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3/22/09 11:21 P

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I know what you mean about people wanting to come in and talk to you. Whenever my husband and I are in the hospital for him the docs always want to talk to him because he's a young man with MS. Most of the MS patients they see are middle aged women, not men in their mid-twenties. My husband is 30 now, but they always want to ask him about his disease course and what his experience is. I usually get odd looks when I say I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 28. Strangely, I usually get told I am probably not a type 1, but just a type 2 that is insulin dependent. Like I don't know what type I am, right? It's frustrating. I'm glad you're out of the hospital and hope you feel better soon!

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I had to laugh at part of your story (not the part where you stuck in the hospital again)....
My sister is a CNA in Denver and she often calls me to tell me about how many patients she has that are diabetic (nearly always type 2) and don't know peanuts about their own health! She said they tested on lady once and her BG was 240 and the lady said that was kind of low for her and she would need some juice! She regularly gets people who think fruit is bad because it has sugar, but "no-sugar added" stuff is secret code for "all you can eat". I guess those of us who actually keep tabs on our bodies and how they work (or don't work, as the case may be) are not often found in hospitals, so when they get someone who wants to control their own medication and can count food without special help they don't know how to treat them!
Hope things have normalized and you're back home again!

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Okay so I had A bad bout of gastro problems messing with me enough for them to once agian put me in the hospital. Well at this point I am like whatever I am used to it just go ahead. Well appernetly I was the talk of the hospital among some doctors because I was a patient who is not on a pump but still allowed to control my own dosing they called me the Insulin wiz kid. Well as some of you know I do the carb count 1 unit for every 13 carbs I eat so since it works for me after two days of them ruining my BG the doc let me at my own dosing and sure enough after one day I was back in normal ranges and they had the endo come meet with me to be sure all was well and he was amazed that I didn't need to have someone tell me what the exact carbs were in my meal but by looking at the food and eat what I could that I could dose accurately on my own. It is not that diffcult after having delt with this disease for so long that I can tell you that in one slice of bread most brands have about 13 carbs in it and a bowl of cherrios is 15 carbs and skim milk is 15 and so on not that hard but they were so surprized that the endo at the hospital called my endo and had to tell him what a good patient I was and how under control I was and how he taught me so well and how he could get his patients to do the same. it was so funny the nurses were not to happy about it but then agian they don't really like it when the patient has a pump either from what I hear because that takes the dosing out of the nurses hand and gives it to the patient. it was cool but once agian boring sitting in bed with nothing but tv to watch. I am better now just getting over it and moving on but funny story none the less. ramdom docs would come in to meet me. I now have some upper respitory infection bronchitis and they gave me cough med with codine except without the surgar or acohol with they said would taste like crap!! so my pharmacy flavored it like they do for kids with grape and OMG so good it is a sugarfree flavoring!! got to love the pharmacy!!

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