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3/5/12 11:08 P

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We used a step-drill bit to drill a hole that we could screw the spigot into. Be sure not to drill the whole too big.

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3/5/12 6:19 P

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What tool do I need to cut the barrel?


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2/15/12 12:10 P

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Thanks for the great ideas. My rain barrel methods are very primitive...I have purchased 3 32 gallon trash cans and placed them under the eaves of my roof. I don't have rain gutters on the back of my house, so I just let the barrels catch water as it comes off the roof. When we get a good rain they do fill up. I have been using a watering can to get water from them to water my potted plants. It's a real pain, but it has worked for me so far. I like the idea of making a rain barrel that I can connect a hose too. I wonder if the softer plastic of the 32 gallon barrels would work. I may just try it.

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2/9/12 2:47 P

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I have made 5 and have 5 or 6 more to make (can't remember how many barrels I got this last time) They are 55 gallon plastic drums that soap or vanilla flavoring comes in. You need to be careful because pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides can come in the same barrels. I made mine the same way as SHUTRBUG1 DH did.
I did the first 5 to see if it would work and if i would use them. It has helped out a lot! I live in west TN so July - Sept tends to be a bit dry so I was running out of water in the barrels for the flowers ...... hence the extras that I need to make this year! What I would love is a huge cistern buried in my yard .... but that won't happen.
I haven't heard of any laws about us not being able to collect our rain water here ...... And if there are ...... will I guess I will get in to trouble! LOL! and then I will just move them to back and hide them!

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2/9/12 2:10 P

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Here are a couple of links on making rain barrels.

a couple of comments
if mosquitoes are a problem, there is something called a barley ball that helps prevent them from making the water in your rain barrel into a breeding ground
there are ways of putting a switch in your guttering that you can turn to divert the water away from the rain barrel and back into a guttering when the barrel is full so it doesn't just over flow.

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2/9/12 1:05 P

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We live in the Pacific Northwest, so rain is abundant here. We have rain barrels on every corner of the house and use the water during the dry spells to water our lawn and ornamentals.

DH scored some clean barrels from one of his customers, and placed them on cinderblocks, about 2 - 2.5 feet off the ground. This allows for gravity to feed the hoses. He drilled a hole near the bottom of each barrel, and installed a spigot, using some kind of waterproof adhesive to hold it in place. He gut a square in the top of the barrels and secured a fine mesh screen over them. Then he cut and redirected the downspouts to empty water out overthe screen mesh. Hook up a hose to the spigot, and we are good to go. A good rain can fill the barrels in hours.

Its kinda funny that with all the rain we get here, the State of Washington actually owns the water that falls on our roof! On one hand, they claim that the rainfall runoff is figured into the water availability forecasts, and they don't want any commercial organizations "stealing" their water and skewing the forecasts. On the other hand, they tell us to not let water run off our property into the catch basins. And on the third hand, the country gives classes on how to build rain barrel systems and the govt builds public buildings that catch and re use rain water. I understand that there is legislation afoot to change the law, but is definitely an example of one agency not knowing what the others are doing.

Things do not change; we change.

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2/9/12 11:53 A

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Great topic! Can't wait for responses from those that can tell us how.

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2/9/12 8:27 A

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I've been looking at making my own rain barrel. Has anyone made one and where did you get the barrel? Did it work and was it worth it?

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