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11/11/12 7:51 P

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After being diagnosed just 4 years or so ago, I am curious...I have had 2 pregnancies with just 1 live birth, the other I miscaried..An internal ultra-sound showed cysts on both ovaries and I was immediately put on Progestrone..I have excessive hair growth, I have gained a ton of weight..these are the only things I know about PCOS!! For the first time, my PCP is willing to check my sugars for insulin Resistance, but my Psych. checks my sugars regularly because of my medications! I don't know how if I've been pregnant, and delivered, how I could possibly have this "syndrome"!! Any one know? Maybe have nutritional suggestions?


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7/22/12 1:36 P

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Yes, the birth control can mask certain symptoms of pcos. It regulates your hormones for you. Because it helps to control your hormones, many symptoms of pcos will not be present. It lowers your testosterone which is normally high with pcos and helps control acne, oily skin, excess hair, etc. You can also have pcos and have completely normal periods. The problem may simply be you are not ovulating- thus the development of cysts on your ovaries. The string of pearls is just the classic sign of pcos, development of cysts on your ovaries in any fashion will prompt your physician to suspect pcos. You can also have pcos with out being insulin resistant, your ovaries may just not use insulin properly, or your cells are just now starting to become insensitive to insulin. The way to tell this is to have the two hour insulin/ glucose test which tells how much insulin your body is producing in response to eating in order to control your blood sugar. I am not sure if the progesterone will alter your testing, that is definitely something I would call and talk to your OB/ gyn about. I was actually very similar to you when I was diagnosed. I have developed more classic symptoms since having my thyroid irradicated due to Graves disease. Good luck! My best advice is to educate yourself as soon s the drs confirm pcos. It takes the scary away....especially when you hear that 80% of pts diagnosed with pcos go on to have children;)

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7/20/12 9:32 A

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I have been diagnosed with PCOS since October 2011. They immediately put me on the metformin, but I have stopped taking it because I'm in that 5% that results with kidney issues from it. I will be seeing my endocrinologist again in a month or so to see if there is an alternative. I do have cysts on my ovaries, but only 9 on one and 12 on another, I am overweight, I have bad acne, and my hormones are all over the place. I cannot be for sure when symptoms started to show, I've been off bc for almost 3 years now. I probably will not be able to conceive until they get m hormones right. First I had way too much testosterone and no progesterone (hence ugly body hair), now I have too little testosterone and too little everything else. It's going to take awhile to get me regulated. The good news is, besides the hormones being way off right now, we have got me to have a period that is somewhat becoming regular, so this is good sign, but does not necessarily mean that I am releasing an egg yet. That is more tests. I can tell you this, they will not deem you infertile until you've had sex at least 3 days a week every week for an entire year. So don't stress about it, stress is only going to make things more difficult. Try to relax and just enjoy it and if it happens, it happens! That is attitude I'm trying to have, otherwise I make myself sick thinking about.
I wish you luck with your tests.

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Dear Laurie,

Welcome. I, too, am new to this PCOS thing and wondering what having the syndrome really means. In hindsight and through research, I am seeing that what I thought was normal for my age may really have been symptoms all along. I do understand how you are feeling about getting the confirmation of your diagnosis in the hormonal evidence. My primary care physician was kind enough to offer to run a testosterone test along with a regularly scheduled lipid panel and I am waiting for those results. (If it comes back "normal" I do not know if that rules out PCOS since my ultrasound showed cysts. So many questions!!!)

One thing I would offer is for you to relax, slow down and take a breath. It sounds as if you are desperate to become pregnant and this might be causing some of your anxiety. In the scheme of your entire life what will it be for you to wait one or two months .

Also, you may want to ask your OB/GYN "how" the results of the blood test might be affected by the progesterone (information can be worthwhile). I would hope that her knowing a check of your hormones was the end goal would indicate there is no problem, but double checking might be worth it. There may simply be two schools of thought on the matter.

Example - My PCP said that he has heard conflicting information about metformin as a treatment for PCOS and is thus supporting my desire to approach treatment in a non-pharmacological manner. My GYN mentioned met before I could even process what he was telling me about having a syndrome.

Good Luck!

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7/20/12 12:34 A

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Hey guys-

My situation is stlightly different. I went off birth control on July 1st, and as a preventative measure I had an ultrasound done. It showed that I have polycystic ovaries. There are only 12 cysts on each ovary, and they don't have the typical "string of pearls" formation- the follicles are in the middle of the ovaries. They are also not enlarged at all.

Anyway, I would like to get hormonal blood work back ASAP so I can put everything to rest and make sure that I don't have the "syndrome". I have shown no signs of any syndrome and I am NOT insulin resistant. I have had all of my hormones tested in the past, and everything turned out totally normal- however I was on birth control at the time, does this mask the signs or would i still be symptomatic somehow?

My OBGYN put me on a 10 day dose of progesterone to induce my period- however, she put me on this immediately following going off birth control. I never waited to see if I got a natural cycle. I always had a normal cycle before going on birth control, so I don't anticipate any problems, but I am a control freak and want to be proactive and get the green light for health before my husband and I start trying for a baby, So i would really like to take the blood tests next week.

My question is: the purpose of going on progesterone so quickly to induce a period was to take hormonal blood tests on day 3 of my induced period.This morning my primary doc told me that progesterone will alter the results of the blood tests, and I should wait until I have a natural cycle and do the blood tests then, The problem is I just don't know If i can wait that long- i am so anxious everyday. Even though I am not showing any signs of PCOS (except for the ovaries) I just want to be sure my blood levels are normal before trying for a baby.

Also, by the time I take the blood tests I will have been off of birth control pills for 6 weeks, Is this long enough for the blood tests to be accurate?

Finally, it has been 4 weeks since i went off birth control. is this long enough for any syndrome symptoms to appear. Since I still don't have any symptoms can I assume that I don't have the syndrome?

thanks in advance, any insight would be much appreciated. my doctors are giving me conflicting advice so I am looking for answers elsewhere.


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