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4/14/10 8:25 P

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1) I'm with Super - I'd run at the higher end of normal intentionally (nothing wrong with shooting for 150 instead of 120 in my book for a short period of time) so there is some space to fall if you need to. I'd use a temp. basal to achieve that and just like Super I'd set my alarm to a higher number. Really, if you are going to the ER very often from low bloodsugars, then maybe your basal rates need to be adjusted or something needs to be figured out.

2) On the bumps from the CGMS - I am allergic to the minimed one and not only did it feel very irritating to me, it really gave me huge ugly welts that took a long time to heal. With the Dexcom, my sensor sites look better after 2 weeks than my pump bumps do after using them for 3 days. Dexcom uses a platinum wire that is non-reactive. Sorry, this isn't much help to you, but for me I just couldn't use the Minimed CGMS because of the skin reaction issues. Can you get a trial of the Dexcom CGMS???? It sucks to have to carry 2 devices, but its worth it to me. The sensors are also FDA approved for 7 days and most people restart them (like I do) and leave them in for another week without a problem. My insurance covered the CGMS and the sensors.

3) I haven't had problems with little ones pulling out my sites, but I don't have much baby contact, mostly just my 1 yr old nephew and he has had no interest so far. I keep my pump hooked on my waist band and my tubing tucked into my pants and my shirt is usually out over my pump, so he hasn't noticed it yet.

Good Luck!

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4/14/10 5:34 P

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1) Check yourself often! If this involves every hour, then I'd do. I am a preschool teacher so I know what it's like to have those scares. It's really something I've learned to control and deal with. I usually know when I am going low and what time I usually go the lowest. Always have juice, tabs, food etc. near.

2) I am too new to the pump to answer a question about the dots. So far mine are still present. Been almost 8 months now

3) I am in the classroom daily with 12 2 year olds. I have never had a problem with them pulling the tubing. I wear longer shirts so they don't see it and therefore they do not have a need to pull or touch anything. If you have it out of their site, they are more likely to not notice it.

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1/12/10 10:16 P

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1) You need to have a back up. Call 911 then call your neighbor or sister or whomever is close enough to meet you where you are. I don't think running high is the answer. I know my lows usually happen around 12:15. So as a Pre-K teacher I head back to classroom around 12:00 so that I can meet up with my assistant just in case I have a low. This is my back up system.
2) you can try using your hip for a site. I haven't had much luck with that. It came out once when I first got on the pump and I had a really high high so I never tried it again.
3) I teach 22 four year olds. I have never had them pull my tubing. I cut a small hole in my pants pocket. Then I thread it through the hole and then wrap the tubing and then tuck it in my my panties. I also explain to them at the beginning to the year that this is my pump and this is what it does. And without my pump I wouldn't be a healthy teacher and Mom and that they are to treat this as one of my privates. (No one should touch anyone's privates)
I find that kids, although young, are pretty sympathetic and understanding.

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1/11/10 2:47 P

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Hi Carey,
Here's my answers:
1. Run higher on purpose whenever children are involved. Chasing them (in my experience) burns more sugar than you think leaving you with less time to catch a low. I try to stick around 150ish when babysitting just in case and I check often, and I reset my sensor alarm to a "low" of 130 so I had plenty of warning. I figure its better to get back home and have to correct than to pass out while in charge of someone else's 2 year old.
2. My spots last for a few months, not great for bathing suit season, but I don't know what else to do. I've heard that aloe gel or cocoa butter can help scars fade, but I haven't tried it.
3. There is a strict No Touch rule on my pump. You can jump on the couch, dump water out of the tub, throw bananas in the living room, but you DO NOT touch my pump or the tube (which is usually tucked away and out of site). So far I've had good luck with this. To be fair though, the NO Touch rule was implemented from day 1 when my babysitee was only a month old, so its not new and now that she's 2 she knows its mine and when it beeps only I get to take it out of my pocket.
Good luck!

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1/11/10 9:07 A

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Okay first one is I am with my two yr old niece while her daddy is on flights during the day and I always wonder what would happen if I had a low I could not treat on my own which you guys know I have dealt with here and there and end up hospitalized. now usually I can call 911 before I hit the floor but what would happen with her till I could 1. get a hold of dad which is hard since he is in the air all the time or 2. get my sugar back up to take care of her again? I wanted to see if any of you have dealt with this and if so what would happen or what would you do?? also ? # 2. anyone get scars from their pump sites or CGM sites I use mini med for both and the CGM needle is so big it leaves little red spots on my tummy which is not that great for bathing suit season and never for the doctors office he always ask why they stick around instead of healing sooner then a month or later. ohh ? # 3. is anyone have children who like to pull out sites by pulling on the tubing?? uugh this has happened many a times

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