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8/26/09 9:52 P

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My mother has always been overweight. My father was overweight some of the time, but most of the time, he worked at keeping his weight under control and was successful. My father was inspiring to me.



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8/19/09 11:29 A

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My mother always struggled with her weight. When she passed away the autopsy report jotted her down as Obese.

My dad used to play semi pro soccer in Italy and was in great shape until I became an adult and noticed the belly. Through my teens he didn't exercise much.

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7/29/09 12:30 P

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my mom has always been very skinny, but that is because of how she eats and exercises. my dad has always been healthy, eating pretty much whatever he wants and exercising regularly. i am fat because of my lifestyle, i don't think because of genetics.
I would never talk to my BFF the way I talk to myself about my body.

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7/20/09 11:49 P

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My dad has always been husky but very athletic, basketball, softball, basketball, the gym so he is also muscular. But does carry the belly weight.

My mom on the other hand a petitie 115 lbs and 5 ft maybe. What makes her get heavy these days is predisone.

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7/19/09 2:27 P

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My parents were always in pretty good shape. My dad was never overweight until after he had his stroke and could no longer get around at all.
My mom gained a little and got a little overweight, but together with me and my sister she's back to a healthy weight.
My weight gain was simply a result of depression, stress and eating way too much.

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7/17/09 5:22 P

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I have to agree with Anarie. I think genetics provide a predisposition, but not a destiny. I read somewhere (don't ask me where) that genetics are about 40% responsible for your weight. I think that accounted for things like bone structure and body shape, but again, I can't remember all the specifics. Makes sense to me though.

In my immediate family, we all have a weight problem. Both of my parents are heavy and my brother is obese. He won't tell any of us his real weight, but at about 6' tall, I'd guess he's around 250. At 5'7, my adult weight has fluctuated between the high 120's and the low 170's.

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7/17/09 1:01 P

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My mom always had weight issues. She was pretty overweight as a child, a little heavy in high school and college (I'd guess around 155 at 5'3"), and got progressively heavier. She got down to 123 on WW in the the 70's, but gained it all back and then some. (She was visibly too thin at 123. It was too low for her to maintain, and I think when she started to gain it back in spite of all her hard work, she just gave up.) My dad was thin until he retired, and even now he's probably not technically overweight, just heavier than I'm used to seeing him.

What's interesting is that both sets of grandparents were that way, too-- my grandmothers were both overweight, though not obese, and my grandfathers were on the skinny side.

Still, I think it's more a matter of habits and exercise than genetics for us. We all like to eat (with the exception of my mom's father), but the men tended to have very active jobs, so they could burn it off. When they're not active, they gain weight. My uncle was always the healthiest eater in the family, but he got fat when he quit farming even though he really doesn't eat that much for a man his size (the only one in the family over 6 foot.) My brother was fat as a kid, then slimmed down suddenly in high school when he had a growth spurt-- he grew six inches one summer and his weight didn't keep up. He stayed slim in college because he didn't like the cafeteria food and he was much more active. He majored in "Park & Recreation Management," so he was always out kayaking and rappelling and stuff. After college he worked for the Outward Bound schools, and at first they provided his meals (which he didn't like) and he was outdoors being active all the time, so he stayed thin. He got promoted to management, got his own place, worked at a desk, and gained 50 pounds in a year. He's been gaining since then, as he moved into less active jobs and stopped doing any recreational exercise. He's up around 300 pounds now, at about 5'8"-- it worries me, but I really can't say anything to him. He was horrible to me when I was fat and he was thin, so anything I said, he would take as me getting revenge. I wish he would ask how I lost my weight, because I think the CK software and/or SP would appeal to him, but there's no way I'm going to bring it up. I did make sure mom & dad knew in case he ever asks them.

I don't really have any scientific backup for this, but my opinion is that genetics make the difference between thin and overweight, but obesity is a matter of habits. You can be genetically predisposed to be overweight, because it really does have some evolutionary value. There really are people who become overweight without eating unreasonable amounts or being sedentary (e.g., my uncle.) But to become obese, you have to lose track of what normal eating is, and/or be much less active than average. I became obese because I thought it was normal to eat two fast-food meals a day, plus dessert, after having had a bagel with cream cheese or a couple of donuts for breakfast. I thought half a pizza was a serving. If you eat two cheese Danishes for breakfast, a burger and Biggie-sized fries for lunch, a jumbo muffin for an afternoon snack, a Personal Pan pizza and garlic breadsticks for dinner, and a pint of Ben & Jerry's for dessert, you're gonna get fat no matter what genes you inherited.

