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2/21/10 10:24 A

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Symlin seemed too good to be true when I first was introuced to it several years ago. I learned I was not very educated on it. A year later when I went back in to see my educator I learned I was not taking enough to make a difference I then switched to the pen and through practice I learned I needed more with breakfast, less with lunch and even less for dinner, but it did cut my daily totals of insulin in half. This was also the time I lowered my carbs and went on a higher protein, balanced predictable carbs so I was able to measure accurately how much insulin I needed and if I was giving myself less that 1 unit (bs low, low carb meal)I did not waste the symlin on that. All my diabetes medications are very expensive since there are no generic varieties. I also get them filled every 3 months for a 90 supply and with my insurance it would be $120. Between my humalog, test strips, diovan and lipitor, I had trouble paying $120 to $150 every 3 months with all of them, so I backed off the symlin. Now I use it for higher carb meals of meals where I would need 5 or more units of insulin. I never had trouble with nausea, funny cause I need a lot at some meals. I was taking between 30, 60, 120 mcgs. The 120 almost meant half as much humalog. Miracle drug. Can't say I really lose weight because of it. Maybe some, I must be consistent with low carbs (no sugar) and exercise.

How many are still consistently using it?

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2/18/10 4:53 P

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I have been using Symlin for several years and it has really helped with postparandial spiking. Once you are used to it, it doesn't make you feel sick but you also don't lose any more weight. I lost about 4 lbs when I first started on it. It takes some getting used to but I think it is worth it.

11/18/09 12:44 P

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I used Symlin for 6mo-1 yr I guess. I only used it at breakfast because of postprandial spiking. It worked pretty well and I lost approx 5 lbs. But I stopped taking it after wondering why I didn't need it most days (like never on weekends). . .and after a while I found out I was going low at 2a, so I was spiking after breakfast.

It did shave at least 50 gm off of my BG--I guess it was stopping my liver's output after being low at night.

You really don't feel well when you take it, so you do eat less. I only ate approx 15 gm breakfast and then went to the gym so it wasn't a big problem. But one time I took it before chinese to see if it would help prevent going high, but it makes you feel nausated--didn't eat much chinese, but that wasn't the point. :-)

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11/7/09 12:20 A

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I know this was two months ago but here's what I've found from using Symlin - it is a replacement for the hormone amylin, which diabetics don't make.
By taking Symlin, food leaves your stomach more slowly so you ideally eat less and use less insulin.
Unfortunately for me I had trouble timing the Symlin, insulin, and food, so I gave up on it after awhile.

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9/21/09 10:06 P

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Hi, my doc prescribed me this med. I wonder if anyone using this or has any more info. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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