. I don't really like to waste the yolk, so I buy a 100% liquid egg whites. But I still do eat egg yolks, just in moderation.
Hope this helps a little.

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8/6/10 4:03 P

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Hi, all. I just joined this group. Little by little, I'm trying to eat a more clean diet, and I'm enjoying it very much. So, here's my question. I've been reading the Clean Eating Magazine web site, and their meal plans always use almond butter instead of peanut butter, and egg whites only (no yolks). Assuming the peanut butter is natural, what about it is not "clean"? Also, what's wrong with eating the yolk? I thought the whole egg was considered to be a very healthful food. These are just things I've been curious about. Thanks!

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