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1/24/09 11:08 A

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Hope that some of these issues come under control for you and that your health improves. That is crazy about the insulin producing tumor, but I wouldn't be suprised to hear that it is simply producing insulin rather than actually responding physiologically to your blood glucose levels. Kinda like these people that develop tumors that produce growth hormone and never stop growing.

As far as pumps I think you'll find most of them have fairly similar features and it'll come down to one or two little issues that push you one way or the other. I think the dimensions could be one of those issues, though most of them are close in size.

Many people like the minimed pumps and if I had to guess I'd imagine its the most common one out there.

I have only used one pump, the deltec cozmo. I like it but would consider going with another one, when I get a new pump. It is waterproof and you can swim with it, although I have yet to do so.

Probably the main reason I got it, what that it has a test meter that actually attaches to the back of the pump, which made one less thing to carry around. While this is nice, when the meter is attached it only fits in one of the belt clips, but not the other. Personally I really like the hard plastic belt clip more, and unfortunatly this clip won't hold the pump while the meter is attached. However you can just hold the meter to the back of the pump when testing and it still works, and will upload the readings to your pump, or you can use another meter and manually enter the values.

Like most (if not all pumps) you can program your insulin to carb ratio. Simply put in the amount of carbs you are eating and it'll calculate your bolus. They will also make corrections for your blood glucose readings so it can adjust meal boluses or calculate correction boluses.

In addition you can program different types of meal bolus, which will be a huge advantage for you over taking injections since you have gastroparesis.

Given that you digest food slowly, you'll be able to deliver a single meal bolus over an extended amount of time to avoid going low.

My mother-in-law was using the Omnipod and this was what initially convinced me to consider going on the pump, as it doesn't have any tubing.

She decided she didnt' like it and ended up getting a different pump. I think the idea is great, as it is an insulin resorvior that attaches to the skin and delivers insulin, which you can control with a remote PDA type device, but I think it was more tempermental that most of the other pumps out there and still needed some refinement to become a great pump for most people.

Anyways, good luck.

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1/23/09 11:28 A

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Hi Carey

Sorry to hear about all of your issues!

As to pumps - I have the Minimed paradigm. I have had about 4-5 pumps, all of them Medtronic minimed, so I can't speak to others. They do have the CGMS which uses the pump itself as the screen, so you only have to have one device. I personally don't use the minimed CGMS because when I got my pump, my insurance wouldn't pay for that, so I got the Dexcom because it was cheaper and the senors last longer (also making it cheaper).

Now my insurance would pay for it, so if I was making the decision today, I would get the Minimed Paradigm with the integrated CGMS, just so I wouldn't have to carry two devices.

What I really like about the paradigm is the insulin bolus wizard. Once you set your rates, you can just tell your pump your blood sugar and grams of carb and it figures your insulin dose for you.

I also like the ability to vary my basal rate for exercise. I can set a temporary basal rate for exercise based on a percentage. For example, I can set my rate at 70% of normal for 1.5 hours when I take my 2 hour walks.

I LOVE my pump, it has changed my life in great ways, giving me much more flexibility. Good luck!


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1/20/09 3:08 P

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Hey Carey,
Sorry to hear about everything, but I'm glad to hear you have a doc who knows his stuff! And really, an insulin-producing tumor? That's kind of cool even if it is wreaking havoc on everything. Too bad there isn't a way to make it work better : )

I can only vouch for Minimed's Paradigm, and like I've posted before I like the pump but hate the company.

Pros: CGM talks to pump; easy insertions, many many choices of infusion sets so you can pick and choose (I use 2 different ones depending on where I put my site); pump is small and relatively discreet; the pump is pretty impervious to user-abuse, I dont' know how many times I've dropped it, smashed it into a wall, etc... and its still fine; 24-hour help line is easy to get a hold of; they have a 5 (or is it 4?) year warranty during which time you can also upgrade to the coolest newest pump they come up with for hugely less cost than having to buy the whole thing all over again; Minimed pumps are pretty common so its easy to find others with them too...

Cons: NOT waterproof (splash-proof, but they say don't swim with it); the billing people are slower than all heck and they aren't very cooperative or helpful (at least in my experience); they use way too much packaging when they ship stuff (its a petty complaint of mine, I know, but it bothers me nonetheless); the 24-hour help line won't/can't give detailed answers about the inner-workings of all the parts and pieces or the scientific research behind their products...

Other things to consider about other systems:
The Omnipod doesn't have any tubing so you'll never get "snagged" on something or tangled in your sleep
Both the Animas Ping and the Omnipod come with a glucometer-extraordinaire that tests your blood and talks to your pump in addition to storing lists of carb counts of many common foods.
Animas and Omni are both waterproof.
The dexcom CGM is the smallest, lightest, longest-lasting one out there so far.
I'm pretty sure all the CGMs can also be used independently of their company's pump, although at least with the Minimed that would mean you'd have to have another thingy to read CGM info off of.

I hope that helps get you off to a start, but don't forget to check with your insurance company and see if they favor one over the other for any reason before you make up your mind. I know Omni will send you a trial "pod" so you can try wearing one for a few days to see if you like it, and your doctor or diabetes educator likely has loaner pumps so you can test those out too before you have to actually buy one.

Good luck and let us know what you find!

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1/20/09 3:14 A

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With the recent findings of my Gastroparesis and the ups and downs of my sugar levels more lows then highs as this disease makes me throw up 2 to 3 hrs after a meal and then the humalog has no carbs to cover since then my a1c was 5.5 last visit which is to low as you all know. so the doc wants me on the pump and on a CGM to help level me out. they put me on a drug called reglan to help speed up the digestion but I have dropped weight so fast literially 20 lbs in a month which we all know for a diabetic is really unhealthly. so what pumps do you guys have and which do you recommend?? I am leaning towards one that has the easiest operating features small but pratical and somewhat water proof as well as durable as I am known to drop things lol. you guys advice is greatly appreciated as who better to ask then a user them selfs. lol what about the paradigm?? or distronic?? which one has a pump and CGM that communicates with eash other?? is that technology even out yet?? what insertions are the easiest to use and can handle sweat as I am in the army and we sweat alot during exercise and the summer those uniforms are so hot!! I have been hospitalized three times including christmas for low blood sugars and each time required at least 3 amps of d 50 which in turn sent my BG through the roof lowest was 19 and highest was 928 doctor said he has never had a conversation with a patient of a BG of 19 while that low. I didn't even feel the low till it was in the 20's scary for me especially with driving and what not. also has anyone ever experenced low tempeture during a low?? mine was 95.2 at time of admission to the hospital and I was freezing!! good news is I have dropped my insulin dose to compensate now I am only taking about 45 units a day vs. 60 before. the other thing the doc is looking at is I tested postive for insulin in my body and we know I am type one so now they are looking for a insulin producing tumor which would be non cancerous but would have to be removed due to its unpredictabilty!! who would have thought they would want to remove that in a diabetic?? but with it not being regulated it has to go. well let me know what you guys think

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