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7/23/09 3:06 P

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Hi Carey, congrats on the new pump!!

I usually just put mine on my waist band using the belt clip. When I wear dresses I have a pair of lycra boy shorts that I wear over my underwear and I take the pump out of the clip and place it centered below my belly button, horizontally over my low low belly, and above my uhhum in the boy shorts. LOL The shorts keep it in place and you can't see it in dresses. I learned that from the Miss America that was diabetic and wore a pump. I use my remote control to take boluses when it is there. I have also worn it in the winter clipped onto the top of a knee high boot when I was wearing a long dress.

With the right top I can clip the pump to the middle of by bra, but I don't usually because it is uncomfortable to have the clip digging into my sternum. I haven't ever been able to wear it on my bra under my arm like I know others do.

Just play with it and figure out what works for you. I know lots of people who just slip it into a pocket when they are wearing pants, instead of clipping to on the belt loop.


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7/20/09 6:00 P

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You can order whatever set you want, your doctor writes a prescription for something vague like "pump supplies" and you can pick and choose and test whichever sets you want. I use both the quiksets and the silhouettes (45* angle) depending on where I'm putting my sites, and I've played around with the 6m vs the 9mm on the quiksets too. There's a bunch of different options so just play around until you find some you like!
Clipping it front and center to your waistband is the most obvious, I like to stick mine on the inside of my waistband in the back (sits in the small of my back) to keep it out of the way but still accessible. Cargo pockets work well and you can cut a little slit in the inside at the top so you run your tubing down the inside of your pants and the pump sits in the pocket from the inside. Most cellphone cases will also hold a pump, so where ever you can stick one of those is fair game. I have a lot of running shirts and shorts with the little key pocket that I stick my pump in, and actually when I try them on, most of the time I'm just making sure the pocket is big enough for the pump. Another less reachable but good holding place is in your bra on the outside (by your armpit) although the middle works if your are properly endowed and have the right bra. emoticon

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7/20/09 5:14 P

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I'm so glad you love it. i'm trying to talk a friend of mine into getting one too. It really makes life a little easier, doesn't it?

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7/20/09 12:33 A

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so I take about 3000 units a month about 100 a day. I love not having to give a shot everytime. the site changing sucks but worth it. I dont have the cgm so I have to test between 10 to 12 times a day depending on if i am working or not. This had made my life so much easyier my pump reminds me to check my bs every 4 hrs then agian when exersizing and and eating. I love the differint bolus option square bolus works well for me since the gastroparesis it helps a lot no low sugars so far one day had highs all day and I called the doc and he said change the infusion set that it may be clogged it helped and back down to 145 and below. I have to say I should have given in yrs earlier for this it really is a big change but so worth it. I love the meter they sent to connect wirelessly with bs results I also ordered a skin and it made the pump super cute. only because i have yet to find a place to put it other then clipping on my belt for easy access. any ideas?? I also had no idea how much insulin my pump could hold but it holds three days worth which is great too!! no more lantus which stayed in my system way to long causing many of my lows. I have to say I am so blessed. I love how when i am down to a weeks worth of supplies I just order and they come right a way. can you order different infusion sets if you dont like your or do you have to get a script to change it?? the quick set sucks I really want a 45 degree insert vs the 90 degree insert. regardless I must say i love it and the training was easy.

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