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4/12/09 9:57 P

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Although it sounds counter-intuitive, often lowering carbs does help hypoglycaemia. Certainly lowering the GI of the carbs you eat is a good thing to do as you have a more even amount of glucose in your blood at all times rather than spikes. I would suggest that you maybe try eating more protein/less carbs with breakfast (say 2 eggs and half a slice of toast) and have some carbohydrates with your other meals /snacks where it appears to be missing ... half a slice of wholemeal bread for morning tea or a small amount of beans/chickpeas/lentils etc amounting to 7-8 g carbohydrate (half an exchange) and a full exchange with lunch and dinner. I would also recommend that you eat as many vegetables as you like they actully have quite a bit of carbohydrate in them and it's very low GI. Don't eat much if any potato, limit corn etc, but lots of cauliflower, green beans, broccoli, pumpkin etc. You won't be able to eat 'too much' of them you'll be too full, but they'll fill you up and provide you with a slow steady source of energy. Best of luck. Also to reiterate a comment below ... make sure you drink at least 2 litres of water a day - this is extra important if you are losing weight as it helps your body flush out the toxins that can accumulate in fat, and is released back into the blood stream as you burn it off.

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4/12/09 8:25 P

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It seems to me like you are not getting enough carbs. And if you are hypoglycemic you need more carbs to raise your blood sugar, not less. I would suggest talking to your doctor again/getting a second opinion from another doctor and starting increasing carbs a little.

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4/11/09 9:57 A

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Hi Rosie Josie, just a quick note regarding your diet. I agree with what most of the ladies have said, you have to find your right balance of carbs, proteins and fats. In addition to having the right balance of carbs, protein, and fat you also need good old water. I notice that in your example of a day of food intake there is no mention of water. Are you drinking it? Many times in the past, I mistakenly thought that the water from the food I ate was sufficient for my daily needs. I have found that whenever I become the least bit dehydrated, I get a headache. Yet I have also noticed that before I get the headache, I start to lick my lips A LOT. If I start drinking my water immediately, the headache will often me stopped in its tracks. As for the feeling of dizziness, has your doctor considered sending you to an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist to check out that you do not have an inner ear problem? Good luck on your search for answers, keep us posted on your results.

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4/2/09 10:26 P

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I use to get that dizzy feeling (headache lingering in the back of my head) every day for about two years. The headaches have stopped now that I have been on Metformin 2000mg per day for the past year. If I miss a dose the dizzy headache is back. The doctors can not explain the headaches. I have had CT scans, and MRI on my head nothing was found. I have an Endo appointment on Tuesday, he wants to check if I have Cushing Disease. He is thinking that the headaches may be coming from my pituitary gland. We will see...

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4/2/09 10:12 A

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From the reading I have done this week even with lower carb diets you really need to determine what is the right amount of carbs for YOU. I am eating 100-150 grams. I used to get headaches daily before watching what I was eating, I've only had one in the past 5 days, so I think I have found my balance, for now.

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4/1/09 2:21 P

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I'm trying to make it a bit more balanced today. And I still feel dizzy as hell (headache not quite there but sort of lingering in the back).

The reason I went to see the doctor was because I was feeling very dizzy (have been since January). And I wasn't on any diet (so eating lots of carbs and probably a bunch of bad stuff for me too).

I just can't explain this dizziness. I'm seeing her again on the 16th for the results of my blood work (11 vials in total!!!) and I hope she finds a solution. I'm getting very frustrated, and also worried. I'm an EA and I NEED to be ALL THERE at work. This "brain fog" feeling is making me forget a whole lot of important things.

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4/1/09 11:43 A

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Headaches can be a sign of not getting the right balance of carbs in your diet, especially since it's your diet that has changed and you've started getting them only then. At each meal/snack time, try to have a mix of carbs (for the right now boost to help battle hypoglycemia), protein (to help keep blood glucose levels up til the next meal/snack), and fats (healthy ones...this helps you feel more satisfied with your meal/snack). I did notice that there were times that one of the 3 group (carb, proten, fats) were missing in the snack groups.

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4/1/09 1:52 A

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To me it looks like your NOT getting enough carbs for your brain to function right - the brain needs them carbs to work right, to little and it can not function correctly.

you miggt up your carb intake, say add more veggies to your deal, which are low enough cal wise but have a good carb source (fruits are best for this really, but veggies is how I get most of my carbs in a day up to 200g worth, and I am still getting the weight off ever with high carb deal that I am doing)

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3/31/09 11:39 P

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I read somewhere on Spark that the energy our brains use to function comes strictly from carbs. Perhaps that could be the culprit?

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3/31/09 9:44 P

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Hello all!

I went to see my doctor last week (she's new) and she is hypoglycemic like me. The reason I went to see her was because I was feeling dizzy...often. She proceeded to tell me to go on a high protein, low carb diet, and wants me to eat every 2 hours. Fine I said, and I've been doing it since last week. I did mention to her that I had tried the "carbohydrate addicts diet" in 2000 and got wicked migrains from it and that's when I discovered I was hypo.

So now I'm back on this low-carb, high protein thing and the headaches have started since last Thursday. So far I had one day without headaches...OUCHIES.

Any suggestions from any of you would be so great. I'll put an example of what I've been eating:

2 pieces of 14 grain bread with a bit of margarine (becel) and 1 sliced hard boiled egg (salt & pepper)
1 16 oz mug of herbal tea, with sweether

Mid-morning snack:
Snack size baggie of sliced green peppers
with 1 oz of fresh made guacamole (no oil or fats added)

yesterday: talapia with green beans
today: cob salad

Mid-afternoon snack:
Today: 4 strawberries
Yesterday: green peppers with hummus

Yesterday: Salmon with asparagus & lemon sauce
Today: Chicken breast with brussels sprouts

Mid-evening snack:
Yesterday: about 10 baked tortilla chips w/guacamole
Tonight: 4 pieces of cheese wrapped in turkey breast slices.

And that's an example of how I've been eating. My head is absolutely killing me. It's not migraine grade yet, but I'm sure like last time, it will come. When I'm on a high carb diet, I gain a huge amount of weight. I just feel like I can't win (in a lot of pain right now so hard to be "positive" about it all).

Thanks for readin and any suggestions. (did I mention I have PCOS???) Yup, got that too. :o)

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