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4/25/11 1:41 P

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I would fill it in, cover it with black plastic and put in a raised bed on top of it. that way the hedge roots can't grow thru it.

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4/22/11 3:02 P

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I think you should try to get a bit deeper with your unwanted hedge removal than soil level. Try to go down to the subsoil and snip off roots that remain. It kind of depends on what the hedge was. If it is tenacious, you may have to go the stump removal route. Good thinking on the manure and castings. You have some yummy fruits in your future.


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4/22/11 12:10 P

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Depending on how deep your top soil is, you may be able to cut off the roots of the hedge plants at the level of the subsoil. Then amend the top soil and plant your raspberries. You might want to keep an eye out and prune off any shoots that try to come up between the raspberries. After the raspberries get well established they will probably crowd out any remaining hedge shoots.

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4/22/11 9:26 A

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Hi, you or DH can rent a stump remover if the roots and trunks are big enough to be worth it. If they are smaller you can cut them out. They also sell stuff that you can sprinkle on them and they are supposed to rot. That didn't work for me. We had a long ugly shrub hedge and DH rented the stump remover ( you can hire a tree firm to do this also) and they never came back. As far as the rasberries, I had to pull mine out of my veggie patch because they were going insane coming up in the walks etc. The blackberry is even worse, I didn't get all of that up and it is popping up yards away from the orginal plant. I think you are good with the soil. Use a lot of organic material and it should work it's way down (at least that is what I like to think, I have rocky clay under my topsoil also. Organic material will attract earthworms which will make little tunnels for water, oxygeng and organic material to travel down to the subsoil. Have fun, nothing better than fresh rasberries!

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4/22/11 7:49 A

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I can't give you any advice on the subsoil, but I can tell you that raspberries are about the easiest thing in the world to grow. We started out with 6 canes, and the following summer they had completely taken over one side of our house. Crazy growers!! We do absolutely nothing with them except pick them, and they are so prolific that we have to keep pulling out the new canes. We give them to our friends. I would say just leave the roots there and not worry about it. But then, really I don't know. I'm just going by how easy it is for raspberries to take hold. Someone more knowledgeable will probably tell you different.

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4/22/11 7:44 A

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Hello I have read lots about organic gardening but have had very little practical experience.
I am trying to prepare a piece of ground that has had a mature & overgrown hedge removed. There are hedge roots left that go down into the subsoil. Do I need to dig into the subsoil to remove the roots??
I have read that the sub-soil should not be inverted/mixed with the top soil but I have no idea how to get the roots out without doing that. ?
The subsoil is very rocky/stoney&compact, is it supposed to be like that??
Do I need to remove the large stones from the sub soil?
I believe the topsoil is silt. How much topsoil should there be??
I want to plant my Raspberry Canes :o)
Will it all be ok if I just leave the sub soil as it is, chop the roots off above the sub soil, add my well rotted horse manure & worm-cast, & plant the raspberry canes?
I read that if you leave hedge roots in the ground they send up shoots & carry on growing. :o(
Any advice would be very appreciated.
Thanks. x

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