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10/20/09 12:09 P

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I use my thumbs non stop they dont hurt but lately I have been getting less blood out of them lol. so now on to my pointer fingers

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10/19/09 3:52 P

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I have been T1 for 14 years and was told from the beginning to use my index, middle and ring fingers only. I have probably poked my thumbs and pinkies under 5 times each.
It is tricky because I always use my ring fingers too, and if not those I use the same spots on my other fingers!

One suggestion I have is to get a lancing device with the clear cap so you can test on your arms if it bothers you too much to reuse the same fingers. I never could get enough blood out of my arms to test with, though.

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10/15/09 5:24 P

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My go-to finger is my right ring finger, its been stabbed mroe times I think than all the other fingers put together!
Once I used a permanent marker to write an X on it so I would remember when I saw it to stab somewhere else, but my X washed off and later that night I was back to my old habits.
A bandaid, while kind of sticky and itchy sometimes, is the only thing I've found that actually works. I feel silly with a bandaid on an otherwise perfectly good finger, but I figure if normal people stab their finger on a thorn and it bleeds, they get a bandaid, so I better use one too. It takes me about a week of bandaid coverage though to break the stab-habit and give my other fingers a chance to suffer equitably.
Glad I'm not the only one!

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10/13/09 9:24 P

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Aló everyone.
I've been T1 for 15 years now and recently I've re-discovered a bit of a quandary. For the last couple of months I've had this cheeky subconscious and conscious drive to prick the same finger while testing. There are times in in which I test and before I think not to, I realize I've pricked my right thumb, again! And there are those times that bother me the most; in which I know I shouldn't prick my right thumb but make myself think that it's OK because that is where it will hurt less. I've had a Dr. hold my thumb, tell me why not to prick there and I left it alone for years. Now I'm back to doing the same cheeky thing. I'm thinking of using band-aids on the thumb to make it more of a chore to prick. Hopefully that works. Have any of you faced the same situation? Any tips?

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