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3/18/13 4:27 P

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I have problems with first person shooters in the begining. Call of duty and Halo made my sickness worsen and I would usually not finish them. ONe thing that I did that made me less prone to sickness while playing is bring the sensitivity ofhte controller down. I know that it helped me out but it might not be everyone elses cup of tea.

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3/15/13 2:46 A

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My wife cannot play first person games or 3D games for that matter. She enjoys the side-scrolling 2D games.

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3/12/13 11:34 A

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Thank you all for responding. Interesting experiences and ideas. My first game ever was Halo Reach which is FPV. Maybe that's why I prefer FPV. I wonder if my exposure to so many games in FPV has trained my brain to accept them? I am still optimistic, that I can learn to play TPV. I'd like to try!

I know there is more involved than just the view. There is frame rate, how quickly the camera moves, camera angle, etc. So every game is a bit different. I think I will try some other game demos in TPV and see if that makes a difference. Xbox live usually offers demos. I'll see what I can find to try.

I do wish all games would offer the choice of First-person view or Third-person view. That way we could all be happy! Skyrim-TES gives you a choice of either view. I don't know what's involved in game dev to make that happen. Or why more games don't offer the choice? Is it too complicated? Too expensive? I wonder how many people have this problem and how many more games would be sold if the choice was offered?

Great idea about going on forum threads for the games and making game dev aware. I might try that. I just worry about exposure on big public forums like those. I read them, but have never signed in and posted anything. I am one of those "silent majority or minority" that the game dev never hear from.

Thanks to all who responded. I am still open to ideas and suggestions. I love hearing about the experiences of others.

3/11/13 8:33 P

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Some games have options that let you change the view/mode. Sometimes it is hard to find the toggle in the options menus though. :P Perhaps you could ask friends (or folks online) who have played the games what the options are before you buy.

In addition, you may want to vocalize your needs on the appropriate forum threads for those games so that the devs know that there are people out there who need these options. It is likely that others will chime in too. (My spouse is a game dev, so I will also try to make the devs we know more aware of this issue.)

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3/11/13 5:03 P

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I get that. I can't play first person games and have to be sure that you can switch it to the 3rd person view. I even have a bit of a hard time with racing games from the driver's view. I'm trying to remember what games I tried and I actually don't remember. I believe one was Oblivion years ago and possibly when I tried Halo. And no, it hasn't ever gone away, I have to stay in 3rd person and even then sometimes depending on the view of if the camera changes really quick, I get nauseous. Good times!!! doesn't stop me though!

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3/11/13 1:03 P

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I have a condition called Meniere's disease that affects balance. I find that sometimes first person view really messes with me and sometimes it doesn't. I'm not particularly fond of watching people play in this mode either, it can become disorienting. I much prefer third person view and have never had a problem with this view.
I suspect since my FPV issues are intermittent that it is more an issue with the Meniere's than the FPV but since I have had issues with this viewpoint is much prefer the TPV and use it exclusively if the game gives me the option of changing views.

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3/11/13 12:44 P

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I have had this problem happen to me, mainly with First Person camera views. It was mild for me so I was able to over come it. The game Dishonored has a swinging camera when you jump or slide so the perspective can get disorienting. When I got used to the game and the way they handled the camera views it was easier for me to over come the motion sickness.

Try watching someone else play a Third Person camera view game. It might help you get used to it.


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3/11/13 12:37 P

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Mine is first person shooter games. I don't like many shooter games, with Elebits being one I do like, although most wouldn't consider it a shooter, it has the same type controls. I can only play about 3 levels before having to quit. Watching others play it is worse. I don't think I have that problem with other games in first person (such as racing games), but I usually prefer 3rd person views.

(Of course, I notice a typo after hitting "post message", lol.)

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3/11/13 12:25 P

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I had a case of motion sickness when playing a demo of Gears of War 3. I researched a bit and discovered it is not uncommon in gamers. They call it simulator sickness. Fancy name for nausea and dizziness. Some people are affected by games that are in First Person view and some people are affected by games that are in Third Person view. Some people aren't affected by either...lucky for them.

I have no problem with First Person view games like Halo, Crysis, or Skyrim. I had planned on getting the new Gears of War Judgment game and it will come with bonuses of GoW1 and GoW3. That's 3 games in Third Person view! Yikes!

My question(s) to all of you gamers out there...

1. Have any of you experienced simulator sickness?
2. Which games or types of games have affected you?
3. And most importantly...Has anyone been able to overcome it? Does it go away with repeated exposure to that type of game?

I really don't like having limitations! There are some great looking Third Person view games coming out soon. Like GoW Judgment and another one called Defiance. So I'm thinking that maybe I can gradually get used to Third Person view by playing a little at a time?

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