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8/30/09 5:36 P

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Welcome to the team,

I also wake up tired, but I do not have sleep apnea - for me it depends on the bed and air quality (where I am at the moment doesn't have the greatest quality of air and the elevation is higher then I am use to, so its effecting my whole body).

There is no one meal plan that works for all with PCOS, combo of deals work for different people differently. I tend to eat medium to high carb, low fat and medium protein (65% carbs max, 15% fat max and 25% protein max) and have lost over 130 pound in the past 5 years, its been slow and a steady loss (say for the past year, haven't lost anything I blame it on being in menopause as the cause).

I also never did the 3 meals a day deal or 3 plus snacking - my average is 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) and grazing (cup of seeds, fruit, veggies, what have you I'll pick at though out the day while working I'll have a bowl of what ever near by and pick at it as the day goes by). I use to walk my dog three times a day for an hour each time (but not of late since I'm not in the same country as he is, and for me where I am going out is not easy nor is working out the elevation difference I've not yet built up a tolerance for or to - sighs).

Been trying to do the P90X though low impact side as the weather has allowed me to do so, and just eating as above and trying to avoid over doing it.

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8/30/09 12:48 P

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I would say count calories. Write everything down that you eat and stay within your calories. I don't follow a low carb diet but try to stay away from processed sugary foods. I eat as healthy ( fruit, veggies and lean protein) as I can but don't limit myself on a carb/protein scale.

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8/30/09 9:30 A

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I was diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin Resistance about six years ago but probably had it way before then. Just within the last year I started having problems with being exhausted,I would wake up in the morning feeling like I was drunk. I was diagnosed with sever apnea, however, removing my tonsils did help it somewhat. After other sleep studies were done after the tonsillectomy I still showed signs of apnea. So, I figure it is associated with being overweight and PCOS all together. I have been struggling with losing weight for a long time, it is so hard. What amazes me is that when I was pregnant I had gestational diabetes and lost 50 pounds during the pregnancy, but as soon as I had the baby I continue to follow the same diabetic diet I was on but with lower calories and gained all the weight back in one year. I don't understand.

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8/30/09 8:42 A

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Hi MANZ101010,

It sounds like you are doing most of things that my doctor told me to do. Switching to smaller meals and snacks in between might help. It has helped me a bit. I try to follow a Low GI diet, but it's probably not the only way, and others may have good suggestions for you too.

I had a conversation with my doctor at my last visit about waking exhausted and being drowsy in the afternoon. She told me that I should consider a sleep study because it is not uncommon for people who have insulin resistance and PCOS to have sleep apnea. She also said though, that if I do have sleep apnea the symptoms could improve if I lost weight. So, I have elected to try losing more weight before trying a sleep study. I know other people who have sleep apnea, and they have a little machine that helps them breath which makes them sleep better. I'm not so sure about that, so I'm going to let it be a last resort though! :-)

I'm curious if other members have the same issues and if any have been diagnosed with sleep apnea?


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8/30/09 8:41 A

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6-7 small meals a day would probably be a big help.

8/30/09 6:00 A

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I'd really be grateful if you could support me with a food plan.
I have spent months eating healthily minimising caffeine, sugar, cutting out processed foods and eating protein and carbs together. I have PCOS and chronic fatigue and the change in diet really helped but I don't sleep more than 5-6 hours at night and wake exhausted and am exhausted in the afternoon.
My goal is to lose weight, exercise (which I am going to start this week and I want to feel good and not tired all the time! Do you think changing from 3 meals a day to meals and snacks would help?
Do you recommend Low GI, South beach or another method?
I don't know much about diet plans and would appreciate your support and your experience.
Thank you.

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