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8/1/12 12:14 P

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I'm working on weight loss so I don't eat to treat lows. Instead, I use temporary basals on my pump.

It's correct that exercise will affect your bs for up to 24 hours (another reason why we should all be exercising!). In your case, I would've run a temporary basal for several hours; I won't guess what that would be for you but for me, I'd be comfortable with -75% for four hours, then recheck.

I was originally taught "a low follows a low" which in your case was true. I'm surprised that you were still so low after eating the sandwich but then again, I don't know if exercising is new to you, or what other factors were involved.

I try to always change my sites first thing in the morning, so I've got all day to see how they perform.



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8/1/12 11:31 A

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I try to avoid Nighttime Lows. I can't trust myself to wake up until I would be sweating and down to BG of 40. So, going to bed with a comfortable BG is always a balancing act. I'm more comfortable going to sleep with a BG of 150. I have to make sure I don't bolus too late for an evening supper. I like your idea of PB&J sandwich (protein and carb). I also like the PB & crackers (6-pk.). You did a good job of diagnosing your low BG. (Infusion set change and exercise). I believe I read somewhere that when getting exercise, it can affect your BG's for up to 24 hours afterwards. Maybe you can adjust your basal for awhile after exercise???
I also wouldn't mind hearing about others nighttime snacks to avoid lows and bedtime BG's.

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8/1/12 6:53 A

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Hey folks,

Just searched out this team to join to specifically ask this question. What snacks do you eat when you're too low to go to bed? Last night I was 80, so I had 3 glucose tabs and a glass of milk. Half an hour later I was 77 (and annoyed), so I ate half a pb&j sandwich and turned my pump to 0% basal for an hour. Waited a bit, checked - 108, so I went to bed. Then I woke up at 4:30am (why I'm awake now) with a bg of 47. Drank some oj and had another half a pb&j sandwich.

First off, these sorts of lows are unusual for me. My guess is a combination of changing my pump site yesterday late afternoon (I seem to be more sensitive to insulin the first day of a new site) and possibly(?) delayed effects from exercise. My workout yesterday was a bike ride before work (seems highly unlikely to affect bgs at night) but I also worked outside some at work. Work wasn't too strenuous, and this is so much later I'm not really understanding why I'm low. Regardless, it's extremely frustrating to have to keep eating food when I'm not hungry and don't want it.

What sorts of carb/protein combos do you folks eat if you need something before bed? I'm looking for some new suggestions.

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