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11/4/10 3:40 P

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I's heard about this blog but hadn't seen it until now. All I can do is shake my head. That people can be so unfeeling of how something they say/blog will effect others. True she has the right to blog her feeling, maybe a personal blog would have been better rather then a (what I assume is) a paid for blog on a magazine site. Sometimes I think the Web makes us less sensitive to others. I have watched every episode of Mike & Molly and I like it. One of the criticisms of the show is the "fat jokes". Yes..they make fat jokes. But that happens in real life too. The Mike and Molly charters handle those jokes with humor and sometimes a biting retort. Even when they are the ones making the fat jokes. Has anyone that is struggling with weight issues never made a joke or comment about their weight? I do. It's how I cope with being overweight. Humor helps me to deal with other people that make comments. Mike & Molly has been picked up for a full season. I will watch (or DVR) it each week. I guess it boils done to this...I can relate to that show!

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11/1/10 1:27 P

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I read the blog, the apology, and some of the responses. It's obviously a very emotional issue for anyone who has ever dealt with weight problems on either end of the spectrum.

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11/1/10 12:51 P

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Since you posted this, the blogger posted an apology. Frankly, just by looking at the writing style, it's clear to me that this person is a moron and what's shocking to me is not the content but that a supposedly "respected" magazine would allow a moron anywhere near the publish button. The post resembles something a teenager would post on fb. Guess anyone can be a "writer" now.


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10/27/10 12:57 P

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Hey, folks... thought you might find this subject really interesting. Disturbing, but interesting.

The blog starts as follows,"The other day, my editor asked me, "Do you really think people feel uncomfortable when they see overweight people making out on television?" The writer proceeds to blog about all the reasons she doesn't like seeing overweight, obese, fat people of any kind.

You can read the original blog here.

You can read the about the backlash here.

The original blog is extremely upsetting to anyone who is or has been overweight at one time in their life. It's a pretty shocking blog.

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