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5/30/09 10:37 A

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Super glad to hear that they are coming down. I too have had problems with bent canulas I wish the pump would automatically send you a no delivery sound but it doesnt.Mine will if I bolus more than 6 units usualyy by 4 the no delivery will pop then I know its bent. Very frustating.

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5/29/09 4:19 P

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I am glad it was taken care of and something very simple to take care of vs. infection being the problem. it is always like that though. I had a ruff week my self got hospitalized for pain in my flank due to my stent getting displaced!! uggh it was horrible the pain was worse than the kidney stones!! but my sugars were anywhere from 240 to 350 and after fever set in from the kidney infection from the stent it went up lucky me being in the hospital with the doctor being a urologist he told me stright up this is not my feild i can call a endo if you want or you can call the shots I said let me do it and all was well great urologist he is so proactive and preventive vs. those who just treat the pain from stones when they come. and so i am happy now and broke free from the jail ( opps mean hospital ) yesterday

"you CAN do ALL things through Christ which STRENGTHENS you"
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I don't believe in failure.

( this includes getting healthy!!)

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5/27/09 6:26 P

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Wow! I am so happy things are getting better. Your last comment about being "normal" is something I think about several times a day....with each injection, and I take about four or five a day. I wish I could be "normal" and when I watch my friends eat without a care in the world about carbs it makes me so sad.

Feel better.

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5/27/09 4:22 P

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For whatever reason, my last sensor didn't go well and when I got around to taking it out, I noticed it was awfully red and angry, but because I often get a nasty rash from the tape, it was hard to tell if this was a rash around the site, or if it was an infection so I didn't do anything special.
After I watched it spread at work yesterday I decided this was beyond neosporin and a bandaid so I took myself to the local walk-in clinic where I was diagnosed with a likely staph infection. Grrrrrrr.
They shoot me full of antibiotics and send me off to the pharmacy to get a round of oral antibiotics too. I finally get home about 9pm last night, eat a bowl of cereal and some Reese's peanut butter cups and some popcorn (totally bad choices and I knew it but was too tired and hungry to care) and took a bath.

As I sat in the bath I knew something wasn't right, and by the time I got out and checked my BG I was at 560! I take a huge correction and try to figure out why my dinner was so far off.... I eventually blamed the antibiotics and went to bed shortly thereafter. I woke up nearly every hour to check my blood sugar again and take another huge correction, and two of my readings were too high for the meter to read, it just says HIGH. I spent all night in and out of the bathroom and checking and correcting only to wake up this morning and be excited because I was finally under 450. Ugh.
I decided before I took myself back to the clinic to find out what on earth they had given me, I'd change infusion sets again (I put in a new one before heading over to get looked at yesterday) so I could be sure that I had done everything in my reasonable power to get lower and wouldn't you know.... I pulled out the worlds most bent infusion set ever!
It wasn't the antibiotics, it wasn't the infection, it was very plain and simple just the stupid infusion set!
In retrospect (isn't that how it always happens!), I should have checked the infusion set right out of the bath, not tried to correct with the same one that didn't seem to be very effective! But I let the rest of the day's problems cloud my judgment, and because I had just hours before put in a new infusion set I blamed everything else.
I'm coming down now, slowly but surely, and I called the clinic's nurse advice line to let them know that I've gone all haywire, and so they are calling every hour or so to check in and get an update. I had to call in to work this morning knowing that I can't really be productive when I'm so high and so distracted and now I just feel silly because most of this was preventable had I just bothered to follow standard protocol despite all the other odd circumstances.
New rule: REGARDLESS of what else is going on, how sick I might be, how recently I put in an infusion set, WHENEVER I see an inappropriately high number, I will change infusion sets and if nothing happens in an hour I will inject the old-fashioned way because its not worth a whole night of stress followed by a stupid day of sitting around waiting.
I'm usually not entirely excited that I've got diabetes, but today I'm just down right MAD that I got stuck with this and then MADDER at myself for not stepping back to look at what's really going on! You'd think after 19 years, I'd know better. Sigh.

I'm at 279 right now with enough active insulin still to get be down to the 100s and I'll probably stick to the lowest carb foods I can find today just to make sure I don't get stuck that high again, and the infection is notably smaller than yesterday (I drew a line around it so I could tell for sure), so even though it was a very stupid night, it looks everything will work out eventually.
What I wouldn't trade right now to be normal though!

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