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4/22/09 9:23 A

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Well thank you for all the comment.

To the comment about not using Byetta properly. I am taking it by doctors order to treat type 2 diebetes, not for PCOS. I apologize if I did not make that clear. I would not suggest anyone else use it for other reasons such as just for weight loss. I am actually having good results with it, and its the only thing that has had such results so I am very pleased with it. I don't shoot things done before I try them, but that is just a way I try to live.

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4/21/09 11:39 P

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The BYETTA injection is used to improve glucose control in adults with type 2 diabetes and at this time has not been approved for treatment of PCOS. It can be used with metformin, a sulfonylurea, or a thiazolidinedione. BYETTA is unique and works in a different way than pills or insulin. By helping your body produce the right amount of insulin at the right time.

Taking a drug for the side effect that it might have is never smart - I do hope you tell your medical team this is why you wont to be on it cause if you really do not need it you could be in for a world of issues (then again I would asume your medical team would catch on and stop anything - then again maybe not if you where the one to insist that you go on it.

luck with it though, i'd not touch it with a 10 foot poll (i'm on regular insulin combined with met - i was offered to go on it, but turned it down flat, I do not like what I hear about it)

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4/21/09 1:43 P

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Welcome! I know what you mean aboout comiing from a long line of family who is tall in skinny. Same in my family.
I was just diagnosed 1 year ago and my mom still thinks i'm overweight because I have to eat bad, how else could I keep all this weight on?
This group is awesome! I'm glad you came!

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4/21/09 12:40 P

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We all seem to have similar experiences in that we don't have anyone IRL who has PCOS.

But that's why it is SO nice to have this group. Utilize it. Everyone is so great and supportive!

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4/19/09 11:15 P

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Hey Everyone, my name is Ashlyn and I'm 22 and I have had PCOS for about 10 years now. Sometimes I wish I knew other people that had PCOS that kinda understood what I was going through. No one in my family has PCOS in fact I come from a lot line of skinny people. I look very out of place in my family. I am the middle of five, my brother are both over 6'5" and really really skinny, they try to put on weight. Both my older sisters are very thin as well. Even though my mother has had 5 children you would never know because she too is thin. I have one friend back where I grow up who has PCOS but hers is a bit different then mine. So I suppose that is why I am here. I just started byetta (its an injection that helps regulate sugar, but I use it more for weight loss, but shhh that's not what its FDA approved for), and I have to keep track of what I eat to help from getting sick. Byetta is an injection that you give yourself before breakfast and dinner and it slows down the movement of food from your gut to your tummy, and send messages to your brain that your full after eating only a little bit of food. But if your bad and you don't follow the rules it makes you very ill, and I have learned that the hard way. So that is why I am here. I want to start a blog if I could figure out how. So that is a little bit about me in a nutshell.

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