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I'm a long time No S Dieter (though in the interest of honesty, I admit that the last few months- after 8 years of pretty steady success- has been very wobbly. Miraculously, I'm staying within a weight range close to my low), and I have looked at this woman's site. I binge read it for awhile. Maybe she's added more, but I think I got my fill. I want to write my own memoirs at some point and don't want to seem like I'm stealing.

I think it's interesting that Carr was such an inspiration for her because he insists that cigarette smoking has never played any pleasurable role in any smoker's life, and that just doesn't seem true. It is the nature of addictive substances or habits that they are pleasurable at first, but get less so with time and take more and more exposure for the same thrill, leading to stress and resentment of the habit. I smoked for a short time, and it made drinking more fun. The buzz got heightened, but the aftermath was terrible so I quit.

Despite what anyone says about what is supposed to be easy or permanent, my own take is that we live in environments- food availability, industry and cultural overeating pressures- that are very unsupportive of eating that can easily sustain us at natural weights for our individual bodies. I believe it will take some degree of effort for nearly anyone who has ever had a compulsive eating problem for years if not their lifetime. Sure, the exceptions are out there. But this doesn't mean it has to be torture everyday. Most humans have to monitor chronically frustrating conditions for the lifespan. Let's just wish each other the best today!

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I took a look at the page and subscribed.... looking at chapter 2....

"Bodybuilder and coach Scott Abel, in his latest book, the Cycle Diet (available from Amazon), describes how he lost 50lbs over 12 weeks, in preparation for his first bodybuilding contest and, then, after winning, gained it all back in less than one week."

This can't be right. I don't believe that is physically possible.

"‘Binge eating disorder’ can be cured instantly by grasping a few simple concepts and realizing that not only is escape possible but that it can be rapid and easy. Knowledge is all that is needed to change your behavior and for an eating disorder to cease."

Really? For what it's worth, that's not my experience....

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7/31/18 11:59 A

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Any thoughts about this website?

A little heavy on science and psychology but it makes a lot of sense. The author was able to go back to having a healthy relationship to food quite easily.

It has a similar approach to the No S diet except it's not as "strict" with sweets/desserts.

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