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7/17/09 1:00 P

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I have two cousins who are sisters. Their parents (my aunty and uncle) were like my parents i.e. dad was fairly slim, but mom was heavy set.

Now, growing up, one sister was always pencil slim and the other overweight. Well, they are now in their 50s and the one that's pencil slim is still slim. My overweight cousin, still struggles with her weight.

Neither is athletic. never had been. never will be.

Those two make me feel that genetics plays a bigger part in weight then we think.

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7/17/09 11:36 A

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my father was always pretty small (5'7" and probably 150 most of his life). but he also had diabetes. his father was tall and thin, his mother is short and definitely has a weight problem.

my mother is pretty average, short, and has some weight around her tum, but the rest of her is pretty small. i think she fluctuates between 140-150 (is 5'0"). she did get heavy when she was pregnant with me (around 200). but now, she stays pretty active in the garden, and is generally pretty fit. her father was large, but rather solid, her mother is rail thin.

for me, i've always been on the heavy side. NOT big boned, either. i have a very small frame. being inactive and overweight started when i was about 10, hit puberty at the same time as being stuck in a hospital for 2 months.


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7/16/09 6:29 P

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Not by today's standards. My dad was 6'1" and 135lbs well into his 40's. He eventually was 185-200 and the doctor wanted him to lose for HBP and pre-diabetes issues but by today's standards that is not that big.

My mom always battled with weight but that was more vanity then any health issue. Her heaviest was 5'5" and 165lbs which is basically what I am today and everyone tells me I don't need to lose.

I have a skirt of my mom's from the 1960's and it is a size 14. When I hold it up to my size 10 outfits from today - it is literally 2.5 inches smaller. That is only half the the skirt - so we are talking 5" difference.

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7/16/09 6:19 P

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Both my folks carry a bit of paunch in their mid-section occasionally. Then they look down and say, hmm, time to do something about it and work it off. In my dad's younger days up to his mid-40s my dad was pretty athletic (as a young man he was a body builder and p.e. teacher).

The rest of the extended family is all over the map.

By the time I started ck in 2007, both my parents were in better shape than me. They still continue to go to the gym and eat healthily.

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7/16/09 5:49 P

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I would say both my folks were average size. My mom struggled with her weight late in her life but it was largely due to health issues (cancer) which made it impossible for her to be active as she had been all her life. At my age, she was running 10Ks! By her early 50s, she was sick and she was gone too soon at age 62. My dad has yo-yo'd but he is tall and has never been at what I would call an unhealthy weight even at his highest. My brother was overweight most of his later childhood and early adolescence and didn't lose the weight until college....when he took up smoking. I never had to watch my weight and was average size until my mid-30s. I think at this point I would conclude that for my family, it's not so much genetics as life circumstances, and the formation of bad habits some of which admittedly started in childhood for all of us. I am grateful to come from a pretty hearty genetic stock, but I try not to take it for granted.

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7/16/09 4:43 P

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Not really. Mom would gain a small amount over the Winter and lose it over the Summer and Fall again when the outdoor work on the farm kicked in. Dad really never carried around any extra weight either.


IF NOT NOW, WHEN? Love yourself into health and a good life of your own.

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7/16/09 4:15 P

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My father was average weight, not fat but not skinny. My mother was slim up until her fourth child. She gained weight and kept it on for most of her life. She had weight loss surgery about 10 years before she died and kept the weight off the whole time. She lived a full life to age 70, active, dating, dancing and have a great time. She died suddenly of a stroke.
There are six children. Three boys, three girls. All the boys are thin, one sister is thin. The other sister and me are fat. I've always been on the chubby side. My fat sister was thin all through high school and the first few years of marriage. We're both fat now. I'm the tallest girl at 5'4" and my mother called me big boned. (I'm not) My adult weight has gone up and down from 140 which feels great to me to 199 my highest ever weight.

When I exercise I can eat anything I feel like. When I don't exercise I gain weight. There's no getting around it.

(lots more than you wanted to know emoticon

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7/16/09 1:23 P

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Hey, folks ! In another forum thread, I was discussing how much genetics influences our weight. Is it nature or nurture that has the most influence ?

So, I thought about my own parents. When my parents married, my father was rail thin. Now, my mother had always had a weight problem, but not my father. My dad didn't pack on weight until later life. He always said it was because of my mom's great cooking. ;)

Of course, when my father was young, he was really athletic. that ceased when the family came along.

My weight has definitely had its ups and downs. Now, it's finally down and I plan to keep it that way. However, my family did have weight issues.

How about you folks ?

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