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People in the medical field realize that there is so much conflicting information that you can't possibly know what is correct. Back when the goal was just gaining knowledge it was different but at some point some scientists and some doctors were bought and paid for by vested interest groups. For example, the cereal industry forks over a huge sum of money to a struggling, formerly well-respected research institution to find proof of their hypothesis that cereal is wonderful and they supply it. They ask a few people who are hundred if they ate cereal and they did and voila, people who eat cereal live longer. They don't check to see that these people walked 2 hours a day, ate tons of fruits and veggies, and never smoked. It is not how the scientific method works but it's good for the research institution and the cereal industry.. People who like cereal and want to eat it go to their favorite internet quack site and embrace the cereal is king mentality. We are often to blame as well. We see what we want to see instead of the truth.

I take as few meds as possible. And I'm not a huge fan of supplements. Especially not a fan of statins. They may be good for certain people but I knew we were in to ruble the minute I started reading that they were recommending them for almost everyone and that doctors were going on cruises if they subscribed enough of them.

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I'm in the Pacific Northwest too, right on the Puget Sound :-)
So I take Vitamin D. But have lowered my dose with the new findings, not to mention, the fact that the new findings have deemed it prudent/necessary that more research is done.
E.g Reading how the Israeli lifeguards were getting higher incidences of disease was found to be directly linked to too much 'natural' vitamin D. And cardiac problems are addressed with lower levels then what we are being told to take now.

What I like about the article is how it encourages me to be an independent critical thinker, not a sheep and just do what I'm told, as I had done most of my life :-)

I just got back from taking my grandson to his annual well check appt. with his primary doctor. She wanted him to have a meningitis vaccination, right then and there. It was the first I had heard of it, so I told her to let me research that a bit first. That's what I'm doing now. I found it's new and only covers so much, a new one is currently being developed. Since he doesn't even attend school, it's better for him to wait for the broader spectrum one coming out soon. A few years ago I would have said o.k. then & there, without a second thought.

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Actually being outside isn't enough for many of us. I live in the Pacific Northwest. I walked every day for an hour and half thru the spring & summer (actually all year around). My rheumatologist tested my D levels because of research they were finding that many folks were low. She figured I would be in range considering I was clearly getting in daily exposure. I was no where close. I do supplements that go along with my daily exposure.

So I definitely depends upon what region you are coming from on whether you can actually get enough via sun exposure.

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5/23/13 11:31 A

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Best source of Vitamin D... 20-30 minutes of midday sun. We have a lower level of Vitamin D in the winter, because of less sun. The best option is just to get outside for 30 minutes around noon, take a walk, and check your levels again in mid-summer. You'll probably be in range then.

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5/22/13 7:58 P

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I'm very skeptical when doctors & MSM start telling us we need this or that. Almost always years later we find out that whatever "it" was, wasn't all that after all and often times even harmful.

I wondered and asked others about Vitamin D. One thought I had was if taking it in a synthetic supplement form was as beneficial as getting it naturally. And also how doctors determines how much a persons level should be, to me that even sounds like playing at believing they are almighty if not all knowing'.

Off Topic:
I completely stopped the lowering cholesterol drug when it nearly harmed me irreparably. I just don't believe my high cholesterol levels are of harm, especially since I eat healthily. Doctors just parrot what they are told from flimsy studies, seemingly studies always funded by those who figure out a way to make money off of it. As far as I'm concerned I think my body knows better at how much cholesterol I need and hence manufacture for my benefit.

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