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12/16/09 6:20 P

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I've been doing this (mostly off now due to office parties and get togethers) but between Thanksgiving and now I reached my all time low weight. After being stuck at 180 for 13 months I made it to 176.8. As soon as the holidays are over and am going for it full swing. I still plan on eating out on occasion. I still plan on having a unclean meal or snack on occasion, but I also know the world is gray, not black and white. I feel good when eating clean, and that's what matters.


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I miss you Dad (I know you'd be proud of me).

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12/16/09 4:38 P

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I find this lifestyle very easy to adjust too and its results have been amazing for me. Here's what I've done:

1. Eat frequent small meals - no more hungry...
2. Ensure protein at every meal
3. No white products (white flour, white sugar, white pasta, white rice, etc.) - instead we eat a variety of whole grain products and substitue honey, maple syrup or agave syrup when we must have something sweet.
4. Loads of fruits and vegetables - probably nine to ten servings a day.
5. Load up on complex carbs earlier in the day when its easier to burn off.

I don't use supplements and I don't feel I need to right now. I lost 13 pounds in three weeks when I started but more important I've got more energy, sleep better and I don't have those afternoon slumps.

I bought all of Tosca's books - there are great recipes in them to keep you motivated plus Clean Eating magazine has some amazing recipes.

This is an easy lifestyle to follow because essentially you are not giving anything up - although you might substitute more healthy alternatives (like whole grain pasta) for less healthy options.

I have slip ups and "bad days" but essentially I've been able to pick myself up and start right back in again because its not a "diet" and I don't feel deprived.

I agree - start with baby steps and go from there.

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12/16/09 2:31 P

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These are my Lifestyle Changes (LCs):

done: sleep
done: water
done: fish oil
working on supplements
working on food

After supplements and food will be exercise, I have acquired Leslie Sansone tapes and downloaded free Tai Chi lessons, so I am also working towards heading towards the exercise. I am using No S Diet to work on food and take back control, it's an excellent place to start. I have a supplements system set up and in use and am about 60% faithful. So the other pans are in the fire, some are even well along; I just can't do everything at once and it'd be foolish to try.

I feel 200% better, plus I've lost 36lbs and kept it off for 1.25 years. Prior to LCs, I gained every year an average of 12lbs a year. So instead of being 36 lighter, right now I'd be be the 36lbs heavier, plus 12, plus 4 = I'd be 52lbs heavier without working the LCs. YES, it's worth it.

Make a list of the LCs needed in your life, then identify which one is most impactful to your health, and concentrate only on that single one. As you keep going in SP you'll make inroads into the others, anyway, as you go (like I described above). But keep your focus on #1.

Then throw away the list, and make babysteps for the #1 LC. Concentrate on BS1 of LC1, and keep stepping til LC1 is done. Then tackle the next LC.

I immediately knew with NO question NO doubt for me the #1 most impactful to my health was sleep (#1 is different for everyone, goes without saying). It was also the hardest. I had about a million babysteps to overcome; had to reconfigure my life and re-engineer how I lived, in many respects, give up things and work through it emotionally.

That's fine; nothing wrong with that if it's the hardest! It takes what it takes. Just do it. The scale moved without me changing ANYTHING else, once I got consistent sleep.

Your body is your earth suit, your overalls that cloaks your spirit and allows you to remain here. There's only one, and when it has a hole or a malfunction, you're in trouble. So is it worth it? Oh yeah. Literally can't live without it, at least not here on this earth.

If you are talking about Clean Eating lifestyle change only, do the same principle: make a list of baby steps.

"Exercise integrity in the moment of choice. Quality of life, and your personal freedom, depends upon what happens in the space between stimulus and response." - Stephen Covey

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12/16/09 1:47 P

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I am thinking about doing this, but I'm kind of lacking in the inspriration or urge to do it. Can anyone out there help me see that this is really a good lifestyle to follow?

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